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Sane Friends

The Day After

Well my bank account may not be happy, but I was happy with my tire purchase. It was a monsoon on the road today. No slip, no slide. Excellent.

Way to many changes to the schedule today at the office. I know it's slow already from the holidays, but it makes me worry. However worrying isn't going to help anything so I continued to reorganize the office bit by bit. It's not a fun job, but very helpful so I've been doing a little each day.

I have to admit I hate when the kids are off from school since the gym is then full of them. Making my afternoon run today I was greeted by a room full of the acne faced beaners. The good thing was their was no L. The gym is usually where I will run into her. With the worries of the office on my mind and no response from B2 about Starbucks I'm more susceptible to saying, "what the hey let's have sex". It would be a 180 degree turn for me and it's something I can't afford to do. Hopefully if I say it enough I will believe it. The good thing is that I must have something since she keeps trying to go back out again.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

OMG Mike!! You are someones "booty call"...so...what's that like? ;)


I'm not quite sure yet. I haven't wanted to go back out with her since she dumped me a while ago. I don't want to accept the position of back up guy.


I am sure the teenagers hate working out with an old man as well. And to anyone under 20 you are old.

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