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Sane Friends

Friday's Fun

The massage therapist worked out well this morning so I guess I should nickname her. So I'll call her MM. The patient was very happy and she's $20 cheaper than the last one. Hopefully that will bring in business which will be good for both of us. MM starts her divorce process Tuesday so hopefully things will go smoothly and not affect her business here.

Talking about things going smoothly. I think Inverse is trying to set up the guy she bought her truck from (which is a lemon) and is presently dating to be her next place of residence. She got her 30 day notice yesterday. I think if she can get this guy to allow her to move in, she'll bail without paying. If it falls through I think she'll make payment arrangements with the Landlord. He made arrangements with her already which she isn't following so who knows what will happen. The funny thing is that while this guy is in the picture she pays me almost no mind which is a okay with me.

Business is busy today and the week ended very well. I offered a discount on initial visits this month for people with no insurance and so far it's bringing people in. Now I just need them to come in a few times to make it worth it.

Before I meet friends tonight I'll call the woman I have the Starbucks date tomorrow with to set up time since we already have the place.

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