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Sane Friends

Hot Potato ... Hot Potato

I ran into L this morning at the gym. Since I had my head on straight it was no big deal. I said "hi" and she mumbled something back. I guess my not biting on her "offer" bothered her. Oh well. It was actually fun then since she was very uncomfortable if she had to deal with me around the equipment. It made me feel better about my decision.

Nothing planned for tonight. I'll call a few friends to see if anything is happening, but I have to admit New Years is not my holiday. I guess since I don't see it as a new beginning for anything besides a calender and taxes. I've never been a resolution type of guy. As I've been accused of over thinking I evaluate myself as life goes along and make any changes as needed. For me making the big year end resolutions are too grandiose for me. I've found that doing the small things every day make it a lot easier to get done.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Doing the small things every day is definitely the way to go.

Happy New Year to you, Mike.

Hope someone wonderful comes into it this year for you -- that business is great -- and you feel good about yourself, your choices and your decisions and your growth.


Loving Annie


The small things add up to big accomplishments. Have a great year!

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