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Well today I started making the changes in the office today. I rented a small storage unit down the block to put my boxes and decorations that I store in the office. This will allow me to open the other room for office stuff. I need more space to do everything. I always have one or two piles around my desk and I know it doesn't look the greatest. However it allows me to get everything done. So I will spend this weekend rearranging the office. I've also decided to get rid of some of my books. I've kept my paperbacks for a while now, but I will widdle the amount down.

I've just returned from talking to the medical doctors across the street from me. This has been a major coup. Theirs 5 doctors their and they can refer a lot of business my way. They were happy to take my cards since I've helped one of their chronic patients out.

In a little while I'm going over Send Out Cards. It's a business that sends cards out for you. You do everything online and they do the work for you. Right now I have postcards to send out to everyone, but their getting low and my handwriting sucks. So this will save me from buying more, postage, etc. Plus I can keep changing it up with their large selection.

My friend Tina said to think positive with Aroma girl, but that is hard for me. Yes I'm a little kid with this stuff. If I think positive I started getting all these expectations and my hopes rise. So I don't do anything to protect myself. Not the greatest system, but still a work in progress.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Woo-hoo about the 5 doctors across the street. See, announcing you were finished with the pizza job is already turning out to be a good decision.


Have fun rearranging the office. I enjoy organizing stuff when I make the time to do it.

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