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Who'll Stop the Rain

I don't mind rain, but yesterday and today it's just damp and bitter. A coldness that goes right through you and it's only going to get worse here over the next few days. Last night was the first night I was not warm in the bed. The temperature has been colder, but the dampness has penetrated the house and its leeching out all warm from my body.

Well after a week of stress and having to get up early I finally was able to sleep last night and regenerate some. The dark circles are slowly leaving my face. I did find out from the Model that the little spots on my cheeks are sun damage. Oh well.

With not much to do today I did some errands and stopped by the fireplace Starbucks since I figured it would be warmer than my usual place with all it's big pane windows. I'm trying to get all my procedures down for the office. The more I do that the better the office does. At this point I need every little bit I can get.

L my old GF from 2 years ago is leaving some bread crumbs to see if I follow. While I like her, she is not relationship material. I found that out when we dated. Sex now that's a different story, but L has too much risky sex for my taste. I would be better off shagging Inverse.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

It's been windy and cloudy but no rain in Miami.

I wonder if you'll follow the bread crumbs. :)


I think I remember L....... hmmm. Yeah, be careful, VERY careful, w/ her.

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