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Sane Friends

TMI Tuesday

1. What is your favorite holiday memory from when you were a kid? I believe I was 13. I had worked that year as a paperboy so I had my own money to buy presents. So it was more exciting to give than receive.
2. What is the "naughtiest" thing you have ever done under a Christmas tree? sex. Proposed to my ex on Christmas Eve and then we had sex before everyone came over.
3. On a scale of 1-10, how "good" were you this year? at least an 8. I make sure to keep my nose clean.
4. How long have you been playing TMI? Regularly? Jeez let me think. 3 months I think maybe a little longer. Yes regularly.
5. What is the most embarrassing thing that happened to you this year? L and I had just finished having sex on a piece of furniture. As we were getting untangled a fart slipped out. I was pretty mortified.
Bonus (as in optional):Tell us a secret from your past that you would share during a "Nobody in this room knows this about me" ice-breaker. I got stung in the ass by a bee.

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