Going Sane in a Crazy World

My journey through life and the lessons I learn to help me grow spiritually.

Sane Friends

Hot Potato ... Hot Potato

I ran into L this morning at the gym. Since I had my head on straight it was no big deal. I said "hi" and she mumbled something back. I guess my not biting on her "offer" bothered her. Oh well. It was actually fun then since she was very uncomfortable if she had to deal with me around the equipment. It made me feel better about my decision.

Nothing planned for tonight. I'll call a few friends to see if anything is happening, but I have to admit New Years is not my holiday. I guess since I don't see it as a new beginning for anything besides a calender and taxes. I've never been a resolution type of guy. As I've been accused of over thinking I evaluate myself as life goes along and make any changes as needed. For me making the big year end resolutions are too grandiose for me. I've found that doing the small things every day make it a lot easier to get done.

Post Date Report

Sorry to say not much to report. Their wasn't much of a spark. She was a nice person, but the litmus test failed and it didn't go anywhere from there. We talked for awhile then I said I had to go.

Since the office has been slow today I agreed to see one more patient. Then I'll do some organizing since I told Spa girl she could put her small refrigerator in my spare room till she has space for it.

Oh well back to the bathroom walls to find another phone number.

Little of This, Little of That

Doing a little grieving today. Dreamt about how my Mom use to be. Not that it was a happy or healthy relationship, but it's what I grew up with. It was how I would describe. Now that is gone and its not coming back. So I guess somewhere deep inside of me I'm fully accepting it. The shock, anguish, anger, etc have passed and that leaves me with acceptance.

I've got whiplash from how it's been so busy for a while now and this week is dead. I know it's the holidays and most of my patients are away on vacation. This is the usual slow time for everyone except retail. I just don't like it.

Well looking forward to my date tomorrow with this woman. Like I said if it goes well she'll earn a nickname. We're doing Starbucks my usual on too since it's close to her place. Don't know enough about her to know what flower to get, but I'll see what looks nice at the florist.


Okay I just got sodomized by a freakin' freight train. My Mom's nose guard broke on her glasses and I don't want the broken plastic to cut her nose. So I stopped by Lens Crafters to pick up new ones. I had hoped the drug stores would have them, but all they had were cushions. So I went in and after a while I'm able to get someone to help me. After what seems an eon I finally get through to her what I want. So she brings me over to the side and gets two out for me. She's putting them in a napkin for me so I'm hoping there free, but if not what's a few dollars. I get to the register and their $10. WTF! I almost threw them back at her, but I really didn't want to go through the hassle again. So I tossed her the money and walked out. On the way out I saw the price list I missed some how. Holy Fuck they want $3 for a screw. They seem to do it to you for free. Those they sell in the drug stores 6 for $2. Grumble ... grumble ... grumble.

Thursday 13

Thursday 13 Christmas Memories

1. Age 2-3 and being woken up to see Christmas with everyone before my brother left with his GF. We had one of those silver Christmas trees. It was bright and blurry for the 10 seconds I looked at it before I was spun around and taken back to bed.

2. When I was 10 and for some reason I wanted to know what I was getting for Christmas. So I unwrapped all my presents, looked at them, then wrapped them back up. Christmas sucks with no surprise.

3. The first year I had my paper route and I could afford to buy my own presents. I really didn't care what I got that year I was to excited to see how everyone liked what I bought them.

4. I broke up with my ex while we were still dating in a big blow out.

5. Years later to make it up to her I proposed to her on Christmas Eve.

6. Being woken up 2 months before Christmas by my ex since she was so excited to give my gifts. My only question was if I accept do I still get something else for Christmas. She said yes. Sucker!

7. Those first few years when Eric was young and to see his excitement with it all.

8. The first Christmas after we had separated and not to have the contact and to be all alone.
9. And this is my last Thursday Thirteen cause this is where I always get stuck and I'm tired of having so many of this list lying around.

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The Day After

Well my bank account may not be happy, but I was happy with my tire purchase. It was a monsoon on the road today. No slip, no slide. Excellent.

Way to many changes to the schedule today at the office. I know it's slow already from the holidays, but it makes me worry. However worrying isn't going to help anything so I continued to reorganize the office bit by bit. It's not a fun job, but very helpful so I've been doing a little each day.

I have to admit I hate when the kids are off from school since the gym is then full of them. Making my afternoon run today I was greeted by a room full of the acne faced beaners. The good thing was their was no L. The gym is usually where I will run into her. With the worries of the office on my mind and no response from B2 about Starbucks I'm more susceptible to saying, "what the hey let's have sex". It would be a 180 degree turn for me and it's something I can't afford to do. Hopefully if I say it enough I will believe it. The good thing is that I must have something since she keeps trying to go back out again.

TMI Tuesday

1. What is your favorite holiday memory from when you were a kid? I believe I was 13. I had worked that year as a paperboy so I had my own money to buy presents. So it was more exciting to give than receive.
2. What is the "naughtiest" thing you have ever done under a Christmas tree? sex. Proposed to my ex on Christmas Eve and then we had sex before everyone came over.
3. On a scale of 1-10, how "good" were you this year? at least an 8. I make sure to keep my nose clean.
4. How long have you been playing TMI? Regularly? Jeez let me think. 3 months I think maybe a little longer. Yes regularly.
5. What is the most embarrassing thing that happened to you this year? L and I had just finished having sex on a piece of furniture. As we were getting untangled a fart slipped out. I was pretty mortified.
Bonus (as in optional):Tell us a secret from your past that you would share during a "Nobody in this room knows this about me" ice-breaker. I got stung in the ass by a bee.

Drive By

Okay I'm getting sick and tired of the drive by texting. I've gotten a few text messages today wishing me a Merry Christmas. Nice, but who the hell from. I don't text as you hopefully know. Only 1-2 people ever text me and it wasn't there numbers. Was it friends, patients, stalkers? At least sign the damn thing. Jeez.

Ah Life

Ah life it's always an adventure. Before I went out this morning I sent Christmas cheer to most everyone in my address book. Then I headed over to see my Mom. I brought her a coffee since she didn't want anything else. I made all my family phone calls there so she could talk to them. Then I did her nails before bringing her back for lunch. Since it was a nice day I stopped by the lake to walk and get some exercise and fresh air.

When I got back home I checked my mailbox and read all the thank yous. Then I opened the last one and it was from L (old GF). I wondered did I accidentally send her a email? Was she still in the old computer address book? Reading it I found out my address was in her computer and she was wishing me a Merry Christmas. So I shot her back a quick reply wishing her and her dog Happy Holidays. Then I realized there was an attachment. So I opened it and it's pictures of her. The break up had been weird since she sent a dear Mike email. However once in a while we run into each other or she drops me an email. My friend the therapist always said she is just making sure she can always turn to me when she needs. I know she wants to be FB without the friends part. While attractive since the sex was great it's not where I want to go with a woman. I want a deeper relationship than we had and I know it's not going to get there. So I don't want to put my energies into something that isn't going to payoff in the long run. So it's going to be a rough couple of days with the opportunity for sex close at hand like it was after I separated from the Latina a long time ago. As always my choice is to go for what I want or what is easy.

Merry Christmas

A little early, but Merry Christmas everyone. I was bored after watching a bunch of Soprano episodes. So I came online to browse around and I found the Santa Blog. Take a read it's pretty enjoyable.

The Wheels on the Bus

Well actually my car. Since it's the holidays and this the time for certain things I got tires. Everyone else is shopping so the place was deserted and I was in and out. Paying more than I would like, but I wish I had a picture of the guy when he came in from getting my size. See my tires were smooth. I really mean that. You could barely see the grooves anymore. I was actually losing tracking the other day in a drizzle. See pizza does make you the money, but it does wear your car down. Like the guy said I got every penny out of them. However without my car I would truly be up shit's creek without a paddle. I was so happy to learn I have 20k more miles before I need to change my timing belt. I may have emptied my bank account over the last week or so, but my car is up to snuff.

Well today is freeing up fast. Patients are rescheduling for later in the week. Either sick from the circulating cold or need more time for pre-Christmas stuff.

Tale of Two Brendas

As most of you know I sent a Christmas card to Aroma girl (Brenda) who I had went out with a while ago. No still nothing, but not the point here. Anyway I met another girl over the weekend named Brenda. One door closes another opens. I asked her out for Starbucks and we'll get together later in the week. The interesting thing is that she is short about 5 feet. No problem for me, but different since I've been down here. When I was in NY most women were about 5'2" and I got use to it. When I started dating down here I was amazed that most women were about 5'5"-5'6". I felt like I was in the land of the Amazons. So it stood out when I met her. If we make it past Starbucks she'll earn a nickname.

Not much going on here. Usual day at work. Since it is a dead day for non retailers I want to see if I can get new tires on my car. They were dead on the way in so I'll hopefully drop it off later.

Ready for Christmas?

I have to admit I'm tired of the question. I'm a single guy with no real family around (my Mom doesn't count). I buy presents for my son and niece and I'm done. There's no presents under the tree except what I get myself. Just not much to do.

I was very surprised the stores were empty this morning when I ran into Best Buy and Circuit City to pick up some of the heavy discounted DVDs for myself. MT said it was probably due to the Sunday before Christmas and it was before 12. I do forget I live in the Bible belt. Well now my stack of DVDs I got for myself is bigger than my tree. Oh well.

Twas the Saturday Before Christmas

Twas the Saturday Before Christmas and it was busy in the office. Wow that was the busiest Saturday I've ever had and a nice end to another record week. Not being that busy over the years has gotten me out of shape for this. Seeing a bunch of patients really is a work out.

Now over the years I've had people ewww and ouch when I work on them. Sometimes the squirm or laugh and once I got an "Oh momma"! However I never heard a patient "meow" till today. She did apologize for it.

The Goodbye Guy

Well tonight was my last night of pizza. It was bittersweet. I'm very happy to not be doing it anymore. However I hate saying goodbye. Besides my manager I didn't tell anyone else. I ended up telling Ed that it was my last night because we were talking when I was leaving. It was my way of avoiding it all. With moving so much as a child saying goodbye or having people ripped from you was common place. So now when I have to do it instead of being the firecracker of emotion it is a stick of dynamite and it sucks. Wish I could bleed off the extra crap from childhood, but I don't know how. So I just make sure to feel what I'm feeling, not cover it up, and don't do anything stupid. Sorry this is going to be one humongous paragraph, but it seems my "enter" button isn't working on my old laptop. Today was also the block party that wasn't. When Tom and I talked in the beginning of the month we rescheduled it for today. Only when I went to contact him this morning he just finished his colonoscopy. He didn't know anything about the party. After I had already contacted everyone about it I felt like a ripe jerk. However no one came looking for me to find out what was happening so maybe everyone missed the memo, but me.

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things I Want for Christmas

Trying to keep it in the holiday spirit.

  1. Official Star Wars lightsaber - not the cheap ones you whip out, but the ones that light up and have the sounds. Actually can I just rent one for 15 minutes then I'd be happy.

  2. CD player for my car - The only problem I had when I got my car was that it had a tape deck. It was free so there wasn't much for me to complain about. Not that I would use it much, but there are times when I just want to hear a certain song.

  3. LASIK - my eyes aren't that bad, I hate contacts, and I don't feel like paying for it. So Santa give me a break

  4. The Sallie Mae computer to crash which deletes all my student loans

  5. Some Auto body elves to fix my messed up car door

  6. Replacement for my James Bond Diamonds are Forever plate which just broke

  7. A Star Trek phaser so I can disintegrate all the solicitors that walk through my door and bother me with all their cheap stuff

  8. Flat screen TV - something I'll wait on since they are the #1 returned electronic item in the US. When they perfect it better than I'll make the switch
  9. CD player for the home - I finally retired my old one of 13 years. One day I'll get another one. I have a backup set up, but since I can't blast my music I'll wait.
  10. Light up Harry Potter Wands - when I was at the party when the last book came out I saw these. They looked fun, but I know 15 minutes after I had it I would be bored with it. If I find one I really like who knows.
  11. The Original Dirty Pair manga books - This is the one thing that sucks about Japan. They don't repeat or reissue stuff. I'm super happy to see them do it with moving things to DVD, but print has yet to redone.
  12. My Bubba Gump Shirt - I have no idea where this went other than my ex made it disappear in one of her rages.
  13. I want to drive a Ferrari - valeting I drove a lot of high end cars, but never a Ferrari. The owners of these cars don't let anyone else touch. Selfish bastards.

The Power of Food

The lights weren't working in my third room so I asked management to fix. They said they would send someone over later. I said okay and reminded them that the block party would be tomorrow. The reiterated that they would have someone over to fix my problem in 15 minutes. The power of food.

Okay this is weird, but I'm running out of times for people to come in. Established patients are easier, but all the new ones is becoming a problem. A nice problem just weird and new.

MT invited me with her to a Christmas party Saturday night. Wow I haven't been to a holiday party in years so this will be fun. I see I have picked up the mantle of escort for single women. When my friend Anna was in the area I use to go to a lot of shin dings. Now I need to make sure the suit still fits.

One Down, One to Go

I was not looking forward to pizza tonight and it didn't disappoint me. It was a crap night, but at least I got some pizza stories. The first is that as you might not know. As the pizza man I'm right there with Santa Claus. Kids go nuts when I come to the door. However tonight they were beat hands down by a dog at this one house. He was jumping at the window, jumping at the door. I'm not talking of bouncing. He was leaving the ground by at least a foot. I thought they were going to have to tranquilize him to open the door. Instead they put him in the garage.

Now hopefully we've all paid for a meal at a restaurant with a credit card. You know there is a line for the tip. We'll we have that also. This can be problematic since many people I deliver to can't do math to save their lives and I'm depending on their math skills to get a tip. Now you might think hey they'll make a mistake and tip big. Not on your life. They use REALLY small numbers then or just stiff to make it easier. Usually you can tell by how long they are taking if they are going to tip. Unless you get one of these cheap jerk wads who take forever to fill it out to stiff you. Their actually going over it a bunch of times so that their is NO mistake that you're getting NOTHING. Choke on the crust you cheap bastards.

As always I have to save the best for last. I'm driving to a church to deliver pizzas. I'm sitting at the light and I can see the word "Satan" in big letters on this person's trunk up ahead. Now I'm intrigued. I know I live in the Bible belt, but I rarely see Satan in big letters on any one's car. So I want to know what it fully says. With some maneuvering I get a clear look. "All women are Satan!" I LMAO. This guy must of had some divorce.

I tell you I'm already deleting what I have learned here. My first order I was like where is this road. Someplace I've been many times before.

Tired Tuesday

OMG I'm exhausted tonight. Actually I don't even know why I'm blogging instead of sleeping. Guess I feel I need a real entry for Tuesday instead of just a Meme. My instructor was funny since I was breaking protocol by stopping a dance in the middle, but my brain was just getting too fuzzy to think and lead. Not to mention the music breaks which were driving me insane. Salsa songs have this notorious habit of breaking then coming back with a different timing. It's like going out on a date and throughout the night different women keep being your date. WTF? If your going to start something finish with it.

Very weird, but Spa girl has fallen off the face of the earth. Bizarre behavior since we work across the street from each other. If we never saw each other she could probably get away with it, but I'll see her Friday at the block party. Whatever.

No response from Aroma girl so life continues on. May still get something, but I sort of put things on hold since I gave her a higher priority. So now life goes on.

Office life is good and staying level. I picked up the last of the chairs today so now I have nice waiting room chairs. I also picked up a file shelf that I'll set up once I finish cleaning up my extra room. I can't believe I have pizza tomorrow night. It feels so long ago that I did it. I can't wait for it to be over.

TMI Tuesday

1. Are you done with your shopping yet? Wasn't this question here last week. I like being done by Nov. 1st.
2. What is your favorite sexual position? depends on my mood, but I would say the standard guy on top. I can see whom I'm with and still have access to everything.

3. On a scale of 1-10, how open are you to trying new sexual things? 7 maybe 8. I have lines on what I will have done to me, but more open on doing/performing on my partner. However I have no real example of this. I've always been the introducer.

4. What present are you hoping to get this year? I bought the Soprano DVD's I wanted. Besides that I'm not expecting anything else.

5. With your current partner (or your last partner) how often was the sex better than just good? It was always better than good. Only with my ex was it less than good.
Bonus (as in optional):Can a relationship that you are part of survive on sex alone? Could it survive a prolonged period of abstinence? On sex alone? No been there done that. I was abstinent when I was married for 21 months and longer single. So yeah not that I would want to again.

Tis the Season

Tis the season for a hard on I see. My spam box has been stuffed with Viagra and enlargement missives. Did everyone get randy on seeing all the Christmas balls hanging around? Or is it that with the coming holidays guys expect to get lucky as part of their holiday presents?

The weirdest thing here is that the radio voices of Santa and the Elf are done by the same two people. Now for most you wouldn't think this would be a problem when you hear these two talk about billiard tables. Not too bad when they then talk about chimney cleaners, but then they start talking about the Love Shack. Ho, ho, ho that's more than a candy cane stuck in your stocking.

Work wise the doctors across the street referred another patient which is great. Hopefully the other 4 doctors there will join in. Besides that it is nice to just pay bills and not be worrying if I have enough money to get a Happy Meal.

No response from Aroma girl yet. I'll give it till tomorrow before I let it go.

Sunday Movings

Well I finished moving all the big stuff over into storage. I was pissed that I broke one of my Franklin Mint James Bond plates. Happier that I caught the box and only one fell out. Sad that I can't find a replacement anywhere on the web. Over the next few days I'll organize the room into how I need it to be. I did make a purchase today of 3 waiting room chairs. I've been using nice folding chairs, but this was a good upgrade. The guy said they were light gray, but they look tan to me in the office. However I know I'm color blind so I'm not the best person to tell. He found one more which would work out really well, but I want to make sure they match with the room.

Tomorrow should be the day I get a response from Aroma girl, Tuesday will be the latest. After that I will let it go. So here's hoping.

Boy it was strange to budget money for a month. I know how much I'm making since tips are always all over the place. Boy I forgot how fast money goes. However now I'm no longer driving in the dark with my personal finances. I did that with my business a year ago and it worked out really well this year. So I'm going to continue growing in my financial maturity.

I don't know how Christmas sales are going this year, but sales suck. I was able to get Robots the movie for Eric cheap today. He likes the video game so I'll give it to him for his birthday. Yes I'm already stockpiling for next year. Hey what can I say.

Saturday with Me, Myself & I

Well for the forseeable future I will have a patient appointment at 9 every Saturday. I wish she could make it a little later, but I don't really mind since she is a good patient. Not like the fart knocker who didn't show up at noon. I really didn't think he would. So I moved most everything I wanted to over to storage this morning. The big stuff I'll leave in the room in the corner. Tomorrow I'll go back and organize the room so I can have the landlord come fix the light in the room so I can see.

I had wanted to go see the Cecil Beaton exhibit at the Chrysler Museum of Art. Spa girl was suppose to go with me a few weeks ago. Since that didn't happen and the exhibit was leaving in 3 weeks I figured I would go myself. It was good. There were pictures of Monroe, Hepburn, Taylor, and Leigh. Famous people like Chuchill, Jackie O, and even Prince Charles first picture as a baby. I really enjoyed just not having to worry about working pizza and having a few bucks in my pocket.

Over the past few days I've been realizing I share my problems very well, but my accomplishments and good stuff I don't say much about. I knew it was something I needed to change to start being happier. Then my reading this morning stated it again. If I don't share it then all I'm doing is keeping a secret and there is no reason to keep good stuff to myself. With that realization I was able to enjoy my day better.

The biggest good thing was that I have money now. Not that I really have any extra, but everything is paid. I was pulling out of the storage place and a cop passed by and I remembered a few years ago being in the exact same place, but worried since I was months past car inspection and not having the money to get it all done.

Well I see the holiday season has gone in to full swing. Trying to get into Barnes & Noble today to stroll around became a bit of a chore. Even Starbucks had a line through the whole store. As I know what I am making each week now I've put myself on a Starbucks budget with getting one of their cards. Being able to give myself a paycheck will put everything in a more orderly situation.

Interestingly enough I have heard from Spa girl since Tuesday when she stopped by for a few seconds. I had a patient then. I called her later if she wanted to stop by for treatment what her window was. I also did so the next night. No response so I said no more calls on my end. No loss or regrets.

Taking Care of Business

Well today I started making the changes in the office today. I rented a small storage unit down the block to put my boxes and decorations that I store in the office. This will allow me to open the other room for office stuff. I need more space to do everything. I always have one or two piles around my desk and I know it doesn't look the greatest. However it allows me to get everything done. So I will spend this weekend rearranging the office. I've also decided to get rid of some of my books. I've kept my paperbacks for a while now, but I will widdle the amount down.

I've just returned from talking to the medical doctors across the street from me. This has been a major coup. Theirs 5 doctors their and they can refer a lot of business my way. They were happy to take my cards since I've helped one of their chronic patients out.

In a little while I'm going over Send Out Cards. It's a business that sends cards out for you. You do everything online and they do the work for you. Right now I have postcards to send out to everyone, but their getting low and my handwriting sucks. So this will save me from buying more, postage, etc. Plus I can keep changing it up with their large selection.

My friend Tina said to think positive with Aroma girl, but that is hard for me. Yes I'm a little kid with this stuff. If I think positive I started getting all these expectations and my hopes rise. So I don't do anything to protect myself. Not the greatest system, but still a work in progress.

Thursday 13

Weird Christmas Music
(Yes their real, but not really spectacular)

1. Hung for the Holidays (William Hung) - The American Idol contestant gave warring families everywhere an invaluable gift with this 2004 Christmas album. After all, why spend Christmas dinner arguing about politics, religion or Dad’s gambling addiction, when you can debate whether William Hung is a savvy self-promoter or talentless hack instead?

2. Jingle Bermuda Tree Frogs - “You know what would really spice up these vaguely lilting versions of ‘Deck The Halls,’ ‘Silent Night,’ ‘The First Noel’ and many other holiday favorites? Bermuda tree frogs!”

3. Christmas at Luke’s Sex Shop – (Luke) - If the hilariously foul raps of “Ho Hoe Hoes,” “2 Live Christmas” and “Christmas F-ckin’ Day” don’t turn your grandma’s face beet-red, she probably needs a new battery in her hearing aid. And don’t miss “Jesus Is Black.”

4. N2K Nutcracker 2000 - Because there’s nothing wrong with the immortal The Nutcracker Suite that a buttload of synthesizers, disco beats and new songs can’t fix, Nutcracker 2000 drags Tchaikovsky’s Christmas ballet masterpiece — kicking and screaming — into the new millennium. This album was originally recorded to accompany a Cirque du Soleil-type acrobatic dance troupe, which makes perfect sense; your classical music-loving uncle will certainly contort himself into astounding shapes whenever you slap “Party Time (March),” “Sugar Plum Scary” or “Techno House of the Snow Ho’s” on the family stereo!

5. Christmas Bash (Pokemon) - delivers plenty of weirdness, like the version of “The Christmas Song” with various Pokémon characters (collect ‘em all!) trading lines in “We Are The World” fashion, or the creepy, voyeuristic-pedophilic overtones of “I’m Giving Santa a Pikachu This Christmas.”

6. A Twisted Christmas (Twisted Sister) - Christmas Eve won’t be a silent night if these long hair-metal guys have anything to say about it. With their amps on eleven and their tongues firmly in cheek — check out the snippets of “We’re Not Gonna Take It” and “Hava Nagila” in “Oh Come All Ye Faithful”.

7. The American Song-Poem Christmas: Daddy is Santa Really Six Foot Four? (Various Artist) - How difficult could it be to write a Christmas hit? The words for these twenty-one attempts at holiday immortality were penned by amateur lyricists, then sent to bogus “record companies” who charged the wordsmiths a fee for setting their lyrics to music. Check out the Sisterhood’s “The Rocking Disco Santa Claus.”

8. Mr. Cork's Totally Off the Wall Whacked Out Christmas Songs! (Mr. Cork) - Who is this Mr. Cork? And who let him into a recording studio? Actually, judging from the Casio-quality keyboards and drums on Dr. Demento-worthy tracks like the self-explanatory “Roll Me A Big Ass Joint For Christmas” and the drug-deal-gone-wrong saga of “Santa Claus Got Busted!”, this has all the hallmarks of a home-brew job. The guy’s sure got a professional way with a hook, though: “Diarrhea on Christmas Day” is as relentlessly catchy — and nearly as nauseating — as a bad case of stomach flu.

9. A Colt 45 Christmas (Afroman) - It’s Christmas time in the ‘hood, and Afroman’s lighting up a J, cracking open a cold forty of Billy Dee Williams’ favorite malt beverage, and putting his own distinctively blunted spin on the songs of the season. Thus, “O Christmas Tree” becomes “O Chronic Tree,” “Feliz Navidad” becomes “Police Blow My Wad,” and “Deck The Halls” becomes, er, “Deck My Balls”. “A Strainj Poem” reveals the shocking news that “Miss Claus in court/Filin’ child support,” “Jack Frost is on the pipe,” and sitting on Santa’s sleazy lap may get you more than what’s on your Christmas wish list.

10. Silent Night Christmas Music for Cat Lovers (Christmas Carol Cats) - Despite the group name and album title, only one track on this EP — the opening “Silent Night” — actually seems to feature anything resembling cat voices; the rest are just new age-y synth instrumentals. In any case, be careful about actually playing “Silent Night” around your own cats, because it may well be sending them secret messages. Last year, I’m pretty sure they told my friend’s cats to knock the ornaments off the Christmas tree and pee on the presents, and they seemed more than happy to comply.

11. Britney Spears Christmas (Doctor Peyote’s Shaq All-Stars) - Most celebrity stalkers tend to limit their obsession to one particular target, but rapper Dr. Peyote — perhaps trying to increase his hook-up odds — pledges his undying love to Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, Carmen Electra, Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton on this deeply strange Christmas record.

12. How You Doin'? Yanks & The 12 Days of a Guido Christmas – (How You Doin’ Boys) - The perfect present for the New York Yankees fan and/or unrepentant “Guido” on your Christmas list. It also has a Sopranos-worthy version of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” that includes such choice gifts as “seven Piazza jerseys,” “five pinkie rings,” and “four fresh cannolis.” A Merry Christmas? Fuhgeddaboudit!

13. Sorry to say I couldn’t find another really bad Christmas album. I know coal in my stocking. Any suggestions?

The Word is Given

Patients keep referring patients. It's weird to have them come in and say you've been highly recommended. Wow who knew? So with the office going for a record week I went into pizza tonight and gave my notice that next Friday would be my last night. My manager was like usually you give 2 weeks notice. In my head this is 2 weeks. Wednesday starts my week and Friday ends it. If it really is a problem you can fire me now so I don't have to come back. However that didn't work.

So I picked up some pine garland, ornament, and dug out a string of lights to decorate my room. The one foot tree wasn't doing it for me. I need lights. I love sitting in the dark looking at them with the Christmas music on. Tomorrow I'll need to burn a Holiday music CD since all my music is in the office.

Well Aroma girl must have the card by now. I'm working on not having any expectations. Although a good breeze would quickly get a fire going. So I'm trying to keep my mind open.

Oh yeah I have one good pizza story for you. I'm inside and Car girl comes in with this large bag of trash. You know the ones that they use for a McDonalds garbage can. It's full! I ask her if that's from her car and she says yes. She has a tiny freakin' car. How can you sit in such filth. It reminds me of the time I hopped in the back of my friend Dan's car. You couldn't touch the floor for the amount of trash on it. I kid you not. It had a cup of half eaten ice cream sitting there on the floor. I feel bad when I have crumbs in my car. And yes I have seen Dan's bathroom and yes his toilet needs to be shaved.

Tales of Brenda

Since there seems to be a buzz about Brenda and I dated her before I ever started blogging I’ll go into some background to hopefully answer everyone’s questions. From now on I’ll call her Aroma girl.

In the summer of ’05 I was separated from my ex for a year. At that time I realized that I had reached all the emotional growth I was going to have on my own. Only in interacting with others would I have myself pushed and be able to better myself. I hadn’t dated in 16 years and I was extremely rusty also I was never a good dater before I had met my ex. Anyway I decided to try Match. It worked out well to get me back in the swing of things.

Aroma girl was the second women I officially went out on a date with. She had a great smile which I’m always a sucker for and the first woman I ever dated with short hair. Aroma girl was a massage therapist and a specialist in aromatherapy. Our relationship was like that Seinfeld episode because I gave more massages than I ever got. However I did get a lot of praise for my hands.

As I’m a feet first type of guy I asked her to go out a lot. She loved my spontaneous attitude of doing different things all the time old movie theaters, walks on the beach at night, thrift shops, yoga, etc. We did a lot. Aroma girl also liked that I was able to express my feelings which she never knew a guy to do.

It was a good relationship and she helped me heal some of the damage I had done in my marriage. The best thing we had was communication. We talked about anything and everything without fear. It was a beautiful thing.

We never had sex which was funny, well at least to me. We were making out in the car on our third date and she stopped to say that she wanted to take her time. I was all for it since I was still getting my dating legs. She was very happy about that. The funny thing was that she was dragging me into her bedroom on the next date. I was able to get enough blood to my brain (Imagine that) to say I really needed more time. We talked about it and agreed to wait some more.

That started our derail, but I had so much going on in my life at the time. I was having problems with my landlord in both business and home, divorce was still in the process, money shortages, etc. I see it now when I talk to Spa girl and all the drama. For me it was an everyday thing.

Out of the women I’ve gone out with only Aroma girl and another lady were able to talk to me about breaking up. Like I told Aroma girl I wasn’t happy, but I was okay. She asked why and I told her because I knew and didn’t have to try and figure anything out. It’s such a big thing in any break up.

Oh Momma!!!

The day started great with the Seamstress giving me back my leather jacket. All fixed. I was so glad to have saved the jacket at some one's suggestion. It was so nice to slip on. It's soft and just fits like an old comfortable shoe.

The rest of the day was just busy, busy, busy with a side of a lecture tossed in there at a senior apartments. Not my favorite target audience for money, but I do enjoy lecturing to them. They were very nice to say I was knowledgeable and humble doctor. So by the time the day ended I was like "that's it!" Tomorrow when I go to pizza I'm telling my manager next Friday is my last day. I can't do this anymore. Damaged my car last Wednesday, twisted my ankle Friday, and I just plain don't want to do it anymore. The other side is a second job has allowed me to live these last 3 years. However in a way it has also held me back. I just have to remember I can always go back if it gets tight again. Hopefully it won't, but I have to make sure I don't think so black & white. It will be a Christmas present to myself.

Salsa was real fun tonight. My official class ends next week then the second session starts next month. It's been a real learning experience. The little nuances have made a world of difference. So that the little I have done in the class is really good and then the other stuff I learn n the clubs I can still do for fun until we get to it in class.

TMI Tuesday

1. Are you and early shopper or a late shopper? Early. I like to be done by October. I completely stay out of stores at this time of the year, although down here is not as bad as it was in NY.

2. What is your favorite cartoon (current or passed)? When I was a kid it would be Johnny Quest. All the cool gadgets and adventures. I like it so much I have all the episodes.

3. On a scale of 1-10, how competent are you on home repair projects? I would say an 8. Besides electrical (ironic since my dad is an electrician) I can do most anything.

4. What is your favorite holiday tradition? I love to turn on the Christmas lights and sit in the dark with the music playing and just relax and enjoy.

5. Describe your favorite kiss? Do you give it or receive it? It was with Brenda (the same I just sent a Christmas card to). My ex and I didn't kiss for the last 5 years of marriage and I really missed it. It was just nice to feel a women get weak in the knees again when I kissed her.

Bonus (as in optional):What is the best holiday gift you have ever gotten? DVD player from my ex and son. It was great cause it opened my world up with foreign films. Best you've given? Truthfully I would say it was the first year I delivered newspapers and I could buy everyone stuff with my own money.

To Boldly Go ...

Annie left an interesting comment. Why not contact Brenda again? I didn't really have an answer for that. Usually I just don't go back, but I wasn't the one to end it and it was a fond relationship that still is in my mind. The funny thing is that I found her business card a week or so ago and I tossed it out. However I know where she lives. So I asked my friend Tina what she thought and she suggested since it was the holiday season a Christmas card would be okay. So it's in the mail and we'll see what happens.

I know Spa girl can not give what I want and she is becoming Ms. Right Now. I enjoy her as a friend, but it will be a long while before she is where I would like a SO to be if she ever makes it. This is a big lesson for me of being complacent and settling which I don't want to do.

Comedy Night

Well Spa girl was able to make it tonight and I finally got to meet her dog Zoey when I picked her up. Improv was great as always and boy did I get swag tonight. For sitting in the front row which I enjoy we got fish lollipops. I got picked for one of the games and got a bag of goodies. Last but not least I got 2 tickets for dinner and pictures since I'm always there and bring so many people with me. It was nice to have a "normal" time with Spa girl and put my arm around her while we watched the show. The weird part of the night was April. She's the MC I dated earlier in the year. She ended it with me before I would have since there really wasn't much chemistry. I remember the first 2 show after that incident were awkward and this was like that. Other than that it was a fun night.

Sorry Ladies

I see the opinion of you ladies out there is just to jump Spa girl. Jeez you're worse than the guys. Well its Sunday and here are my musings and happenings.

Spa girl and I got to talk a while this morning and more in depth into her. It was nice to learn more about her background. She was sad that she most likely couldn't make the comedy show tonight or see me. Her room mate dropped a bunch of stuff on her and she hopes to get it done by tonight. I see why I can relate to her so easy. She's me in many ways years ago as I worked on making myself a better person.

I'm reminded of Brenda who was the first person I officially dated after my ex and I split. She was a great person, upfront, assertive, and honest with how she felt and what she wanted. It was a great relationship while it lasted. The killer was all the drama I was still dragging around with me in a U-haul from my marriage.

You might ask why I bring this up. Well over the years I've worked to get over my Wounded Bird Syndrome. This is pretty much you find an injured person (emotionally or whatever) and you help them back up with the unconscious motivation that this person will love you and never hurt or leave you. I've done pretty well with this over the last few years. Since I can spot one a mile away.

Now back to Spa girl. I make sure I'm not saving her or taking on her problems. However I have to wonder am I doing the Wounded Bird in a round about manner. Being patient on my side with the unconscious want of the same results. I don't know yet.

Anyways it was a beautiful day here. Thursday might have been in the 30's but it has been in the 60's since and tomorrow is suppose to bring the 70's. So I enjoyed myself outdoors today with a walk around one of our lakes. Now I'm relaxing until the show.

I'm a Bad Boy

Well I slept in this morning and through the mandatory pizza meeting. No loss, but I'm the consummate good guy so it bugs me. I did something bad, oh my! It just kicks up a lot of stuff that I still deal with. How I am defined as a person, what others think, the usual crap. Like always the more I talk about it the better I am. Keep it in my head and I'm dead.

This is a present from the florist from across the hall for my help in trying to get them established. Very simple, but very beautiful. Too bad it won't last.

Wow I don't have pizza to Wednesday, what will I do? LOL. I'm going to enjoy. After my patients today I want to try to find a used filing cabinet since mine are filling up with all the new patients. I would like to go and see the Christmas lights down on the boardwalk, but it's something I wouldn't do on my own. I'll see if Spa girl or someone else would like to go.

The Mandatory Pizza Experience

For a few weeks now I've been dreading this 9 am mandatory pizza meeting. However to get everyone in one place so early on Saturday I figured it would have to be something important or at least give out holiday bonuses. So I asked tonight what it was about. I couldn't believe the answer. So I had to ask several times to make sure they weren't pulling my leg. It's a bitching session. So everyone can clean the air. WTF! You make me come to a meeting at 9 am on a Saturday I'll have plenty to bitch about. Besides that I haven't anything to say and really don't want to hear all the teenagers bitch. My other option is to get written up. Since it not my life long dream to be a manager or do this job for more than the next 30-60 days that really doesn't mean much to me. The only thing that it does touch is that I'm being a rule breaker and I'm usually the nice guy. This goes against my grain, but so does subjecting myself to a LOAD of crap for who knows how long it will go on. So I'm getting some sleep in the morning.

On the Spa girl debate. I know I'm holding a hammer, I'm going to smash my thumb, and its going to hurt. I just don't know when I'm going to do it. I know the longer it goes on the better the chance that it won't.

The Big Question

German girl asked me this morning "would it be so bad to sleep with Spa girl?" This came up after we were talking about yesterday. Spa girl stopped by for some treatment and as a guy I immediately noticed that her pants were a little loose and when she laid down I saw that she had a nice thong on. (for my Australian readers I'm not talking about the foot wear). She said she was embarrassed that it was showing, but I doubt it. Anyway while I'm working on her I get the usual compliments of how strong I am and how good my hands are. She had one really bad muscle that I had to re-ask about pressure. Which like I said last entry she said the deeper you go the better it felt. Then she burst out laughing so hard I though she was going to fall off the table. Anyway after treatment we hugged and she pulled me hard against her. It was nice to run my hands on her back and through her hair. However as soon as I kissed her cheek she pulled away. I know this is new to her again, but at times I feel like I'm being played.

So back to the original question that I almost forgot. Would I think it bad? If we stayed the way we are I would say yes. It is not like me to be so casual with sex and I feel I would be using her as a sexual object. I don't know it's new territory for me also.

Body Work

Well Marlayna over at It's the Little Things wanted me to expand on my correlations between the treatment table and the bed. To start off with I'm a chameleon and a high sexual one at that. I readily adapt to my surroundings and others needs. It's how I survived growing up so I pick up all the nuances that people give off and use it in how I interact with them. So over the years I've formulated theories and seen the results with the women I've slept with.

Light or Forceful - Some women like it soft and the others rough. For me when I adjust them it is always finding what they are comfortable with. From what I have found most women like it a little on the rough side. The ones who like it really rough will have a big smile on their face when I come down hard on them.

Pressure - muscle work is also a part of my treatment and it gives over a LOT of information. The first is how do you like to be touched. Light or deep and as Spa girl announced yesterday the deeper you go the better it feels. This is an even split in the beginning, but more pressure is wanted as time goes on. The second piece of information is are they a sub or a dom. Some people will just lay there and suffer and not make a peep. While others will happily tell you want they want. The last thing is if they are a moaner or not. Let me tell you that you would be surprised at what comes out of women's mouths when your working on them. Hell some of them I could tape and make a fortune on a phone sex line. Actually I had a women start talking dirty years ago when I was working on her. It was very funny.

Dress - Let me tell you I've seen some interesting underwear to say the least over the years. The best was this rope thong. I REALLY wanted to ask was that comfortable. With this you see what the women feels like underneath. Is she sexy or practical and I'm not even going to touch the granny panties.

Thursday 13

My Favorite 13 Christmas Songs

  1. The Chipmunk Song (The Chipmunks and David Seville) - this may be silly, but I love this song

  2. Jingle Bell Rock (Bobby Helms) - rock on out with a Christmas favorite

  3. Merry Christmas Baby (Bruce Springsteen ) - I just like this song. I have it by so many different artist Chuck Berry, Lou Rawls, etc.

  4. Father Christmas (Kinks) - This is the tough guy Christmas song

  5. Christmas Wrapping (The Waitresses) - I just like it

  6. The Christmas Song (Nat King Cole) - Nat's soothing voice you have to love it

  7. Sock it to Me Santa (Bob Seger) - As you can tell I like a lot of these non normal songs

  8. Blue Christmas (Elvis Presley) - Got to have one from the king

  9. Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow (Dean Martin) - this is just a nice relaxing song

  10. Silver & Gold (Burl Ives) - I just like it maybe cause it goes with a great show

  11. I Wish You a Merry Christmas (Bing Crosby) - again nice and relaxing

  12. Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer (Elmo 'N Patsy) - another of those fun crazy songs

  13. Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree (Brenda Lee) - a classic

Wednesday Hijinxs

Spa girl stopped by the office today. She's been out sick for the last 4 days and she still looked under the weather. I gave her some treatment to help her out. One thing I have found out over the years with working on people is that you know how a woman will be in bed when you work on her muscles. Does she like it soft or hard? Is she silent or a moaner? All this stuff comes out. Now back to Spa girl. I can't determine if she is being manipulative or struggling with this friendship. Cause when she got up she gave me a full body hug. Meanwhile all I have running through my head is Annie's comment and I'll paraphrase. "All I need to do is fuck her to have all the chaos back in my life." I really wasn't caring, but at least I kept it playing in my head.

I ran to get some lunch after she left to let the blood return to my brain. The I headed over to the spa since she has been wanting to wax me for a while now. I have to admit I have a bit of a uni-brow with the Italian in me as well my hair line goes to my eyes. I've just gotten use to it. All I could think about when she was going to do it was the scene for the 40 Year Old Virgin. a) Holy Shit that hurt like hell. b) Now I know why Steve Carrell cursed his head off c) How you women do a bikini is beyond me (although Spa girl said the first time is the hardest). In the beginning I didn't see the difference, but now I do and like she said it did open up my eyes. Who knew?

Pizza tonight? Oh jeez. Make $20 in tips and do a thousand dollars worth of damage to my car. I was backing out of a long driveway and all of a sudden I heard something scrape and then my car stopped. I tried to pull forward and the car wheels just spun. So I figured I'd get out and see. My door didn't open. Okay this isn't looking good. Lowering my window I see I've hit a fire hydrant that is 15 feet from the street. I knew I got on so I could get off, but it took a while of finding the right place for my tires to catch the ground since it seemed that the wheel must have slipped off the driveway once I hit. Finally when I did get it off I looked at it. I scrapped and grooved the back door. The bottom corner of the front door I gouged. CRAP! I have to admit I was only sad with it. I didn't go nuts or wishful thinking which was good. My door still opens and the window works so I have a new feature to my car.

Boobies & Butts

I think I'm dropping Monday night dancing. The reason its just way too crowded. There is like 40+ people now in a room that doesn't hold that many for what we are doing. It takes so long to get through the learning that by that time I need to go. So for now I have my Tuesday class and then over to 111's for dancing. Having more sleep the night before allows me to stay out later until the smoke level gets too much at the bar. We were way down in women tonight. So we tried to get the women at the bar to join in. We got one brave soul to do so. We tried to get Lori the bartender and Lindsey the waitress to join in, but they were too scared. Now it is truly funny to see these two together cause they stood on different lines. Lori's got a set of boobs on her that she proudly displays and how she keeps them in that tiny top defies the laws of physics. On the other hand Lindsey has a butt so tight it could lip sync. Both women draw a lot of attention. Better tips I'm not quite sure on.

On the work side I've decided after much thought and talking not to get a massage therapist in this office. I hate working with others since I have to deal with their idiosyncrasies. I've done it too much in the past to want to walk back into it. The other reason is that as I grow I need the room to make sure everything runs smoothly. So over the next month I'll start making that happen.

TMI Tuesday

1. If your partner buys you a sexy little "something" is it a present for you or for your partner? I don't know they bought it and I don't read minds.
2. What are 3 characteristics of "your type"? great smile, long hair, assertive

3. On a scale of 1-10, how good a cook are you? I would say a 7. I enjoy creating things in any medium and cooking falls in that arena.

4. Tattoos: Love them or hate them. On you? On a partner? Not a big fan of tattoos. I don't have any. I grew up with tattoos being a guy "thing" and that still stands.

5. Stubble: Good or bad? How often do you shave? Smooth is always good. I shave daily.

Bonus (as in optional):What are a few of your favorite things (both sexual non-sexual)? Reading time at Starbucks with a latte, a really good kiss, looking out over the ocean and breathing in the salty air.

Monday's Blurb

Talking to my friend Paru today who works in IL. She was really surprised when I told her I hit a record high for a day today. She was like it's not even 3:30? From 10 - 3 it was back to back patients. I was so happy to be able to sneak out and get some lunch. The girls at Subway may joke about my simple sandwiches, but there quick to make. Today it jumped me 3 people and got me out really fast which really helped. It was like being at Starbucks and getting premier service. Anyway I need to fit some kind of lunch thingy in my schedule. I don't want to close the office between 12-3. Why? Because every other chiropractor does and it's a busy time for me. Everyone wants to run over on their lunch hour instead of losing time after work. I can understand that. It looks to be another good week and hopefully it will keep growing.

As I've learned the busier I get in life the more I make sure to take some time for myself. So after a errand to Office Max it was off to Starbucks to read and relax before the gym. Right now I'm just relaxing back at the office before I head off to see some friends and then dancing. I'm so happy to have pulled back on pizza. If I have to expend the energy I would rather do it on something fun.

Now I just need to think of something for this week's Thursday 13. I have a bunch of list that stop at 6-7, but can't make it to 13. Any suggestions?

Total Rip Off

I got this from Anna over at Inconvenient Truth. I send many business holiday cards out, but very few personal. So if you would like a holiday card from me then click here.

Pizza Stories and Other Weekend Stuff

Well tonight was the last night of doing pizza 4 nights a week. For now it will only be 2 until I can drop it all together. Something I am very happy about since I'm pretty much burned out on a second job. I've done it since I separated from my ex 3 1/2 years ago and I'm burnt and could really use a vacation.

Anyway for a last full weekend there really weren't many nutty stories, but tips were good. Let me see what was juicy. Well I had to deliver 47 pizzas the other night. My car was packed full with them. The heat that 47 pizzas can make is pretty incredible. Condensation covered the inside of my car. I had windows open with front and rear defrosters going.

I delivered another pizza to an apartment and the guy opened the door looked at the number then looked at me. It's a scene you never want to see when your delivering. I made sure the address was correct and the person was someplace in the apartment. It wasn't a big place. Jeez don't people know what's going on.

The last story I have is of Pecker head. Pecker head lives in a million dollar plus house. The decorations on Pecker head's front door would pay for a nice dinner for me. Well after I give him change back and he gives me actual change back. I'm walking back to the car when I realize Pecker head just gave me a $1 tip. I felt like going back and knocking on his door and giving it back to him. I mean all the decorations must have put him back some and he probably needs the money more than me. Cheap Pecker head.

I finally got to see Bat Boy the musical today. It was really well done and the person playing Bat Boy did a superb job. If it does play by you I urge you to see it.

I was very happy that Spa girl has a dog. We were talking today, going over our weekend. I mentioned that Port girl moved out finally. She's slept here maybe 10 times in the last year if that much. Anyway Spa girl was all over that since she wants to move out of her place to something at the beach. I jumped on the dog issue like a drowning man on a life preserver. There was no way I wanted her living next to me and the dog thing seemed like the best way to go.

Last but not least Walmart had the Soprano seasons for $20 which was a humongous bargain so I picked up 2 of them for myself for Christmas. Yes they get wrapped and put under my little 1 foot tree. Hey when your by yourself these are the things you do.

Feelings ... Woe oh oh feelings

One of the things I get with interacting with more and more people is the ability to work on the little parts of me that I can't do alone. Well I got hit with another one today. I've been enjoying the friendship with Spa girl and getting into my groove with it after setting some boundaries up. Anyway she was happy today since they were going to move the spa to a better location. It's a good move for them, but I was sad. Spa girl picked it up before it had even registered with me. I know it has nothing to do with her just old tapes.

When I was young I moved enough times to be an army brat. So having friends ripped away from me was common place. So nowadays when it happens and I'm not the cause it still brings up old wounds. So I'm just feeling them now. Most likely I didn't do them way back then that's for sure. The biggest thing for me is to just feel them and not try to down play or cover them up which are my old ways.


What I have learned over the years is that you never remove anything without putting some thing healthy in its place. I was going to let pizza choose my days that I worked then I realized I was being nuts. So I choose Wed and Fri so I could still have my weekends free and schedule patients. So I've opened the office later the other 3 nights since more people want to come in later. If I can fill these it will more than pay for not doing pizza. I can barely take doing it anymore. The biggest thing is the time to money ratio of both businesses. The other is being tired, wear and tear on the car, and always the threat of being jumped.

Talking to the MT today during my massage and she has decided not to move. Well this kind of changes my plans to open my extra room for a massage therapist. She still might move out of the park though so their is a chance. So I'm left wondering how to make that room make me money. A second treatment room doesn't really do it for me. I am thinking about just making it an office so all the paperwork is not out in front. I don't have to do anything today so it will take some thought.

Thursday 13

Thirteen Sexual Quotes.

1. "Anyone who says that gratuitous sex is no substitute for gratuitous violence obviously hasn't had enough gratuitous sex." (Geoff Spear)
2. "I love sex. It's free and doesn't require special shoes." (Anonymous)
3. "For me, love is very deep, but sex only has to go a few inches." (Stacy Nelkin)
4. "Housework is like bad sex. Every time I do it I swear I will never do it again. Until the next time company comes." (Marilyn Sokol)
5. "The only difference between friends and lovers is about four minutes." (Scott Roeben)
6. "There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that." (Lewis Grizzard)
7. "I read so many bad things about sex that I had to give up reading." (Anonymous)
8. "Sex and golf are the two things you can enjoy even if you're not good at them." (Kevin Costner, Tin Cup)
9. "Just saying 'no' prevents teenage pregnancy the way 'Have a nice day' cures chronic depression." (Faye Wattleton)
10. "I like my sex the way I play basketball, one on one with as little dribbling as possible." (Leslie Nielsen)
11. "Science is a lot like sex. Sometimes something useful comes of it, but that's not the reason we're doing it." (Richard Feynman)
12. "If sex doesn't scare the cat, you're not doing it right." (Anonymous)
13. "I've tried several varieties of sex. The conventional position makes me claustrophobic and the others give me a stiff neck or lockjaw." (Tallulah Bankhead)

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Yes This Again

This is totally my problem with Spa girl. She is so damn attractive. While a deeper relationship has left my mind, sex is still there. Although I know you don't sleep with the crazy lady if you don't want a relationship. Truth be told it's not my style either so I know I'm not in good waters. So I know if I keep talking (blogging) about it the less chance I have of doing anything.

Well I finally got Christmas cards done and out today. 59 went out today and I know I'll have a few more as more new patients come in. However I'm happy to have than done with.

The biggest hurdle I seem to be dealing with now is having a "normal" life. Worked very hard over the last 7 years to get to this point where most things in my life are calm and the extreme dramas of the past are gone. However I feel sort of empty without it. The constant pressure has been lifted and I feel its absence and I don't know what to make of it. I know gratitude for having these calm days would help, but I am still stuck on where's the shit?


Early morning business meeting, long day at work, gym, and dancing the night away has made me tired. My brain is actually fuzzy. It was a good day and I so do not want to go to pizza tomorrow. With the office doing well I just don't want to work the hours for small pay. However I know December is a slow month for everyone except retail. So I worry. I'll keep it twice a week until the holidays are over and then make a decision.

Perceptions and reality are funny things. Talking to MT today and while I was mentioning I taught Eric some boxing she was like I didn't know you do that. She knew some of the list, but when I reviewed the boxing, Filipino stick fighting, Wing Chun, other kung fu styles, and some fencing. I was pretty impressed with myself. I have done a lot in a while, but it's all still stored up in my brain. I forget life has been full.

The other is women. As many of my friends point out I seem to have no trouble finding women even though it never feels that way. Although I talk about many of the women I go out with or try to. There is always a slew of them that for some reason or another never work out. Take a women at the bar tonight during salsa. We were doing a complicated move so my attention was on that. However I looked up and this women is giving me the eye with a big smile. The litmus test on her was pretty neutral which was strange and rare. So I went back to dancing figuring I could figure it out afterwards, but she left. No biggie. I guess my old like of being young and nervous to ask women out hasn't fully moved up to the present.

TMI Tuesday

1. Are you a member of the mile high club? No. I tried to suggest that to the ex, but that went over like a lead balloon.

2. What is the most public place you have ever had sex? An office, but it was behind closed doors.

3. What is your most embarrassing family moment? Wow. I don't embarrass easy and nothing comes to mind. Wait when I was 3 my brother's GF made a birthday cake for me and put it on the table under a Tupperware cover. I made plenty of roads in that icing. It was a big surprise for everyone when it was uncovered.

4. What kind of birth control do you use? condoms. I rather use them than rely on someone else.

5. Have you ever had sex in the snow? Rain? God no. I like to be relaxed and not freezing.

Bonus (as in optional):Describe your flirting technique: innuendo, telling a dirty joke, talking about sex life, or physical contact? I don't really have one except being real.

That's Odd

Spa girl called me before I left the office to tell me how it went at the doctor's. She said that she had torn a muscle in her shoulder and gave her some medication. I explained a few things to her about it and offered if she wanted to stop by tomorrow I would take a look at it for her.

She then said we would have to celebrate my birthday another night. ??????????? I didn't know we were celebrating tonight? Glad I'm in the loop. This seems to be getting weirder by the day. Friend status might be pushing it here. The witness protection program is looking pretty good about now.


Jeez even with 3 reschedules I was still able to pull off a new record for busiest day. I was feeling really cocky this morning since I was way over in the books and figured even with the usual reschedule I would be okay. Then it started and I actually dipped down below. Oh the horror. Will I never break 5 in a day. Then the phone started ringing and people wanted to come in. So it is a nice B-day present to me to do 6. That's the small celebration the big one is that I am way over my month record with four more days to go. It will be a record week if all goes well. I need to talk to my manager and tell her only 2 days a week. I marked it on the sheet for 3, but she ignored it. I want my free time now.

Well It's Really Official

Well I'm officially in my forties today. Yes I'm 41 not that I really care. I friend asked that the other day and I was like whatever. Since I've been on my own the past few years the birthday hasn't been that big. I guess with no one to really celebrate with it does lose some of its luster.

I was hoping to break a record today which would have been a nice present. Well my first patient rescheduled. However 3 others wanted to come in. So that puts me past it with some to spare. Now I just have to wait.

Well I'm going to go out dancing tonight to celebrate my birthday. I haven't been able to make Monday nights for the last 2 weeks so it will be good to get back. Also I know many people there so it will be nice. I bought myself the first half of my presents for myself yesterday. I got Teen Titans season 4 and the new Futurama book since I'm a huge fan. I'll buy the new movie when it comes out tomorrow to finish up the presents. Hey got to be good to myself.

Run! Run Very Fast

Well Spa girl called me to wish me a Happy Birthday. I was with a patient so I called her back. I come to find out that she had fallen down the stairs due to one of the dogs. When she feel apart on the phone it was like dealing with my ex. That also was the exact feeling I had when she cancelled on Saturday sine it was one of my ex's big excuses. The want to slam the phone down and run was big. However I am very grateful not to be in the relationship cause I would be jumping ship right now.

Sunday in Review

Well I do want to thank everyone for their views on my decision on Spa Girl. While I know the choice is right I usually get somewhat anxious after making it. Also the benefit from hearing from so many is different aspects I hadn't really thought of or clarifying my own thoughts. So I seem to have no trouble finding women or them finding me in the last few cases. So no worries and no rush.

Since the time change I've been getting up at 5:30 then falling back to sleep a couple of hours later which really suck during the work week. I thought I was over it when I slept well Friday night, but I was back on schedule last night. So I finished watching the 40 Year Old Virgin which was great and vacuuming. When I finally did get back up half the day was gone. So I ran a few errands before stopping at Starbucks to read.

I had to groan when I walked in there. Three of the four soft chairs were taken and the one that was open was next to Yellow Tooth (hey he has this one front tooth that is yellow). Yellow tooth is nuts and I try my damnest to stay away from him since he likes to talk. However I hate reading in the wooden chairs. Hey I have a sensitive butt. So I made the decision to sit next to Yellow Tooth with the hopes of him finding some other victim. No such luck although it did take him awhile. He wanted my input on his career choice and moving to Fairfax or Raleigh. Now I would love to give this low grade moron some misinformation, but really believe he would use it and I didn't want that on my conscience. So in a nice way I conveyed that I didn't give a shit what the hell he did and went back to my book. Hey I didn't pay $4.48 for a latte to talk to Yellow Tooth. So after a while he put his sights on the two other guys in the soft chair across the room. Yes their is no escape from Yellow Tooth.

While he was still talking to them which must have been like 20 minutes. I headed out to the office to continue cleaning out my storage room. It's amazing when you haven't used stuff in 2-3 years that it is so easy to get rid off. Slowly but surely I'll have that room nice and trim. I was also able to extract some holiday decorations for my room.

Time To Cut Bait

That didn't take long. Spa girl called me tonight and she was still at work with clients. I was happy that she was busy, but I was surprised since the spa closed like 2 hours prior. Anyway she wanted to cancel tomorrow since she would be too tired to go to the museum. For me that's a deal breaker. I've spent a lot of my life living with other people's limitations and not doing all the stuff I like to do. I do two jobs, salsa, work out, and a bunch of other things. Sometimes all in the same day. I want a person to keep up with me instead of me slowing down for them. So Spa girl gets put on the friends list. That little break for me makes it easier for me to put her there. I'll be happy to do things with her, but only high energy people need apply.
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