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Oh Momma!!!

The day started great with the Seamstress giving me back my leather jacket. All fixed. I was so glad to have saved the jacket at some one's suggestion. It was so nice to slip on. It's soft and just fits like an old comfortable shoe.

The rest of the day was just busy, busy, busy with a side of a lecture tossed in there at a senior apartments. Not my favorite target audience for money, but I do enjoy lecturing to them. They were very nice to say I was knowledgeable and humble doctor. So by the time the day ended I was like "that's it!" Tomorrow when I go to pizza I'm telling my manager next Friday is my last day. I can't do this anymore. Damaged my car last Wednesday, twisted my ankle Friday, and I just plain don't want to do it anymore. The other side is a second job has allowed me to live these last 3 years. However in a way it has also held me back. I just have to remember I can always go back if it gets tight again. Hopefully it won't, but I have to make sure I don't think so black & white. It will be a Christmas present to myself.

Salsa was real fun tonight. My official class ends next week then the second session starts next month. It's been a real learning experience. The little nuances have made a world of difference. So that the little I have done in the class is really good and then the other stuff I learn n the clubs I can still do for fun until we get to it in class.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Mike, you are doing the right thing quitting the pizza place - Given your smarts about figuring out what hours to be open whe others are closed, etc., work will proliferate in your office and make up for it...


Don't you just love, love, love clothes that feel like they "belong" on you??? I have a few pieces in my closet that I might actually cry when they finally get too worn to wear.

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