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Sane Friends

TMI Tuesday

1. Are you and early shopper or a late shopper? Early. I like to be done by October. I completely stay out of stores at this time of the year, although down here is not as bad as it was in NY.

2. What is your favorite cartoon (current or passed)? When I was a kid it would be Johnny Quest. All the cool gadgets and adventures. I like it so much I have all the episodes.

3. On a scale of 1-10, how competent are you on home repair projects? I would say an 8. Besides electrical (ironic since my dad is an electrician) I can do most anything.

4. What is your favorite holiday tradition? I love to turn on the Christmas lights and sit in the dark with the music playing and just relax and enjoy.

5. Describe your favorite kiss? Do you give it or receive it? It was with Brenda (the same I just sent a Christmas card to). My ex and I didn't kiss for the last 5 years of marriage and I really missed it. It was just nice to feel a women get weak in the knees again when I kissed her.

Bonus (as in optional):What is the best holiday gift you have ever gotten? DVD player from my ex and son. It was great cause it opened my world up with foreign films. Best you've given? Truthfully I would say it was the first year I delivered newspapers and I could buy everyone stuff with my own money.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Listen, Mr. Fix It. I think we should get married. I need a man who knows how to unclog my pipes.


Totally agree with you on Number 1.

Bottle blonde's comment was a crack-up :)

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