Going Sane in a Crazy World

My journey through life and the lessons I learn to help me grow spiritually.

Sane Friends

Ear Seeds

Since many people asked what ear seeds were I figure I'd just tell everyone once. You know about new age crystals and such. Well ear seeds are in same venue. You toss a seed into your canal and seal it with a plug. The moisture and warmth inside help the seed to germinate. As it grows it helps the natural flora in your ear. I also have some shares for the Brooklyn bridge for sale too.

Ear seeds are tiny metal balls made of steel, silver, or gold. They are taped over the acupuncture points in the ear so that patients can stimulate certain points between visits. This works well with weight loss, addiction problems, etc.

Mike's Getting a Little Angry

I read a bunch of blogs a day and I'll admit I don't comment much, but one thing I did like that I saw on many sites was the top commenter widget. I thought it would be a cool thing to thank all the people that do comment. So I downloaded the widget which was very easy. However all the thing keeps showing is the people who developed it. What is this some kind of bizarre advertising for them. There is not much to do to get it started, I know since I reviewed it again. If anyone knows something I don't please let me know.

I have to reveal that I've become a Super Poke Pets addict. I've been playing it for the last few days and for some reason I enjoy it. Maybe it fills my need to have a pet around I don't know. I can't believe I waste the time doing it.

Today I'm writing every thing out so I can start the weight loss and smoking cessation as soon as I get my ear seeds. Honestly I will be happy if I got one patient a week with it. Since it's cash it will be a blessing.

I was asked what I'll do now that I'm not dating. You know I have enough things going on that I don't notice at times. I owe on taxes this year so not having the dating drain on my wallet will be a good thing. However as many know I can with the direction of the wind on dating if someone catches my eye.


As most of my long time readers will know I very rarely make a commentary on what's going on in the world. However I just found this and I think this sums up what I think about the whole Octo-mom drama. Nuff said.

New Directions

One thing I've learned being a chiropractor is that most people truly don't care about there health. They just want to be out of pain and there is nothing wrong with that. There was an article in the paper a while ago that did a study showing that sex appeal ranks higher than health in people's minds.
So I'm tapping into that. I was going to try to do something about better posture and body language for single people to help in there dating life. However the change over to chiropractic was like Evil Kenevil jumping the Grand Canyon. We all know how that ended up. So I'm going into helping people stop smoking and weight loss. The acupuncture I do helped people with varicose veins and acne so why not. I know how I just never put it out there. So I'm setting up systems today to operate it in the office. The good thing is no insurance companies. I just need a few supplies to arrive so I can send the patients home with them.

Centering Myself

As always I need to stop myself and ask how I'm feeling and experience it. I'm sad about it not working out with Blondie. Also I'm trying to have acceptance about listening to actions more than words. While Blondie may say a lot a great things about us and our interactions, her actions while we are together say another story. This can be the insanity zone as the two realities collide. I tell you it's going to be hard to add her to my dating chart to see what was good and bad since many things were just "chemistry".

Phili admitted last night that she's very flighty which I pretty much knew. However I didn't know if she was nuts too. She has a good sense of humor as we talked last night. The weirdest thing is that all her dresses and shorts are really tiny. I mean she has the legs to work it, but I almost asked were her pom poms were last night.

I'm off dating again. Not that I have an end date to it, but I know I need some time again. In my head dating is not optional at the moment and that's never a good thing. Like I said the other day it's when I make bad choices. The good thing is that I know I caught a few women's attention yesterday when I was out. Also I thought Gym girl had given up on me, but she tries so hard to get eye contact with me when I hand my membership card over. She's just not my type.

And it Ends with Laughter

So I finally got to get together with Blondie today at Starbucks. We grabbed drinks and since the weather had gotten so great we sat outside to talk and play a game. Lifestories always works in these situations and we had a good time. Conversation flowed very nicely, but I don't think there is any chemistry for Blondie. With her sickness they are doing tests this week to biopsy her lymph nodes to see what's going on. So we had a fun time for 2 hours before she needed to head back to get some more work done. When I got the cheek I knew what was going on. I'm sad, but okay knowing what's going on.

The Landlord was out tonight so Phili and I got to hang out. I tell you she wears some short outfits. Today's is like a tennis skirt. If you bend over you're giving the world a show. I know since I've almost had that show several times already.

Goodbye and Thanks for the Memories

Well tomorrow is Inverse's moving out day. We've been on different schedules for a while now. Actually since Phili moved in I hardly ever see Inverse. Anyway I was catching up with the Landlord on her since she still had her bf's new truck for 2 weeks now. He has the one he sold her. I was informed that she had grown tired of this guy, but was trying to get him to fix the truck before she dumped him. She also got a few hundred from him I hear. I knew that would always be one of her angles. Inverse comes across as a user and I can see she's going to bleed this guy dry before she dumps him. Then onto the next sucker.

I don't know if I'll see her tomorrow or not. I wonder if she'll make one more overt play for me or not.

The Roller Coaster of Darkness

Since many of you like hearing a guy's point of view here it is.

As many of you know I always let a woman know if I'm not interested. Even if I'm not looking forward to it, which I never am, I do it. Why? Well if I want to be treated a certain way I better be treating others the same way. Personally I'm okay if you're not interested. I may not like it, but I'm better for you telling me.

However when I'm not told and I have to guess it really tears a hole in me. It's like being a kid again and feeling like I just don't matter. My self-worth does a toilet spin. It's in this crazy time that I do stupid stuff and find crazier women. Red happened in this time as did the VP. Both stories my friends love, but I can do without the memories.

Anyway what makes me share all this. Well not hearing back from Blondie. Like I said perception is every thing. With the possibility of this crashing before it got off the ground and her not saying anything was bothering me. However I do want to thank Melissa for saying calm down. I did and I texted Blondie to see how she was doing. We went back and forth. Finally she did call me and we'll hang tomorrow for some Starbucks. She informed me that she'll be very busy until April 15th doing taxes. I know how it is. However for me I do like open communication so I know what's happening.

Happy Hour Pics

Since everyone loves pics. I just downloaded from last night's Happy Hour over at Knuckleheads. It's a great place with good food. The funny thing is everyone thinks it's a biker bar.
While it's right next to the Harley dealership and has the motorcycle decor motif, it's not a true biker bar. We had a sweet 16 party next to us. I told everyone they would have to go down to Bone Shakers for a biker bar and probably a fight too.

Once 12/1 comes around and there is no more smoking inside restaurants it will be better. While it wasn't that smokey, my clothes did reek of it last night and I'm coughing a lung up today. My body doesn't do well with the stuff.

Everyone had a fun time. I was happy to see a lot of the new members come out. Only 3 others where in the group more than a month. I find it the most difficult to get newbies to come to events. Happy Hour seems to be relaxed enough to get them to come out and meet people so that coming to events isn't so daunting.

I was hoping to get a picture of the people there trying to catch a lobster for there dinner, but every time someone tried it the crowd gathered and blocked me. That's' all folks.

Turn the Corner

It's interesting how a change of perception can change your world. I texted Blondie last night to see if she was up for a talk, but got no response. Still nothing this morning. I probably won't contact her today to see if I get any response which will tell me a lot. I was saving this weekend in hopes of us getting together. So I have nothing scheduled to do so I think I'm going to make an event for tomorrow to cover me. I hope I'm wrong, but for some reason I don't think so.

I tell you for some reason I have one bad week a month. This week was it and it always takes me down a few notches. With a few extra bills next month I don't need to behind the 8 ball. So my anxiety is growing.

A Shift in the Winds

Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but I have this feeling that Blondie and I won't get off the ground. While talking is still going well she is doing more things while she is talking to me. I knew last Saturday when we met that she couldn't keep her focus long. I was going to take offense at it, but saw that was the way she is. While I have no hard evidence it's just a gut instinct. I'm not quite sure if it's from past experiences in which the more phone talk I have with someone without seeing them it never lasts. Although that has always been if we never met. So we'll see.

Happy hour went very well tonight. 12 members showed up and the place gave us a nice long table to sit at. It was the first place to really give up some place. I've eaten there before so I knew the food was good. It was mostly new to recent members which was good. I heard some of the new ones say that they saw that and figured it would be a good event to come to. They still have smoking there, but it wasn't too heavy. I left just before the band started so I don't know who stayed for the show.

People were asking about my events. In any endeavor I do I figure out what I want to get out of it. For me I want to bond more with my patients. In doing so I've networked with fellow business people to give them a chance to expand their business so that makes it free for my patients. What the event really gives me is a reason to call people who aren't active at the moment. People may not call for an appointment even though they have been thinking about it until they talk to me. Since they know I did the event and I invited them they know they care. So really the big numbers are more for my network alliance people. However a good amount of people is needed to have fun. I'm just surprised people pass up a free massage.

Ticket to Ride

Well Blondie got no satisfaction from the doctor only tests ordered. I offered her some needle less acupuncture to see if it would help, but she decided against it. The good news is she got half a turkey sandwich down today. So when I'll talk to her tonight I'll see if we can get together this weekend. Even if it's Starbucks and a game to get to know each other. Sitting here with my wheels spinning isn't doing much for me.

I'm surprised my patient appreciation is being lightly attended. The free chair massage you think would bring people in. However I though the women would like the free make over, trying fashionable clothes on, and glamour shots. Hey I offered. I still have a few more people to call.

Good Day Sunshine

We were promised sunshine today, but it's still hasn't happened. It's a damp, foggy mess. So I guess we can forgo the temps almost reaching 70. I guess we'll have to stay indoors tonight for the singles Happy Hour. They're not my thing, but most people like them and we get a good turnout for them. The Photographer tried one a few weeks ago and it failed so I'm doing my usual magic. I'm told the events that I don't attend are missing my energy.

I think Phili is starting the flirting with me. I got the fashion show of new pants she got for her waitress job and her flat stomach. Most women don't like there panties showing, but she didn't seem to mind. I also got enough compliments on the stuff in my room.

It's another slow day in the office which I don't like. I've spent the morning tracking down my money from insurance companies. The good thing was there was no problems, just them being very slow with the processing. Since all the insurance problems last year they've gotten in the habit of pushing the limits with holding payments.

Alone Time

Blondie wanted to know how come I was home tonight since I've been out every night this week. That was pretty much my answer. I wanted one night to relax and get some laundry done. Hey there is always a method to my madness. Actually I'm just very good with my time. I know with my personal time I make very good choices on the best way to use it so I get a lot done and enjoy it along the way. Anyway Blondie added grits to her diet today along with crackers and Gatorade. She's seeing the doctor tomorrow to hopefully get some help on fully getting rid of this. Blondie says that she's had it off and on since December. Oye. I tell you I'm missing her and would like to see her. However the way she sounded today I don't think that will happen over the weekend which is a bummer.

The Landlord seems to be out of the house every Thursday so it's me and Phili tonight. We had dinner together and she told me her game plan for getting on her feet. She has her full time job and starts her second job tomorrow night as a waitress. Then next weekend she's starting a third job. Hey she hopes to have all her bills paid off and money in the bank in 3 months. I wish her well. Hopefully the lack of sleep won't cause a psychotic episode. I tell you she must like showing off her legs since she's always got on a short skirt or daisy duke type shorts.

Correction: Phili wasn't crying this morning she was laughing her ass off. She's doing again tonight while watching TV.

The Dead Zone

Ugh, it's a dead day in the office today. I think I'm going to cut out early and head on home to do some laundry. I've made as many phone calls as I'm going to do today. All work is done here and my mind is starting to wander.

Last night's singles event went well even though we had about 60% absent. I think I'll skip the place until they get some new exhibits there. Last night was my third time there in the last 6 weeks. I need a break.

Blondie and I had a fun conversation last night. Hopefully she will be better soon so we can go out. I'm trying to keep out talks to about 45 minutes and for us to always leave on a high mark. I texted her this morning, but haven't heard anything yet. I'll call her tonight after dinner and see how she's doing. It's weird without face to face interaction how things slow down.
Not quite sure what's up with Phili. She was crying in her room this morning. In talking to her she lives with a lot of denial and fantasy holding things together. What caused this all I'm not quite sure. If you ever hear about a brunette going postal it may be her. Tomorrow night she starts her second job as a waitress so she'll be out of the place more often.

Sadness Grinds In

When I got up this morning there was a message from Blondie hoping I didn't take her text as a blow off and that she wasn't feeling well. Then the text arrived and it was nothing. However I know when you like someone you worry and if you're not feeling well, it's only worse. I have to admit it's nice knowing someone likes me which can be a major drain of worry. Anyway we just decided to do the date another day since she's still not feeling good. So I'll call her later when I get home from the museum. Since people asked, Blondie has a North Carolina accent. Like she says all white redneck.

The office is grinding down to a halt today. The funny thing is that is that I've heard the same thing from friends about this week. Some in chiropractic and others in different jobs. Today I'm doing some ghoul work. I'm looking for chiropractors going under or have gone under recently to get their patient lists. So far nothing is coming up.

I have come to understand that Phili is a wounded bird. She may be a nice person and will do well as a housemate, but she's got a few screws loose. That wounded bird syndrome detection is big in me and I know to stay far away from her.

Inverse will be moving out this weekend which will be good as tension levels in the house will drop. The funny thing with her is that she buys these movies that everyone pans. First it was Max Paine. Last night it was Twilight. Oye. I don't call her Inverse for nothing.

The Other Shoe that Couldn't

I was bummed tonight when the singles and I got together for Underworld 3. The computer listing said 9 and when we got to the theater it said 10:15. All we were told was that they weren't responsible for the Internet. Oh well at least they were easy with the refund. An apology would have been nice.

I've been haunted this week with doom and gloom. I'm easily trained. With all the stuff I've dealt with money and my Mom. I'm waiting for the other shoe to fall. Will it be the next phone call? In the mail box? Or maybe the next person through the door? I'm happy to say it's better than it was yesterday, but it's still lingering. What brought this wave on I have no clue. The weekend was good as was last week. So some how I dug a pit and through myself in cause I feel like I've been climbing out of it all week. It's an extra weight on me that I don't need.

I need to get my car inspected this month. I've had my engine light on since I was dating the Planner. Since we had the same cars and she had a scanner I scanned my car. It was an emission problem an didn't affect my performance. However I'm now trying to find the problem since it could be anything from the gas cap to a pump. So I asked one of my patients that's a mechanic who I've helped out a lot. He told me what to do to fix it. He also offered his code canceler. I didn't even know they had things like that. I would just unhook my battery to reset it before I got it inspected. It's always good to ask for help even though it may still be hard to do.

House Calls

I called Blondie last night. She was wondering who it was since I was calling from my land line. I did inform her that she was now one of the select few who had it. Anyway it was great talking to her and I love listening to her accent on the phone. I tell you it was good to laugh a lot while talking with someone. Blondie admitted that it had been a very long time since she enjoyed such easy conversation. I told her I wasn't looking to ask anyone out, but I knew there was something there after we met. Her two cats got to say hi to me on the phone which was pretty funny. The male has a deep voice that is easily heard over the phone. I have to admit I watched the clock as we talked. I knew she had a bunch of things to do and I had a few before I went to bed and I know how we talk. 45 minutes flew by before we knew it. So we scheduled to meet for sushi tomorrow night at our favorite place. I'll just leave the singles event a little early.

It was interesting. Blondie made a comment that many do that they like that I do cheap events. Hey no one wants to break the bank, least of all me. Especially since I do many events a week. She did want to know how I handle everything time wise if we continued to date which is always a good sign. I tell you I haven't been this happy and excited about someone in a long while.

The Spirit is Weak

Oh it's Monday and another week of working it. You know I want to be able to coast sometime although I know you only coast down hill, never up. I know how it is in other parts of my life. It's a new day and time to start at the beginning and work my way up. It's the same with the business. However today I'm tired and wish for the mindless work of a normal job and a consistent paycheck. Yes it's my day to whine.

While in this area perception is 9/10ths of the law. I feel like I'm not doing anything, but I've seen my patients, made phone calls, took care of my Mom's stuff, and marketed. It's just quiet here and I have a stack of paperwork that needs to be done.

I did call other patients that had just started to see how they were doing and if they had any other questions. One did and as usual didn't want to bother me with a phone call. So I was able to straighten him out over the phone.

I'll give Blondie a call tonight to see if Wednesday is a go. The funny thing is that we singles are going to the Chrysler museum then. I think this will be date #4 there. If I ever write a book about dating I might have to make a chapter to that place since it works so well.

This is a First

As most of you know I do appreciation events for my patients, I call them for their birthday, and I send weekly motivations out. I work on going above and beyond the normal chiropractor. I finally ran into someone that didn't like it. Their belief was that I went over the normal doctor patient relationship. They're allowed their feelings, however I'm disturbed by it. I guess I'm not quite sure how to process it. In doing something nice I upset someone and I have to admit I like everyone happy. It's still a childish response on my part and I have to remember that I didn't do anything wrong.

Some Thoughts

Thinking more on my date with Blondie, I realized in a way we're both the same. More joking when with a group, but a serious side when one on one. German girl made a good comment on the whole thing. She said that all the touching Blondie did when we were with everyone else indicated that I was hers. Touch is possession. I remember when we went to Gordon Beirsch and we slid into the booth. My friend Kathy was going to sit next to me, but took one look at Blondie and sat on the other side. I remember being out a long time ago after L and I broke up and we ran into each other in a club. She hugged and touched me a whole bunch. I theorized that she was marking me as hers even though she was there with another guy.

The other thing she said was that if she touched me during the date I would have taken it as a come on which I have to admit I would. That by not touching me it would slow things down to get to know each other. I have to admit I am taking it slow in my mind. When we were trying to set up our sushi date. I was okay with it being next weekend. Blondie was more intense on having it happen soon.

The extra incentive Blondie brings to my life is that extra kick in the ass to get the business going. My coach always tries to get me to focus on something that business will bring me so I'll work it hard. Right now I'm doing it to be the star pupil that I seem to fit into. However I would rather have the focus be on me so that it's self perpetuating.

Anyway since we are getting together Wednesday I'll call her tomorrow night to catch up with Blondie.

We All Need a Human Touch

Well after finishing up the record morning in the office that being busiest week and Saturday. I gave Blondie a call. She like me has many things going on at once and I had just caught her before she opened her new toy from Home Depot. She loves her power tools and creating and building stuff. Wow I could be in love here. Anyway we agreed on Starbucks so I suggested the fireplace one which she liked since she was cold.

I was thrown when she arrived since I was waiting for the men's room. I turned around and there she was. So I don't remember how I greeted her. Anyway we plopped down in front of the fireplace to warm up then after a while made ourselves comfortable on the couch.

During our date, a 78 year old lady kept stopping by to talk. She was cute, but at times a little bit of a pain with a first date.

We covered all the general topics and it was interesting how many things we had in common. The same amount of years dating and married to our exs. Both worked in the jewelry industry. I enjoy her North Carolina accent or redneck as she describes it. The whole date was a lot of fun, but I had to call it an end 4 1/2 hours later. Yes you read right. We were both floored that we had been talking that long. We also agreed it had been a lot of fun. So I asked her out for sushi during the week so we're going to try Wednesday. This happens to be a busy week for both of us so it may not happen.

The weird/interesting thing for me is physical touch. If a woman is touchy with me she gets extra stars. If there is none it takes away. For the last two nights at the events Blondie has been physical with me and even had to stop herself a few times. Today there was nothing. She even pulled back a few times if she accidentally touched me. Blondie seemed okay if I touched her when we were joking. So I don't know what to make of it. However I was happy I asked her out.

For What Ails You

Well Blondie joined us last night for the Funny Bone. It was a hilarious show. My cheeks were hurting from all the laughing. It was a little weird interacting with her since we haven't gone out yet, but we like each other. While she hates smoke like I do she's a bit of a drinker which raises an eyebrow. Our waiter got the bills all wrong so we had to figure it out. Since I don't drink I forget how much hard liquor is. Holy shit, Blondie had 2 drinks and it was like twenty something dollars. WTF? If I get a bill for twenty something just for me there had to have been a really thick steak in there somewhere.

Afterwards we all went over to Gordon Biersch for drinks. I kid you not, our waitress was shorter than Eric. She looked like she was 13 years old. It was freaking weird every time she came up to the booth. It was made worse that it was raised so all you would see is her head poking over the table.

Blondie and I are getting together later after I get off of work. It will be a record week with some to spare and a record Saturday. I'm staying an extra hour to make sure the record is broken so I have 2 extra visits. So far she's passed the litmus test if I would have sex with her. So communication will come next and we'll see what happens.

Bouncy ... Bouncy ... Bouncy

I'm still keeping my record week even though people keep cancelling and rescheduling. Someone else has been calling to fill in the gap, but I'm at the line now. Hopefully I can keep it for 24 more hours.

So I asked the girl out from last night and she said yes. So now for a nickname. I think I'll call her Blondie since all her pictures show her as a blond, her hair is dark now and I think natural. Also I think it looks a lot better this way. Hopefully she'll come to the Funny Bone tonight and we can set up a time. I'm pleasantly happy.

My Mom's stuff seems to be draining my bank account. Her place was suppose to take over her AARP, but for some reason her account is still being drawn from. The one that is empty now since we transferred all the money to them. So I'm waiting to her from them to resolve this issue.

The good/bad thing about being busy is the phone is ringing, constantly at times. I had 2 meetings back to back today and the phone just keep ringing. In between I had to make all the return calls. Grumble.

Spring Fling

I have to admit I'm still lit from all the flirting with the accountant at game night. She's still not out of my mind. I may have to ask her out which is becoming more solid with each hour. Even though it's only in the 40's maybe I've been hit with the spring air.

Today I'm tired after getting up way too early. Not to let the time go to waste I hit the gym early this morning. Actually it was nice since it was empty. It seems the members drop out as the week goes along.

It's a good day in the office mixed with some meetings outside. I do have a 3 hour gap between my last patient and meeting the singles for the Funny Bone tonight which will suck.

Raindrops Keep Falling

Well in typical Virginia Beach fashion the beautiful sunny 70 degree whether quickly changed to rainy 40 degree weather. It sucked. However it did make for enjoying a hot beverage at Starbucks better. We had 3 newbies which were all female and the old members were us guys. I think that was why one of the guys came since it was a high concentration of women. Anyway it was a fun time. The girl sitting next to me had to keep stopping herself from reaching over and touching me. She was attractive although it took some getting use to her not being a blond. Her membership pics are all blond. She's a very physical woman which I like and a good sense of humor. So she's on my radar, but I do want to hold off on dating.

Phili never made it to game night. Actually she got home from the same time I did. She had went to see a play instead. We got to talk some during dinner. Phili has been divorced for 11 years although something doesn't add up. The story of a great guy, great marriage, to we divorced when there son was 6 is missing a mighty big chunk. So while I think Phili is attractive my gut knows there is something wrong here. There's some deep dark secret with her.

I do have this feeling that my dating sabbatical will be ending soon. However that feeling could be gone tomorrow.

Age of the Innocence

Since this is my only slow day and it's a gorgeous day outside. I've split my time inside and outside the office today. The temperature is suppose to drop 30 degrees by tomorrow so I'm enjoying 70 degree weather under a blue sky. I've made my phone calls. I even called to remind people of appointments. One person cancelled two appointments which sucked, but I have enough people coming in to still be a record week.

I do see that the more I'm in front of my patients, the more they come in and refer. Rocket science I know. I sent out three emails announcements this week through Constant Contact. If you have to send anything out professionally it's the way to go. So between my weekly motivation, St. Patrick's card, and patient appreciation invite I've been in front of them a lot. It's shown since they are a calling.

I finally scheduled a Happy Hour for the singles. Something I haven't done in a while. There not my thing, but most really like them. It's been about 7 months since I did one. They're usually well attended; so we'll see if it's a hit. I picked an associated place to help give him some business and it's nice place.

One more patient then it's off to game night. So it'll be grunt work until then.

Snowballs Just Keep Getting Bigger

As I've stated many time. I have a hard time with change even though I know true happiness comes from change. It's been an exciting morning. A business friend's wife wants to come in for treatment. A old patient wants to come in and bring her kids in. The cherry on the cake is that a local radio host wants me to come on the air to do an interview about my business and chiropractic. Hey all great stuff, but it's a push out of my comfort zone. Being in a new place I get anxious until I accept what's happening. In the past this is where I'll usually slide back to my comfort zone and I don't grow. That's not a viable option. So I'm plowing ahead.
Now I just need to tighten up all my procedures to handle all this change and new opportunities.

What's Happening

Well one of my friends who's been wanting to come in said he would come in Saturday which was great. I'll have to buy him a drink next time we go out. After him another patient said the needed one more treatment so that's my insurance in case someone cancels or reschedules. So a new record will be set come close of business Saturday. I broke a record last month and then again this month. Woohoo! Now I need to keep on it.

Phili asked if I wanted to attend a tai chi class with her since it was BOGO free event. I was thinking about it since it would be fun, but it's up on the peninsula and I don't want to travel up there for this every week for a month. Since we have a bunch of spots open for tomorrow's game night I invited her to join us. She said she would be late, but would enjoy joining us.

Tomorrow will be a slow day in the office which is good. It'll allow me to catch up on paperwork and finish phone calls for the belly dancing fundraiser for Sunday. So far my Look as Good as You Feel event is off to a good start. Patients are excited and thanking me for doing all the stuff I do for them.

People are starting to look at Inverse's room so the end is coming, but I don't know when. She took a new waitress job which I don't think she will last in. It's a strict place and let's face it she has an attitude. She may not admit it, but it's her attitude that caused the problems in her last two places in the last two months.

Stay On Target

It's been a great week at work, but I'm having a hard time feeling it. My business coach pointed out that I'm focusing on where I want to be instead of the hole I was in and how far I've come. It's true I have my goals of where I want to be and when I don't meet it I'm not feeling excited. However he points out I've increased my business by 60% since my worse month in November.

So at the moment I'm excited. I've met my goal for new patients this week. Collections I won't know till the end of the week. However I'm 1 away from a record for the week. My coach suggested I call the people that said they want to come in, but haven't. So I've made a few calls telling them I'm 1 away from a record and I know you wanted to come in. No takers yet, but they are now looking for me.

I'm trying not to feel codependent with Phili. She had asked if her in the shower this morning at 7 was a problem for me. I told her no since I would be using at 7:30. Cool right? Not really I get up and hop in the shower at 7:30 and she's still asleep. Phili hopped in after me, but I didn't wake her. This sleeping late thing of hers has been happening 3 days in a row and I don't want the responsibility of waking her. So I didn't say anything this morning. However part of me feels bad.

Finally the sun has returned after a week long rain fest. It's so nice to see a cloudless blue sky.

That was Fast

Doubt was a good movie. If you get a chance to see it it's worth the rental fee. I got to meet a new member and her guess who will join up. So all in all it was a good night.

When I got home I ran into Phili and asked her about getting lost. She didn't realize our road goes right back to the main road. Phili was still back tracking the Landlord's directions in. so I set her straight so she can get out of here with no problem. She made a comment about being surprised that I was home early from partying. I told her I was out with my singles group seeing the movie. Her first question was what the group was about. The second question was if I had a special someone in the group. I was surprised. Most people either ask about activities or if it was a good place to meet people. Not if I was interested in someone. So I think I may be in some one's sights.

Running the Distance

Boy did I hit the ground running today. 4 new patients wanted to come in and a sick baby. Not that I'm complaining, but I wish it was spread out instead of all at once. Especially since I try to book everyone in to a block so that I'm focused just on patients. So the week is shaping up to be a good one.

We had our meeting today for my next patient appreciation event. It should be a lot of fun. The theme this time is Looking as Good as You Feel. I'm having my friend MK Lady do make overs, Vicki is bringing Cabi tops for the ladies and her husband Nick is touching up hair. Then Diane is taking glamour shots of them. So the guys don't feel left out I have MM coming to do free chair massages. Everyone is looking forward to it. Last time I did a big one it was a lot of fun. This looks to be even better.
Phili is turning out to be a normal person. Who knew? She's intelligent and down on her luck so that's why she's with us. I'm not quite sure what her story is. I know she was married and whether she's divorced now or just separated is unknown to me. She moved in so fast the Landlord never filled me in. She's a very earth woman. Although I know she has no night vision and I think is directionally challenged. When I was leaving this morning I think she couldn't find her way out of the neighborhood. I saw her coming back and when she saw me she did a U-turn and followed me out. So she's not all there.
Tonight is $1 movie Tuesday with the singles, well single anyway. At this point only one person is coming with me to see Doubt.

Rainy Blues

My faith must be lacking a bit today since I'm sort of pessimistic. I'm already worrying about the end of the week. However I know that it's a lot of work between now and then which will prove good results. I was able to add 3 patients on to the books today alone and one of them is a new one. I think I'm just focusing to much on compliance today. With the economy the way it is, most patients just aren't coming in to get rid of all of there pain. Just take the edge off it seems. I don't think they realize that the average worker loses about 5 productive hours/week due to pain. In this type of economy you don't want to be the weakest link.

I was able to follow up with the office managers I met Friday. Two worked out very well. I don't know what they will refer to me, but one was able to introduce me to a doctor I wanted to meet.

Phili worked out well throughout the night. No real noise, although I need to confirm her schedule. She said she would be getting up at 6, but this morning she got up at 7. Tomorrow morning that would be a problem for me. Other than that I think she'll make a good addition to the house. She's intelligent and considerate. Now just hope her new job works out well for her.

Getting back to the gym has been a god-send. I'm sleeping a lot better. It's funny I tell my patients to keep up with this kind of stuff, but I forgot. Oh well.

Queen of the Castle

It was funny I was talking with my friend about our new tenant. I'll call her Phili since that's where she's from. He asked was she a dancer, stripper, etc? She's a normal person which may make it a problem. Inverse is crazy and that makes it pretty easy to blow off her advances. Temptation is there, but it's gone like smoke since the insanity can't be held in check for too long.

Inverse had been gone since she stayed at a hotel with her new bf over the weekend. However her face was classic when she saw that a new woman was in the house. She did a lot to catch my attention and even called me over to see the designs on her toe nails. Can a cat fight be far off?

Bathroom conflicts will be non-existent with Phili since she's up at 6 which I laughed at being a problem. However I don't know how loud she is so I'm not quite sure if her early rising will wake me up which would really suck. Time will tell.

Boy What Big Eyes You Have

It seems I can't leave the house. I got back home today to find a new room mate moved into next to me. A woman in her late 30's who I would have a hard time turning down her advances like I would Inverse's. Once I know her better I can give her a nickname since she'll be here for a while.

Will someone please stop the rain. I'm tired of it. The weather shows another week of it with only one nice day in the middle. Ugh. The only good thing is that the weather will be warming up so hopefully this chilly dampness with disappear.

My Mom was at least eating soup today. Hopefully she ate the solid stuff after I left. The aides still say she's really picky.

I scheduled a game of Uno with the singles today to pass the rainy afternoon. It went well. Mostly older members, but we did have a newbie show up. Attractive and I think she liked me since I was the only one she asked questions about. So it seems I still have some choices date wise although I'm not going down that path right now.

Lets Talk About Sex

Every Monday I get together with the guys and we talk about relationships and other things bothering us. Yes we guys talk about this stuff. However it does take some work to get them to open up and it has become another thing I run. I don't mind since it's healthy for me.
After finishing Rachel Sara's book last night I got to thinking about my own dating life after divorce. While it will take 3 years and about 40 dates before I end up having sex with another woman besides my ex. I'm reminded by many comments from you all that I move fast in the sexual arena which reminds me of a story from one of the guys on Monday night.

His first major love in his life he worked very hard to make it happen. He worked long hours so that financially they would be set. She would cheat on him and break his heart. The major thing that came from this relationship was that he was never faithful to another woman again. He always struck first so that he wouldn't be hurt again. A pattern had been put in place.

Aroma girl was my first major relationship after my ex. At the time I thought she was the opposite of my ex, but looking back they had some similar qualities even though she was a step up. Anyway in that time I really wanted to wait for sex to build the relationship since we both had talked about how the relationship does change once sex has happened and agreed to wait. Next date she's dragging me into her bedroom. I stopped us and talked about us having agreed to wait. She dumped me the next day.

Even though it would be another 2 years before I meet L and have sex. She's very sexual and I toss out any pretense of waiting. I think a pattern has emerged in me.

The Planner stops me from kissing her on the first date with a very strong boundary. Looking back it broke my pattern which was good. Except that it was re-established when she came to my place on our third date under the pretense to play a game. She never brought it and made herself comfortable on my bed very quickly.

Tech girl and I would have had sex on our second date if I had protection. We were naked in her bed doing everything else.

So now I sit here wondering how to break this pattern. I've gotten much better knowing what I want in a woman. I have boundaries of things I will accept and not. However when it comes to sex I don't know. I know the benefits of waiting, but I allow my emotions to run this part of my life. Not the greatest choice since it's controlled by my hormones.

What's your general rule?

Driving in the Passenger Seat

The title is actually part of a dream I had when I was 3-4. I still remember the whole dream vividly. Anyway I now have not one, but two assistant organizers for the singles group. The most amazing thing is that they are actually doing work. I've had others take the position in the past and do nothing until I fired them. Not that it's a paying job or anything.

The Photographer has been helping me on our side of the water. I gave her a few things that I don't like doing like bowling (which I do enjoy, but hurts my shoulder). Since then she has branched out which has been very helpful.

NASA asked to help out since he lives on the Peninsula and they feel left out which they are I'm sad to admit. However I haven't gotten any dependable hosts for that region. So he stepped up to the plate. NASA is not mister personality, but he is a nice guy. My hope is that he'll be able to gather all the people up there into a group to have fun.

The weird thing nowadays is that a bunch of events happen and I have no idea what's going on. After doing this for over a year now by myself, I'm use to knowing the pulse of the group. Now I have to look up events to see how they're doing. It's all new for me.

Not much has changed with the group otherwise. A full 1/3 of the group is within their 30 days of joining which means I'm still waiting to see if they pay or not. 10-15% of the paid members haven't been on the site in months. These are the people I wonder when they send the money in for membership. They like being part of it, but you almost never see them if ever.

Rebel Yell

Most people don't know it, but if you scratch me I'm a rebel underneath. While I'm mostly very agreeable and considerate. Rub me the wrong way and I'll buck like a fuckin' bronco. Many women I've dated over the years always ask what gets under my skin since I'm easy going. The biggest thing is being told how I feel. You can tell me what you think I'm okay, but change the words around to it being an accusation and we have a problem.

Now you're probably wondering if I have a hotel growing in my foot or is there some point to all this. Well since I needed my brother's help with our Mom's situation he wanted to talk to me about my business. While I have asked his advice in the pass, this was the first time he was asserting his view. Yeah it went over like a fucking lead weight. After finding myself all tense afterwards I realized where I got this rebel streak from. My brother is very domineering. While I know he has my best interest in heart; the softer gentler way is not his way. With a cooler head I was able to look back at what he said and pick out the nuggets of worth.

On the lighter side. D emailed my saying how sad she was that were weren't able to move to a more romantic stage since she had two great dates with me, but she still wanted to be friends like I had said. She wanted my email so we could stay in better touch. I was happy to give it to her and we'll see how it goes. Although it really showed me the reality break between us. Our two perceptions of the dates were worlds apart.


It was pointed out to me yesterday to track the retention rate of my patients. After doing the stats I see that it's dropping for whatever reason. So I'm working on scripts today to help get those numbers back up. Over the years have learned from many marketing gurus. Most people push fear and smoke and mirrors. Two things I don't want to do. It's no way to have a relationship with anyone.

Besides business I end up talking about this in two other arenas. Parenting and dating. Physical discipline has never been in my dictionary with Eric. I had it growing up and besides learning fear it didn't do anything positive for me. What I did learn actually is that adults when they lose it will fall back to fear and physical punishment. The last bastion for hope and that's a sad statement. For most people that I've talked to over the years they are just repeating what was done to them or it was just easier than communicating. The funny thing is there answer is always "no" if I ask if they can be hit if they do something wrong.

In relationships, I see fear and retention takes many forms. The biggest one I hear is when a person finds the "one" in an attempt to retain them in their lives they give up everyone else. Then when the relationship is over they wonder why it's so bad. There support system and other health outlets are all gone to help ease the pain.

The flip side of this which I hear from more women than men is the SO that isolates you from your friends. They want you so much, they don't want to share. The road to abuse is paved this way.

For me in relationships I usually gauge myself by what things I'm giving up for the other person. I'll make alterations for a SO, but most things I do are what make me and keep me healthy. To let go of them will make me a different person.

So what about you? Where to you fit in?

Running on Full

As usual my day is intermixed with networking meetings to build relations with others. Some say it's my Sagittarius nature that I have all this energy to do this stuff. I have no idea what that really means, but it sounds good to me. The morning meeting to band all the local businesses together went well. I met 3 office managers in different doctor's offices. While not general practitioners it's a good connection. The best is to be warmly received by the gate keeper at the office, no offense to anyone I know that's your job.

The second one was just a info lunch with us interacting afterwards. While I knew some of the people at my table the others were great people to know. As usual I was at the all women's table even though I had no planning of where I would sit.

I'm not quite sure if it was reading Rachel Sara's book, just dealing with everything I did yesterday, or a combination of the two. I kept dreaming about sex with the ex last night. Very weird.
With it being a rainy, cold weekend here I look all around for an event for the singles to do so I would have something to do. We do have a bowling event tomorrow night, but that always hurts my shoulder so I'm passing. With nothing on the calender really grabbing me I looked through all my games for something simple to play that everyone likes. Uno seems to be a big thing at game nights so Starbucks here we come Sunday to pass the afternoon.

Thursday Night

I had a presentation at the local library tonight. It's better when they schedule it. I had 4 ladies show up and it went very well. I always enjoy teaching others on staying healthy and since I'm not selling anything people are happy to listen.

I called D went I got home and broke the news to her. She had hoped for more, but we agreed that we enjoyed each others company and would go out in the future. Very happy to have that conversation over.

Unless someone else drops in my life I'll hold off on dating for a while. I'm happy in my single life and I have enough going on to keep me occupied. For the foreseeable future I need the business to be number one. I know I need a high level of commitment to it to keep it steady. Tomorrow morning we're trying to get all the neighborhood businesses together to help each other during these hard times. Hopefully it will get off the ground and help everyone.

I'm happy Inverse has a bf since I'm alone in the house with her tonight. The Landlord is out for the night at the hotel helping out. I was wondering how it would be tonight. She was just hanging out when I came in, but she was on the phone with her bf all the time I was eating. Hopefully it will stay that way.

The New Math

My SIL announced to me when I visited that the new up is keeping what you have. From most business people I've heard the same thing. You really have to work to get every inch now a days. A talk show host in the area is working my with my local BNI to have its members come talk on the radio. I was informed that the guy already had my business card on his desk. How that happened I have no idea, but I'm happy about it. I did send him a message to hopefully seal the deal.

I have no want to call D tonight. I'd so rather send an email, but I do like I would like to be treated. Also a phone call is much more polite, although I hate that awkward moment after you let the bomb drop.

Today has been a little stressful business wise. Last month I upgraded my cellphone to unlimited since I was going over and I knew I would be increasing my usage. The lady said we'll start it on your next business cycle. Holy shit did I go over last month. The bill is outrageous.

On another point, business coaching seems to have become very political around here. My coach has been drawn into it. Since I was told something by another person about my coach I have been asked to step in to hopefully settle the problems. I'm happy to help, but I'd rather get you some coffee than step into this.

Close the Book on This

I picked up D tonight and she was dressed up for the museum and jazz. It was the first use of my AC this year since it was so hot; I had to closed the windows so we could talk. Like last time we conversed, but it doesn't really flow well. D liked the museum and the jazz. After we finished our drinks we decided to venture into the museum. I took her hand and off we went. We walked the whole museum, but didn't stop to read anything. I've seen the stuff enough times and D just wanted to look.

Afterwards we grabbed a seat to talk some more while we listened to the jazz. After a while I asked if she wanted to grab some Starbucks and sit by the fireplace. She agreed, but didn't know that there was a Starbucks around the corner from her that had a fireplace. When we got there for some reason the fireplace wasn't lit. So we grabbed some drinks and sat together on one of the comfy chairs. Our conversation was interrupted soon as we were informed that they were closing at 8:30. We were pretty shocked. Since we were close to the beach and it was nice out I suggested a walk on the boardwalk.

When we got down there it was starting to drizzle. Things were working against us, However after a minute it cleared up and we were able to wander. I knew D wanted me to kiss her, but I knew this was just going to be a friendship. However the kiss was tempting so we did kiss. Still there was no real chemistry going on.

So I dropped D back off at her place and told her I'd talk to her tomorrow. When I call her tomorrow night I'll tell her that there isn't enough chemistry for me to go beyond friendship.

I have to admit I'm still pretty split on whether to stay off the dating track or not. While I'm on a date I like it and I want to do it again. Once I'm off I don't really care if I date at the moment.


I don't know what I did recently, but I have been inundated by spam. I don't mean high class spam like fake Viagra and how to increase penis size. It's the Nigerians, Canadian, British etc. All with money being needed. Thrown in for good measure are tons of crap for sale, all my accounts need to be updated. Shit like that. I wish I knew what site I visited or what I signed up for that got my on this list so I can break some knee caps.

I spent a month or two a long time ago getting off all these lists and I've been pretty spam free. The problem with this new crap is there is no way to unsubscribe.

Hump Day

Well things have cooled off around the house which is good. It allowed me to work on a few of my issues from childhood and angry adults. I've lived here for years and this really is the first major problem that I've experienced in the house. With all that I've blogged about Inverse this was expected.

I emailed D that I'm looking forward to seeing her tonight. I'll pick her up and we'll go the art museum to listen to jazz and look at the exhibits. Like many people that live here she has never been there. I'm looking forward to seeing her. Mostly to see where this is going. Yes I do have patience issues.
It's a slow day in the office so I'll be making a lot of phone calls. Some to see who is coming to the belly dancing event on the 22nd. I need to make more networking appointments for next week. The last thing I need to do is terminate my old insurance policy so I only have the one. Also I need to get rid of this new phone system I tried out. It doesn't work for me and the support sucks.

Let's Do The Time Warp Again

I’m sitting at the table eating dinner with family. Tension is growing so thick you can cut it with the proverbial knife. Then the spark happens and it all goes up in flames as the adults start arguing. My stomach ties into knots since I don’t want to hear it or witness it.

The problem is that this is no longer my childhood and my parents arguing. It’s the Landlord and Inverse. She’s found a new place to live which makes him happy. However he’s angry since she doesn’t care about paying him back. Whatever money she does have, she’s been using on cosmetic procedures instead of room and board.

While hearing all this is a blast from the past and makes me very uncomfortable. Seeing Inverse’s daughter begin to fidget while all this happens makes it worse for me. I’ve been in her spot and I wish to whisk her away from it all. The best I can do when she comes over is having her help clean the table; to give her something else to focus on. Talking about everything would have to happen at another time. I doubt if we’ll ever have it.

I know Inverse won’t be leaving until at least next week. This problem is only going to get worse which really sucks. I’m happy to be out of the house for the next 2 nights.

The Sign Post Up Ahead

Sometimes gifts come from the most unlikely places. The book I'm reading for business was one of them. I know the book is suppose to help, but I wasn't expecting it to help with my problem with changes. The E-Myth Physician spends and entire chapter on change.

Growing up in an unstable household with unstable adults makes me fear change since it never means anything good. Even when I was with my ex and I was miserable there was some comfort in knowing what was going to happen. The unknown was minimized. However without change true happiness can't happen.

What I got most out of the chapter were all the positive things that happen with change instead of just the absence of the negative which I usually use. There analogy was that you are contracted when you are resistant to change and open with the opposite. It's true. When I resist change I feel like a little kid holding something tight so it can't be looked at. Hopefully with a positive attitude of change I can rejoice when it comes around since I work so hard for it to happen.

Men & Women

I enjoy Rachel Sara's blog and I'm presently reading her book. One thing that reading has brought to my attention is something I've heard most women say they do when they start dating a man. Will this person be my life mate? The interesting thing was that I didn't realize I did the same. I usually run the litmus test of can I see myself having sex with this person, however the life mate question is a little more subconscious.

When I went on my date with D Saturday I made sure not to let that question come up in my mind. I have to admit I was more calm and focused. Intellectually I know it's way too soon to even make that decision even though I know deep down that I would like to know right there and then. Staying to my new system I saw that there was enough for a second date, but my gut says friends only. However there is a small part of me that would like to push a little harder so that this is it. Not realistic I know, but as I get more in touch with my feelings I feel the ebb and flow of dates working and not working out. I have to admit I don't like it. It's healthier I know, but doesn't get high marks in my book as most feelings don't.

Dating & Google

God I hate the morning after a time change. My ass drags to get out of bed. I wonder if people will sue this year since the New England Journal of Medicine study showed it caused heart attacks.
I haven't checked in a while, but reading the Dating Goddess this morning made me look myself up on Google this morning. Not that there is anything bad out there about me, but the last time I checked my blog came up #5 on the list. Like holy shit, how did that happen? I could go on a date, the woman could go home, Google me, and then read about our date. It was a little daunting, but I do this for myself no one else so I haven't changed anything. I was happy to see that my blog now appears on page 3 after a lot of crap. None of the women I've dated knew I had a blog and I would like to keep it that way. This is my journal to help keep me sane. If one of them did find it I probably tell them the same thing I told me ex when she would pull out my hand written journal. These are my private thoughts. If you want to read them go ahead, but I don't want any complaints since you are invading them.

Breaking News

Over dinner the Landlord informed me that Inverse's guy told her that she can't move in with him and that they won't be getting a place together because of his sick mom. At least I know why I got the free show this morning. I guess she doesn't know that my penis and wallet aren't connected and have never been. Well she has 3 weeks and counting in the house. April 5th is the big day.

L must not be seeing anyone this weekend since she is a little more talkative on Facebook. She's let me know what she's been doing all weekend long. Oh well she had her chance.

D and I set up our date for Wednesday and the museum. It's different talking to her from the women I normally date. She's a low person on the totem pole worker, no offense here. I've been dating business owners and higher ups in companies for a while now, so it's just different. D is good to say what she likes about what I do, but I need to see how much we connect on other levels.

The Sunday Times

I'm embarrassed to say that I found myself in Inverse's bedroom this morning. I awoke up early for some reason. The time change or just that I was hungry. So I headed downstairs to get some breakfast. When I got there I heard Inverse's alarm clock going off. I didn't think much of it. I made my food up and then I realized her door was open. It won't be the first time that someone slept outside the house and forgot to turn their alarm clock off. So I went up to turn it off. When I got up there I saw a lump in the bed and stopped. Inverse got up and I apologized for being in there. She said she didn't realized she feel back off to sleep.

So she got up after a while and had breakfast with me. Yes she is still trying. The t-shirt she had on was way too sheer normally and all the stretching she did left nothing to the imagination. Inverse did ask about my dating life which she hasn't done in a while. I told her I wasn't. Mostly because I don't like sharing my life with her. It just doesn't feel good so I'm short answered about my life.

After a nice nap I headed over to see Watchmen the movie. It was very good and did a very good job of adapting the story.

After that I headed over to my friend Tom's house for his party. Walking in there I knew very few people, but it was interesting that many people knew me. "Your Mike the chiropractor" was the statement of the afternoon. The best part was going out on the lake with the boat. It was very relaxing. It's been a long time since I was on a boat.

Now I'm relaxing and will call D after dinner. She's the shortest woman I've ever dated. Also she's the first woman not to own her own place in a long time. D seems like a very nurturing person. I'll be able to have a better sense of her after our next date.

Comfort Zone

That's what I was out of tonight. The Diabetes Fundraiser I attended was not my usual normal activity. I expected it to be a more of a sit down thing, but the first 90 minutes was the silent auction. Where I just wandered through the rooms and joining halls looking at what was up for auction. The first few items that were up for bid were so high that I really felt out of my element. I had to take a few moment to go back outside to deal with it all.

I was surprised that through the night I met many people I knew as well as one of my patients who was volunteering. Also I knew a good amount of the people who had donated there services. I did bid on a gift certificate for the rock gym since I've wanted to go there since I dated a climber years ago. However in the last 30 seconds I was outbid and the lady just stood there. I was thinking of shoulder blocking her out of the way, but I thought that might seem a bit rude.

I tell you what men and women wear is so different. While all the men were dressed pretty casual. All the women were dressed up. There wasn't a casual dressed woman there.

Talking to a friend there we both agreed it's nice to live where we do. The reason being is people know us. It validates our existence in a way. I'm always amazed about how many people know me from something or another whether it be business or personally. This something that I never had happen in NY and I grew up there.

The live auction was fun to watch with many great prizes. The biggest being over $13k. A few people at our table grabbed 3 prizes and help donate about 6k to the charity.

A New Chapter Begins

So I'll nickname this girl D since nothing really pops out for me. I'm use to meeting a date at Starbucks, but D wanted to meet inside of a Barnes & Noble Starbucks which if you don't know is a totally different animal. All Starbucks stuff doesn't work at these which sucks. I did something with D that I never do. I looked at her face then at her breasts. She's not big, but her shirt was so low cut it just drew my eye. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.One of my strong points is I can listen to anyone. By that I mean I can get people to talk usually. D was almost embarrassed that she was talking so much. She said that she usually didn't know what to say, but I was so easy to talk to. D is a strange mix like me being German and Puerto Rican.

Usually I sit there and try to figure if there is enough chemistry for a relationship which puts a lot a pressure on the date. However I used what I learned in my business meeting this week. We had fun for the 2 hours we talked. I enjoyed my time and had enough information to want to do a second date. With talking she liked museums so we're going to get together Wednesday to go to the Chrysler Jazz & Wine event. I tell you I do so many first dates there it's strange. A museum? Who knew?

What Saturday Brings

I wonder if everything is hunky dory in Inverse's dating life? She took an interest in my life today which has been ignored for a week now. What's that sound? Is that the Jaw's theme song playing in the background? Only time will tell.

While I do take care of myself and the Model told me that there were no real problems with my skin which was nice to know. Some things just spring on me. One such thing is my hair. All of a sudden it needs to be cut. Actually I'm happy with what's on my head, but my neck is scruffy. So I'll stop by and see the Stylist before my date today.

My real reason to get my haircut is for the Diabetes function tonight. I'm feeling a little out of my league with this event since I know how much the tickets cost. From what I heard they're trying to fill seats. However I'm trying not to put the people there on a higher position than myself since that's not going to help me. The second problem with tonight is that I don't enjoy walking into a big room filled with people. I'm great one to one and small groups, but the more people I don't know the higher the anxiety.

Other than that it's a beautiful day out today. I stopped by and did my Mom's nails; got her some fresh air and sun. She was the same. It's funny how she'll talk to my brother on the phone better than she will with me.

Friday's Fun

The massage therapist worked out well this morning so I guess I should nickname her. So I'll call her MM. The patient was very happy and she's $20 cheaper than the last one. Hopefully that will bring in business which will be good for both of us. MM starts her divorce process Tuesday so hopefully things will go smoothly and not affect her business here.

Talking about things going smoothly. I think Inverse is trying to set up the guy she bought her truck from (which is a lemon) and is presently dating to be her next place of residence. She got her 30 day notice yesterday. I think if she can get this guy to allow her to move in, she'll bail without paying. If it falls through I think she'll make payment arrangements with the Landlord. He made arrangements with her already which she isn't following so who knows what will happen. The funny thing is that while this guy is in the picture she pays me almost no mind which is a okay with me.

Business is busy today and the week ended very well. I offered a discount on initial visits this month for people with no insurance and so far it's bringing people in. Now I just need them to come in a few times to make it worth it.

Before I meet friends tonight I'll call the woman I have the Starbucks date tomorrow with to set up time since we already have the place.
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