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Sane Friends


Alright a new JK Rowling book coming 12/4/08.

An the Hatchet Falls

Well I knew it would take a while to do and since I had more free time today than tomorrow I did my pruning of the singles group. I had given them notice that if membership dues weren't paid by the end of the month the would be removed from the group. I knew the older members from before I took over would be the most problematic since they had already voiced their [bitching] concerns. Well a little over 2 hours later I had removed 120 members all of which were deadbeats. One person tried to sneak back on the site, but that didn't happen. Another person complained of why he should have to pay when he hasn't gone to any events. Hey with Match.com you pay whether you email anyone or not. You've been on almost 60 days get off your ass and pay the amount which equals a cafe latte. Anyway like a bush or tree I think the group will grow stronger now.

My own bitching is with McDonalds. Their cover for when you are at the speaker making an order does f-ckin' nothing to keep you dry when its raining. I have no idea why, but its a complete waste of money on their part.

Here Comes Another Love Song

The singles and I went out last night to the Funny Bone. It was a fun time. The Planner asked if I was uptight at the end. I said no, but being the organizer it's hard for me to focus on everyone. Before the event started I mingled with everyone, but it was like her and I weren't even together. Once the show started then it was like a little date for us. We held hands and occasionally she put her head on my shoulder. The biggest thing I explained to her was that I don't want to be in charge of anyone elses fun. Depending on the group dynamics I have to be careful. While the show was going on everyone was good, but as soon as it ended they were like little children just sitting there. Finally I herded everyone outside and said my goodbyes. I wanted some alone time with the Planner.

It was good to see her twice in one day. It's so funny because she was already hinting for me to come back to stay at her place tonight and she would drive me back today. I asked if she wanted to do all that driving since she would be back down here tomorrow. So we threw that idea out the window so then she suggested we just get married and live together. I was like sure lets go for it. LOL. For the woman who wasn't sure she wanted a relationship and a person close to her, the Planner is so deep in this now it's funny.

For me I'm having a slight hard time with it all. No nothing like that. Like I've mentioned before this is the first relationship since my marriage to get this deep. I find myself falling on old bad habits that my ex instilled in me and I don't like it. Each time we're together I'm ripping out old wiring to make way for new. I know this is the healthy way to do it. I just wish I didn't have to. Last night for me was just enjoying the time together. While I learned a lot of this from L. The Planner is more intense at times and I fall back to old habits.

One of the Planner's complaints of me last night is that I won't just come out and say what pleases me. If she ask I'm open to the best of my ability. Like I told her last night, it's a question that really has never been asked of me so I don't know how to answer.

It took us a while for us to find place to snack last night. The Cheesecake Factory was beyond packed and everything else was closing down. We ended up the Red Star Tavern which is known for it's large portions. Here's the carrot cake the Planner got. I love the large knife sticking out of it.

Hump Day

The Planner and I talked some last night. She admitted she can get a little bitchy when she isn't feeling well. So it'll be something I have to make sure to point out when I see it occur. Like it is said any relationship can fall apart if allow bad things to happen.

The biggest hurdle for me was that fear of angry women that I have. I got if from my Mom. While she could be normal she could instantly fly off the handle and become a beating machine. So I fear that instability when something is up with a woman I'm in a relationship. So it was a lot of prayers and meditation yesterday to remind myself that the Planner wasn't my Mom or my ex. It took a while, but I was able to relax after a while.

The Planner cooked some great food last night and I did the dishes afterwards. She was still feeling a bit yucky from her cold and her throat was burning. I offered to go get her something from Dairy Queen, but we ended up making a trip together. Afterwards she showed me where her dad is buried.

Death is something we disagree on very drastically. The Planner believes in the afterlife and that gives her purpose for doing things in life. While I'm the opposite. I don't believe in anything after your dead. I give people all their roses while their alive since they can't enjoy them when their dead. I work to make my life heaven on earth. The Planner is always a little disturbed when we have these talks.

Tonight she's driving down here to go with the singles and I to the Funny Bone. It was funny to hear her ask if I was coming back home with her tonight. We were laying in bed together and to hear her ask brought a smile to my face. She is getting over quickly having me in her bed. While it would be great to go back up, gas will keep me home. I'll see her Friday when she comes down for her mom's tests.

My Bad

The Planner finally got to see the doctor today and ended up with a bunch of prescriptions. I know she hates taking pills so I made the joke about her being a pill popper. It didn't go over well. I was surprised that she struck back with words before saying that I hurt her feelings. I apologized for what I had said and I'll talk to her more about it when I see her in a little while. However these instances are a big work out for me. I have to remember I'm not a bad person for saying something that upset her which is something I do. Put myself down when another becomes angry by my actions.

Other than that its been a hectic day. My business meeting had a grievance made towards another member. So as Vice President I need to take care of it. I'm waiting for the word from the official office on my limits on what I can and can't do. This pushed back my meeting with someone else which I needed to leave at a certain time to see a new patient.

The good news was that I got my letters back from those 2 patients that owe me money. Why good because they were undeliverable. So I called the insurance company to see if they had the same address which they did. So I supplied information to them so they can pay me the money I'm owed. Woohoo! It may take a little time, but it will be done.

I Feel Good

Finally I was able to get adjusted. OVDC was busy last week so I didn't get to see her and my back felt it. It was bothering me for almost two weeks now. She joked with me that it was from wild sex with the Planner which wasn't far from the truth. I'm not used to a foot board on a bed. I contorted myself once, but never again. I've been paying for it since then.

Working on reactivating some of my old patients. I know that any business I get in the office is going to be more than I can make at any part time job. Also any energy I put to the office always pays more to me.

That being said, as it stands now I have nothing tomorrow afternoon. So the Planner and I have tentatively setup a date. Since she works 7 days a week with her 2 jobs we never really get to hang out for long periods of time without giving up sleep. So we're hoping to do so tomorrow. I'll head over early and go to the doctor's with her and then we can enjoy the rest of the afternoon and evening together which will be fantastic. Hours and hours together? What a concept?

Spa Planner

I was joking with the Planner when I left today that I was going to start calling her place the spa. Since people pay to feel relaxed as I did. She has promised me a full body massage, but she is still feeling a bit under the weather. However we now have a routine when we get up to massage each other. Let me tell you it doesn't work if you looking to get out of bed which hasn't stopped us. However I so use to doing bodywork on other people and even in my other relationships I didn't get any. So I soak that attention up like a sponge. Today when she got out of bed to get ready for work I fell back to sleep I was so relaxed.

Stopped by to see my Mom today and to do her nails, but she was still asleep in her bed. It was lunch time, but hey if that's what makes her happy go right ahead.

On arriving back home I was still relaxed so I took another nap before meeting the singles for a yoga class. While attendance was low it was a fun class. Even though it's been about a year and half since I took classes I wasn't to shabby.

Yesterday's health fair had low attendance. They didn't advertise as much as they did last year so they were down by 100 people. I still got 1 solid patient and a few other maybes so we'll see.

I'm thinking I may need a second job again. With the money owed on the engine and this screw over by the insurance company that's over 4K that I'm out or owing which is something I can't absorb into my budget. I couldn't do it till Eric left so I have time, but I have no clue what I would do. It would have to be limited to the weekend and pay pretty good.

Even Zombies Need Love

Go here to see.

What's Happening

Well I accidentally put yesterday's post on my other blog so you missed out. I erased it and will fill you in. Yesterday one of our local news's channels called and wanted to know if I wanted to be part of their weekly high school sports section. Wow I was pretty excited although I had no idea what they wanted me to do. So I talked to the lady and she came over to interview me to see if it was a fit. I have to tell you I made this place sparkle. Anyway when she gets here all it is is a sales pitch for me to be a sponsor for the show. First of all I don't have 15k sitting in my back pocket and if I did I still wouldn't give it to her after the lie. What a let down.

The Planner stopped by yesterday after her meeting for some treatment. She wasn't feeling to well. She suggested that I may not want to come over since she wouldn't be in the mood. It's starting to get through to her that I just enjoy my time with her. I don't really care what we're doing as long as we are together. So she was a little subdued last night, but we had a fun time. She conked out early and I stayed up to read. The funny thing is when she is sleeping she doesn't want any touching, but soon as she is awake. Boom she can't wait for me to put my arms around her. This was the first day that I wished I had no patients because it would have been great to just lie around in bed together in each other's arms. However that wasn't meant to be and we settled for a few hours of cuddle time.

One of my patients has named me "The Man". When I asked him why he said after all the years of MD's, DO's, and DC's I'm the only one to get him out of pain in one day. Hey it's a gift. Now I just need to get a testimonial out of him.

Working on my closing skills this week for my health fair tomorrow. I need it to be profitable.

Squirrel Songs

Now I'm a huge Foamy fan and a card carrying Cult member. Hey I never said I wasn't nuts. Anyway I have never been to much a fan of Squirrel songs overall, but today Pilz-e has taken the reigns of song writing and it's a blast. Go here to listen.


Very few things make me angry enough to want to throw shit, but getting screwed by an insurance company for lots of money is one of those times. Many moons ago a couple came in from an auto accident. They were treated and released. Now with these types of accidents you have to wait till everything is over to get paid. The waiting game sucks, but at least there is a pot of gold at the end. Well not this time. For some reason the insurance company in their infinite wisdom sent my payment to the patients. That was over 2 months ago when they still told me they were processing them. The patients never brought the money in. No surprise there! $1400 that's going to be a complete hassle to get my money from them. Actually in all my years I've never gotten money from people like this. I have enough liens out there on people to show it. I ain't happy.

Jeez! Who Knew?

I had to go out and buy non-latex condoms today due to problems that have arisen. No big deal especially since Isabella had just done a entry on this a few days ago. It was perfect timing. Anyway I knew what I needed to get, but WTF? You get half the amount for more money. Is the stuff dipped in gold or something? Business people would say supply and demand since every other product out there is made of latex.

Well finally the cold front is coming and by tomorrow it'll be here. We'll be in the cool 80's, woohoo! After the last few days of being in the 90's with a heat index way over 100, I'll take it.

Very sad to hear that another one of my favorite bloggettes is ending their blog. Steph over Much Ado About Sumthing has called it quits. I knew it was coming as with others the entries start to die down. Longer and longer periods of time between them and then finally one day the bad news is announced. I'll miss you Steph.

Dear Mr. Fantasy

Doing well today while nothing has changed. Money still owed and a slow week continues. Working on closing sales deals better. I'm good at all other aspects, but the close still eludes me. Since I have a health fair this Saturday I'm working on this problem to make it work for me.

The Planner and I enjoyed a great conversation last night on the phone. We decided to see each other Thursday night for pizza and a DVD. It was a nice way to relax and save some money on both are parts. She felt bad that I was coming up there and I felt bad that I'm always at her place. I was told that I'm a very respectable house guest except for the bed. Although she clarified that it was all her there. I stayed on my side and she was still getting use to sharing her bed. However I told her she was improving faster that I expected.

I did find an interesting article this morning saying that marrieds are able to save double the money than singles. Also that post divorce a person losses about 77% of their worth. I don't know about the first part, but I can agree with the second.

Look into the Crystal Ball

The Planner and I had a enjoyable phone conversation as we usually do. She's helping me with my singles letters and I'm helping her with her mission statement.

We started our morning with some playful banter. I was surprised after a few texts that she asked if I was depressed today. I was troubled today about finances. My car put me back financially and I'm struggling now to make ends meet. I hate when I start getting it all together that something takes my feet out from under me. With the office being slow this week I worry. I was impressed that she could read me so soon especially through a text.

She suggested we not see each other since it was a poor financial week for both of us. I have to admit this kind of stuff shakes me. Deep down I feel it is a push off. Since half the time we just hang at her place, talk, and have a great time. The other half we do go out to do something. I informed her that I still wanted to see her. She said something that meant a lot to me, "that their was something about me that just makes her so happy to know me." It helped turn my mood around which can go negative pretty fast which is ironic since the Planner always says how positive I am.

On other fronts. The singles are slowly paying. I'm getting more questions and a few disgruntled people. Jeez you would think I was asking for a kidney instead of the cost of a visit to Starbucks. Hey at least I'm getting rid of the dead weight.


I have to admit the Planner is very good business letter writer. I've sent her two letters so far for her opinion and what I got back was great. Today's was my attempt to either collect dues or dump dead weight from the the singles. Only 50% of our 230 membership have ever attended an event and only 22% have paid the $5. I've tried to help members come to more events, but have had little success. So now I'm really enforcing the dues and will banish members from the site if payment isn't received by the end of the month. The Planner's letter worked very well since I had my first payment in under 2 minutes. Since then my email counter has sounded like a machine gun. Some payments, some questions, etc. However at least more people are taking an interest which is what I want.

I'm sad to say that my phone bill was right. I added up my minutes and they're correct. My stay up at my brother's seem to be the big push over. Although I have to admit it was a busier month on the phone than I usually am. Oh well.

Happy Monday

I'm glad to say it was a relaxing weekend. Something I needed after the whole car scenario. It helped me scrape any barnacles off that were dragging on me. I went to bed early last night and I could have still slept in this morning.

I did get me cell phone bill and I'm glad I relaxed this weekend because the relaxing is over. WTF? the bill is almost 3x as high. I was expecting the overage on text messages. The Planner has already seen it on hers so I knew mine was coming and had upped my minutes. However some how I went 100 minutes over my plan. How the hell did that happen? I'm always 150-200 minutes under. I'll need to stop in to find out what the hell happened. I love getting outrageous bills when money is already flying out the door.

Sunday Rewind

The Planner texted me to arrive 20 minutes later than we planned so she could light candles at her place for my arrival. She has an awesome candle display at the top of the stairs. I need to get a picture of it one day. I have to admit that it also puts off a lot of heat. She asked what I wanted for breakfast and opted for the cereal she had last time I was there. So it'd been a month so I picked up another bouquet of flowers for her. Having worked horticulture for years she loves flowers.

The bump in the evening was that her mom had been in a car accident. The car had been totalled, but she was doing okay besides being sore. So the Planner was worried about her for the night. We enjoyed talking and looking over my photo album that I had brought over.

The Planner hasn't said the "L" word to me, but I can see the struggle of letting go and staying safe. She's moving in the right direction faster than I thought she would so I'm good. We talked about seeing each other 2 times a week. If we could do more that would be great, but a 2 time minimum was needed. Also a date thrown in there was also very fun.

The Planner was upset with my living situation today. I guess all I share is the weird stuff in the house so she is becoming worried that it will affect me. I listened to her feelings and I'll balance my sharing from now on.

When she went to work I went to meet the singles for the Dark Knight. It was a good movie. I have to agree with the reviews. Heath Ledger stole the movie. Everyone else did okay jobs. I wasn't too happy with the ending, but it's well worth the price of a ticket.

Dinner & a Movie

Well the Planner drove down to join me for Hellboy 2. She likes my ability to plan events. I guess that's why I do so well with the singles. The only problem was that she ran into a bunch of traffic on the way there. So I went in and got seats and had her text me when she got there so I could bring her in. It was great to see her and I don't realize how much I miss her till I see her.
Hellboy 2 was good, not great. While the strength of these movies has been the interplay between characters. This time around it just didn't click. The visuals were stunning though and it made for an enjoyable time. A rental would be better than a movie ticket.

Afterwards we walked over to Kelly's Tavern to enjoy some snacks. We got to talk about what we had been accomplishing in our lives. Even though we text throughout the day there is always plenty to talk about.

By the time we were finished it was late and the Planner gets up early for work on Saturday mornings. So it was a nice goodbye kiss and hug and the talk to our get together tonight.

With her help I created a letter to collect funds from people. Mostly the people that never come. I did some research and exactly 50% that's 115 people in the group have never come to an event. So I pretty much asked all those that had been on the site for over 60 days for their membership fee or I would remove them. In the beginning I didn't want pay for the job, but I'm spending at least an two hours a week running the thing. I still can't find a full time assistant organizer, but I have a few people that like to help out from time to time which is a big help.

Well it's been a lazy Saturday for me. The last 3 Saturdays have been insane. The last 2 I've been on Amtrak going north or south bound and 3 weeks ago I broke down. So a Saturday that I did jack was great.

Sweet Jebesus!!!!

I stopped by Michael's yesterday to check on any other summer related decorations for the office. They didn't have anything else for me. However what they had were fall decorations. That's okay, but on the next aisle they had Halloween decorations up. Halloween? WTF? Who the hell is on drugs? Why don't you just put up Christmas decorations while you're at it. Can't we enjoy the season we are in without having holidays months away shoved in our face.

I'm pretty pissed this morning when another of my patients wanted a referral to a massage therapist. So I'm throwing out my time table and going to hire someone. I had wanted someone that wanted to build their practice which would have been better, but it's too much of a money opportunity for me to keep pushing off.

The Planner and I are actually going to see each other for 3 days in a row. Woohoo! She's coming down tonight so we can see Hellboy 2 then I'll go up their to sleep over tomorrow night. It'll be great to see her again. Yes I know it's only been 2 days, but what they hey I really like her.

The Mighty Undertoad

Bonus points if you know where the Undertoad is from.
Well today I've had an undercurrent of fear running through me. I felt it this morning while praying and meditating. As the day has gone on I've felt its light touch coming again and again. At first I couldn't see why, but I know when I talk things out that it then sorts its self out. So I called my friend Paul like I usually do to explain my feelings.

I may have dated like 50 women in the past 3 years, but the point I'm at with the Planner is the first since I was married. Aroma girl, L, and Law girl had their moments, but looking back they were never a well rounded relationship. Probably why they died out early on. However with the Planner I can see it's going to go on for a while. There is a lot of potential there.

So now I'm reaching territory that I've not had to deal with since my ex. The Planner was asking the other night after our misunderstanding. So I explained to her that in my marriage any change from the norm was an opening for an attack/abuse. The biggest thing that pushed me to get better was my ex wife. The reason was to be able to deal with her and all the abuse. For some reason I'm finding myself having that fear of not keeping a certain stability/status quo in the relationship. It was such a humongous problem when I was married. The work now is reminding myself that the Planner is not my ex (thank God!) and live in the present.

So in my attempt to deal with this I headed down to the beach. I haven't done it in a while to clean myself out. It was nice. The smells of suntan lotion, brine, and the Beach itself were awesome as was the rays of the sun. I got to see the kids playing in the water, fisherman trying to hook the big one, Black hawk helicopters practicing maneuvers, and one guy trying out his hand at casting a fishing net. It was a nice time and a good reminder of why I moved to the area.

I'm Mr. Freeze Miester

After many twist and turns I finally have AC back in my car which a good thing since it's suppose to be 90 here today. Having it plugged back in helped. They also did a few little extras which helped the car feel more like it use to which I'm happy for.

The Planner is sad she'll be missing the new Batman movie since she'll be working during the singles event. However I still wanted to see Hellboy 2 and she was into it so we'll see it Saturday night after she gets off of work. It's funny that she'll then make sure I'm sleeping over. I wish I had taped our conversation of how freaked she was to have me sleep in her bed with her. How times have changed.

Oye it's 2 weeks since I had my forced vacation away from work. So I'm now feeling the effects of it on my wallet. Yuck.

I haven't heard much from Eric since I saw him a week and a half ago. We didn't talk at all last week. When I called him this Monday we talked for a little while before he said he would call me back. Then nothing. Since he is older now I can't tell if it's him or my ex.

A Relaxing Time

It was nice to see the Planner in the middle of the week. With all the travelling I did over the weekend it felt a lot longer since I seen her than Saturday. I still had some free pizza cards from my time with Papa Johns so we got some food and watched Failure to Launch. I wasn't expecting much and wanted a light movie. It was okay and made better with the Planner's company.

We had a little mishap last night which caused me to drop into old habits. I apologized for bringing my ex into it as old fears surfaced. I have to admit the Planner is the deepest relationship I've had since I was married. So as we get deeper there has been less practice on these issues. It did bring up a great talk in which the Planner said that she really cared for me.

She has gotten a lot better with having someone sleep in her bed. It was nice to wake up to her smiling face and have no idea what day it was, I was so relaxed. I was out of my element so I was good. Since it was her place I know the Planner was pretty relaxed and feeling good, but not how much. We grabbed some IHOP before I left. I told her I loved her today. I say it with everything else. I love this about you etc. So it was just natural. The Planner soaked it right up. So life is good.

It's Ironic

I tell you it's funny, very nice, but funny. Talking with the Planner last night about cooking and she started talking about if we ever got a place together. Mostly about how she wouldn't be able to do what my landlord does which I was like no big deal since I know how to cook. She jumped on that pretty fast. However here's a woman that 3 weeks ago was freaking out to share her bed with me and now she's talking future stuff. It's different. Since my divorce I have to admit I have always been the one out in front with the feelings. While I really like the Planner my feelings are normal and where they should be for the amount of time we've been together. My emotions haven't run away on me and I'm not high on them which is a good thing. My eyes are very wide open as we go.

On the car front. I found out it's an electrical problem. The mechanic said this morning it's just not getting any power. So I'll take care of that Thursday morning.

When Did This Happen?

I seriously broke my arm 30 years ago, I met my ex 20 years ago, and Eric is almost 10 years old. When did I start measuring my life in decades?

Anyway the train ride back to NJ sucked. A freight train broke down in front of us delaying us 4 extra hours. I was on the train for 11 hours. My brother picked me up and drove me to pick my car up with 15 minutes to spare before they closed. He asked if I wanted to stay, but after napping and sitting on the train all day I really wanted to get on the road. The car handled great for the ride home so I was happy. That was until today when I went to put the AC on and there’s no cool air. I have a funny feeling they forgot to put the belt back. I checked to day and there was no leaks.

So I went to the mechanic this morning, but the wait was too long so I made an appointment for tomorrow.

I'll see the Planner again tomorrow night. It was funny to hear her say that Sunday would be too long. What is really nice to hear is her thinking about what she wants to do for me on my birthday in November.

Happy Hour

Well the Planner and I went to Guadalajara’s for the singles Happy Hour. Since we hadn’t seen each other all week and having spent half the day together in my office we were pretty frisky in the parking lot. She wanted us to be casual together inside since she didn’t want it to affect the group. I assured her that there were plenty of other couples in the group. Hey it would stop people from hitting on us.

It’s really a great place inside. Nice and colorful with margarita slushee machines. People slowly arrived and since everyone knows my picture they gravitate to me. The Planner was playing photographer. I was very surprised that the place doesn’t water down the drinks. Halfway through her margarita the Planner was pretty loose and relaxed. While she still was very appropriate it became everyone that we were a couple.

It was a nice turnout. I usually look for 50% turnout at these events and this didn’t disappoint. Out of 43 people we had 22 showed up. The event took a life of its own as people settled into groups and it was a nice sight to see what I had accomplished. Since no one was around us I asked the Planner is she was ready to leave so we could have some alone time. With her being a little tipsy I got to drive her convertible to her place. It was the first time since I was about 3 years old since I was in one. It was nice, but I still like a hard top better.

Bing, Bing, Bing Richocet Rabbit!

Geez am I wound up today. I think the break down traumatized me more than I thought. I was packing up and all I need was one day of stuff. However I kept looking at my gym bag like I was missing something. It's only one day, but I think my brain is having a hard time with that.

So I sit here in my office with some stress induced vertigo hitting me. All in all it's a pretty relaxed if not full 24 hours. The Planner is coming to hang out with me today. I'm just about to head over to the block party and then I only have 1 patient later today since the other rescheduled. Then it's off to our Happy Hour that hopefully will be very well attended.

Tonight I'm staying at the Planner's house again in the same bed. Woohoo! She'll drop me off on the way to work and then it's just a train ride to pick up the car. If anything is going to happen it will happen tomorrow night on the way home. The Planner wanted me to wait to drive home Sunday, but I know I couldn't relax at my brother's place this soon. I need to know if the car is up to specs ASAP.

Ho Hum

As you can probably tell by my new header that I'm bored. Too many hours in between patients will do that to me. I tried watching the new Batman video the Gotham Knight. Couldn't finish it, but hey that's me.

I really didn't know what way to go with the new header, but I wanted change.

I woke up in the middle of the night last night and I had to get up early so I didn't get enough sleep. Also since the power went out last night I turned on my cellphone alarm and forgot to turn it off. Especially since I decided to sleep 30 minutes longer.

This day is dragging and I want it to end.

Wow that was Fast

I was surprised when I looked it up on the calendar that tomorrow will mark the 30 day point for the Planner and myself. Boy that went fast. It's been a lot of fun. Like she said last night. I have to get off the phone or we'll be on all night having fun. We have great chemistry and no matter what we're doing we're having fun.

I had to increase my text amount a month since we seem to text a lot during the day until we talk at night. I'll be the first to admit that it's a faulty communication system, but it has it's fun points too. So far we've only had 2 misunderstandings with it. One on each side.

Tomorrow is our monthly cook out and hopefully the Planner will make it down for it. She's coming down later to go to our Happy Hour. So it would be nice to have her here in the office working while I finish up with patients.

Who Knew?

I finally did something today that I should have done a while ago, but never did. I called other offices in the area to see what they are charging. Good news! I'm pretty much the most expensive guy out there. There was one other doctor that charged more for an exam, but he did x-rays also. Treatment was a lot lower, but most just adjusted and didn't offer anything else. I never wanted to be the cheapest guy on the block so it was nice to find out I'm not. I push quality service here and I want to make sure I'm compensated for it.

I do want to thank Annie for the quick analysis of my goals. It reminds me of the limitations I have as a single practitioner. Also it reminds me why I want to rent space in my office to off set that. As always writing things down helps crystallize my wants and actions.

Boundary Setting

Well I had no show this morning with a patient who I called yesterday to remind. So I'm drafting a letter today for my patients about being late and no show. When I was slower it was easier to absorb, but as I get busier it isn't. So like most places I'll charge $25 for a no show. If they're late they won't get full treatment. I'm not going to penalize the good patient after them.

10 Year Goals


1) Work Department: 10 years from now
a) What income level do I want to attain? I want to be making $80,000/year
b) What level of responsibility do I seek? Want to stay owning my own business. No partnerships, groups, etc.
c) How much authority do I want to command? I want to keep complete authority over my business. Never want to give control over to employees or have an office manager.
d) What prestige do I expect to gain from my work? I want to be well respected and known.

2) Home Department: 10 years from now
a) What kind of standard of living do I want to provide for my family and myself? I want to be making $80,000/year
b) What kind of house do I want to live in? 2-3 bedroom condo in walking distance of the Chix beach waterfront. I want a balcony, fooz ball table, and a glass enclosed shower.
c) What kind of vacations do I want to take? Every month have a weekend get away. Once a year a week long trip.
d) What kind of financial support do I want to give my children in their early adult years? Want to be able to buy Eric a car and be able to help out if he needs it

3) Social Department: 10 Years from now
a) What kind of friends do I want to have? Successful people I can count on
b) What social groups do I want to join? None
c) What community leadership positions would I like to hold? None
d) What worthwhile causes do I want to champion? VBSPCA, HR Food Bank

How about you. What are your 10 year goals?

Yin and Yang

I'm trying to work on my long term goals. 24 hour type, no problem. It's why I can get so much done in a small period of time. Well that and I hate resistance so I just make it work. You know bend the laws of physics and stuff. Hey that's my answer for all the people that look at me strange when I accomplish so much. However I totally suck with long term goals. Visualization of the future is about as clear as charcoal. I know this is one of my bigger problems with moving on in my life to riches and fame. I have no clue what I want and it usually takes me a long period of time to figure it out. Although I have to admit I'm getting better at it. So tonight I answered all my 10 year questions. Whether it will take 10 years I have no idea, but it works for me. So for the next 24 hours I want to make a bunch of 1-2 year goals with work, social, and home. It can't hurt. I already know how much setting 24 hour goals has helped me over the years. The funny thing is that the Planner is the complete opposite of me. Far reaching goals are easy for her, but 24 hour ones are killer.

One The Road Again

Boy I forgot how much I enjoy driving a stick. I'm not too much of a fan of driving a truck, but manual transmission is fun. Having done it for 11 years it's like riding a bike. So my life is getting back to normal. I visited my Mom today and hit the gym. Oye a week off makes a difference.

Well the Planner and I had the "talk" about not seeing anyone else. She brought it up which is a first for me. Since I've been divorced I've always broached the subject. I have to admit dating later in life is completely different than my younger days. Just toss the book out because it's a totally different animal in all aspects.

I'm all set to return to Jersey Saturday to pick my car up. The Planner is picking me up for Happy Hour Friday with the singles and I'll stay at her place. She'll drop me off on the way to work. My brother is picking my up at the station. So I'll grab my car and hit the road.

Fourth of July Parade

One of the local are museum's truck.

New Jersey's Finest.

They were the most lively of the bands that performed. You probably could tell that from their costumes.

There was an old Scottish woman and she was there with her cane all bent over. However when the bagpipes came she stood tall and proud. Arms behind her back and a smile on her face. It was great.

We even had an Elvis sighting.

Promised Pictures

My niece Lucy with their bird Rudy.

Eric running in the courtyard.

My niece practicing her Tae Kwon Do with my brother.

Eric next to armor outside an antique shop.

Eric and I hanging out.

It's Back to Work I Go

The Planner was on me last night about my plan to bike and bus to and from work. Since it's hot and humid this week she pointed out that I'm going to be a sweaty mess. So looking into renting a car wasn't to expensive. However my Landlord said I could borrow his extra truck. Today he drove me while he empties the other truck.

For some reason my cellphone is getting no reception in the office today. WTF? Half the time it's trying to roam. Did someone kill a tower?

I'm trying to keep myself calm as I do work today. For some reason I'm trying to be insane and do a week's worth of work in an hour or so. Theirs no reason for it so I'm trying to let it go.

Wow did all the stress hit me like a freight train this morning. I really just wanted to sleep. It's very good to be back home. While my brother has a fancy place I didn't realize how sterile it was until I was at the Planner's place. I know my brother being a dictator and my SIL is superficial didn't help.

I caught up on all my emails and blogs last night. While I may not have left a comment I did read all 115 of them. Oye!

The GF

I was surprised when it came up I couldn't tell the Planner about this blog. I talked about my older one and the singles one, but this journal I needed for myself. It helps keep me sane and I never want to censor myself here.

The Planner is still trying to piece in her minds how I got here from my troubled past. Each time we get together she gets a better piece of the puzzle. Last night talking about masturbation (don't even know how we got there. Wait I think it was me going for long periods without sex) she seemed to get a better picture of me. As she knows I'm very open with myself. I've been waiting to hear her stuff since she gives me little pieces here and there, but in a quiet time I'll have to be more direct. I asked today while she was driving me home and she couldn't fully focus to tell me.

I have to admit it's so nice to have an equal partner in this relationship. Through all my serious relationships it was never balanced or jelled together so well. When we're together our chemistry is really great. Problems or differences we've talked through. She's more of a private person than I am, but her motivations aren't bad ones. So I'm very happy with were it is going. The Planner still has certain reservations that seem to be life long and will take time for her to work through. She's done a lot in the few weeks we've known each other. I still think her asking me to sleep over was huge for her and it all worked out well.

Major Tom to Ground Control

Well I'm finally home although minus the car. I took Amtrak back down and I'll go back up later in the week to get the car when it's finished. There is no way I can stay away from patients that long without their being a problem. It was an enjoyable ride. Kind of like taking a plane. The first part of the trip was a bit of a let down. I always hear how nice it is to take the train and see America. Well from NJ to DC it's one big slum. Virginia I have to admit was very pretty.

The Planner told me she would pick me up and I would stay at her place instead of having my Landlord pick me up. She was actually telling me I could sleep in the same bed as her. Oh my! Well she got promoted to GF status with the pick up. We had a fun time last night. I stayed in contact texting and calling each day so that we stayed connected. She liked that. Sleeping worked well and she did pretty good, but still needs practice having someone in bed with her. The Planner is also switching gears faster when we meet to be in relationship mode. We had a great talk last night and this morning. I did let the "L" word slip out this morning when I got out of the car. I wasn't quite sure when it was going to come, but there it was. I'm not quite sure if she noticed or not.

Well it's going to be a week of bike riding and busing it around town until I have wheels again. Pictures will come tomorrow when I have a high speed connection.

Bumpy Thursday

Well I talked to the mechanic this morning and he said the car is running, but they still needed to finish up with the power steering pulley.  So I'm really hoping it will be finished today.  While it is nice to see everyone.  I want to go home.  Not being prepared for a long time stay is killer and now with no money until next Tuesday just rubs salt into the wound.  I want to be in familiar surroundings.

A Very Nice Day

I forget how much Eric wakes me up at night.  Even though I was having trouble sleeping it was better when I was alone.  However it's a lot more fun with him here.  My niece and him really enjoy playing together.  However many things were already planned so she is not always here.  

Eric and I have been playing a lot of catch(he really has improved) and rough housing which is an old favorite of ours.  Today we took a walk into town to see the sights.  My god it's a restaurant town.  Every store front is another one.  Eric took lots of pictures.

I think I finally shed my old film camera feelings of limiting pictures.  Now with a big memory card we can take as many as we want.  I'll post pictures when I get home.

Hopefully my car will be ready tomorrow so I can start home.  I really don't want to be caught in the holiday traffic.  

On the dating front.  I had suggested last week at some point we should get a room with a large size bed to start getting the Planner use to having someone in the bed when she sleeps.  At all other times she's happy to have someone next to her.  Last night she wants to schedule  weekend away for us.  Nothing fancy just a room by the beach so we can hang and relax.  Only when I've been married have I been in this spot.  So it's nice to have it come up again.
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