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Well Marlayna over at It's the Little Things wanted me to expand on my correlations between the treatment table and the bed. To start off with I'm a chameleon and a high sexual one at that. I readily adapt to my surroundings and others needs. It's how I survived growing up so I pick up all the nuances that people give off and use it in how I interact with them. So over the years I've formulated theories and seen the results with the women I've slept with.

Light or Forceful - Some women like it soft and the others rough. For me when I adjust them it is always finding what they are comfortable with. From what I have found most women like it a little on the rough side. The ones who like it really rough will have a big smile on their face when I come down hard on them.

Pressure - muscle work is also a part of my treatment and it gives over a LOT of information. The first is how do you like to be touched. Light or deep and as Spa girl announced yesterday the deeper you go the better it feels. This is an even split in the beginning, but more pressure is wanted as time goes on. The second piece of information is are they a sub or a dom. Some people will just lay there and suffer and not make a peep. While others will happily tell you want they want. The last thing is if they are a moaner or not. Let me tell you that you would be surprised at what comes out of women's mouths when your working on them. Hell some of them I could tape and make a fortune on a phone sex line. Actually I had a women start talking dirty years ago when I was working on her. It was very funny.

Dress - Let me tell you I've seen some interesting underwear to say the least over the years. The best was this rope thong. I REALLY wanted to ask was that comfortable. With this you see what the women feels like underneath. Is she sexy or practical and I'm not even going to touch the granny panties.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I just want to know why everyone seems to think they give "great back rubs" when all they do is latch onto your shoulder muscles and start digging at them like they are mining for GOLD!!

I've actually cried out in pain before! I carry all my stress in my neck and shoulders and they are very, very tense pretty much all the time. So someone digging into them is torture to me.

Now.... if someone comes up from behind me and so much as "lays" their hands on my shoulders I immediately shrink, squirm away and start saying "NO touchee!! NOOOO touchee!"

Yeesh! Amateurs...

Now... a good Chiropractor? Once I've established that I trust them... they can man handle me about all they want cause I know THEY know what the hell they are doing.

Nothing I like better than a good neck crack from my back man. hee..hee..hee...


I guess I am more of a prude than I thought..I would never moan when my chiropracter was working on me...no matter how good it felt.

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