Going Sane in a Crazy World

My journey through life and the lessons I learn to help me grow spiritually.

Sane Friends


Relaxing last night, reading one of my business books. It talked about urgency which is something my coach always talks about and something I lack most of the time. I can be impatient, but a sense of urgency is missing and I know it. One of the exercises what to take the average life expectancy and minus your age to see what you have left. I pretty much have 30 years. That didn't give me any sense of urgency, just depression. Shit! I'm way over the mid way point. So far that technique isn't working for me.

It was interesting last night. After Phili (who L calls Glenn Close) finished dinner she came upstairs and she started opening my door before she stopped and then knocked. I'll have to watch her over the next few days to make sure boundaries are in place.

They're Coming to Take Me Away

I'm a pretty solid guy and few things shake me. Well Phili just shook me. She got home just as the Landlord and I were finishing dinner (more to follow on that). So she followed me up when I went upstairs. When I got in my room she pulled out the dress she bought today. It was nice. Then she was like let me show you what I got for us and closed my door. I tell you my nuts hid. I had no idea what was going to happen when the door opened. Was she going to be in lingerie, have a DVD, do it yourself satanic ritual kit? After a few moments she said it was in the bathroom. She had got it when she went out with friends earlier. So I walked cautiously into the bathroom. Phili had stolen the bathroom sign that said men and woman's restroom.

Anyway dinner conversation flowed about Phili since it was the first time for the Landlord and I to talk since he got back. I was surprised when he asked if she came on to me while he was away. I told him what I already shared. He believes that she has been committed before and possibly just recently. This would make sense since she had given me a story of her being in an accident 15 years ago that she was in the hospital for many months and that caused the breakup of a relationship. We both agreed that something violent happened in her life and that she is delusional and paranoid. I didn't know about the super chip implanted in her head so that her father could keep track of her.

I've heard that crazy chicks are great in bed as long as you pick positions that you can watch there hands.

Alcohol, Rosy Glasses, & Breasts

Talking to the Landlord about the visitor. He said he told her to pass on the place since she wants to move to DC in June. His point was valid. Stick it out where you are for your daughter so you don't keep moving around. We both thought it was really weird that she didn't know what her bf did for work even though she is going to live with him in June.

Phili called to ask me to go to another baseball game tonight. I turned her down. She was quite surprised that I just didn't want to go and I didn't have other plans. It was too soon for me and I could use a break from her. I'm starting to think she's a closet alcoholic. The Landlord had said she had some AA history, but said she didn't explain. Through many of her stories I've heard of times when hasn't had a car for some strange reason as well as breaking custody agreements.

Anyway when Phili arrived she was very positive. I mean like 200% positive, I shit fairy dust positive. Since then she's had a few bumps in the working world and that glass has cracked. Last week while the Landlord was gone she brought down a 6 pack of empties. I began wondering if this was part of her early morning schedule of going out to her car before everyone got up. Phili could be headed for a lot of trouble.

While this week is slow, new patients are coming in an scheduling which is great.
Talking to the Destroyer this morning. It's been a while since I've seen her. While I'm happy I no longer have that strange attraction for her. It was hard not looking at her this morning. Yes I know you work in sales, but a shirt that is almost open to your belly button is a little much. I almost felt like taking dollar bills out for stuffing.

A Dad's Movie

If you've seen Taken, you're a guy, and you're a dad you are probably in love with this movie. While all the women enjoyed the movie also. The guys really were charged. Why we would never want anything to happen to our precious children. There is a secret fantasy in the back of our minds of this kind of twisted shit happening to them. The other part is bringing down the Almighty on there asses for touching our kids. Hence the whole plot of the movie. Phili joined us. We went in separate cars since she won't let anyone else drive her.

One thing I did notice about Phili is this avoidance of information. While she tells a LOT of stories of her life, most of what I believe to be bullshit. It just never adds up and if you ask for more specifics she jumps to other stuff. This became more apparent tonight when we left the house and the visitor asked where we were going. Phili just said out. I stopped to give her all the information. For someone who takes 40 minutes to answer a freaking question, avoid giving out information was weird.

I don't know if the visitor is moving in or not. The Landlord does a minimum 6 month lease and I thought I heard her saying she wasn't quite sure about that. While a nice lady, she's nuts too. She's suppose to be moving to DC with her older boyfriend. What does he do you ask? Well she has no idea. WTF! You're dating someone. You're planning on moving and living together. Yet you have no friggin' idea what he does. Oh yeah this is good.

All this led to another Phili story about her bf, but it was insane. It went something like the guy she's been dating for 9 years. She doesn't live near where he lives since he always travels. When asked if she trust him she said absolutely. Even though I know she knows he sleeps around. Whatever.

Last, but not lease. As far as I know Inverse didn't pay back the Landlord. If she did I have no idea where all the money would come from. So yes after all that he is still babysitting her daughter. My belief is that he's hoping to give the girl some grounding. Even Phili believes the daughter will probably have a screwed up life since Inverse is so unstable. So that's saying something.

The Mobeius Strip

I got home early today since my last patient cancelled and I wanted to beat the traffic. I found Inverse's daughter here so I guess the Landlord is babysitting while Inverse goes to school. Since Phili wasn't home I left my door open since I wanted to ask Inverse a question when she arrived.

It's always different when the bubble breaks. 2 days off of Phili made a difference cause when she gave me her story of how her day went. I was like God please help me. I can't take the whacked out stories anymore. The tiny, short outfit didn't do anything for me.

I did get to see Inverse and I have to admit she looked more serene then she use to. Since she works at Hot Tuna I wanted to find out if the rumors were true that they went smoke free. They did I found out which is great since a Happy Hour there would be awesome. Besides a "hi sweetie" and a smile that was the extent of our interaction.

Tonight is $1 movie night with the singles. We're seeing Taken. That will be after my dinner with the new person. Reviews to follow.

What Tuesday Brings

Well new blog fodder seems to be on the way. We have someone coming over for dinner to see if she likes the place. The Landlord seemed pretty happy with the person. I know he's never met her so who knows what she looks like. I believe she her daughter is 4 and she doesn't have custody every other weekend. It's amazing what you hear. She seems to already have a guy since the landlord was informing her the room she was getting had twin beds.

The door being closed to my room is a good thing and Phili is suppose to start working nights again. So hopefully that will stop that train in its tracks.

Today is a day of marketing. Over the last few months I've learned a bunch of different things to teach my patients. I spent part of the morning trying to figure out how best to present it. I was thinking of doing a 8 week program, but the logistics of it just weren't working. So I'm going to do classes in the office. I'm hoping people will answer my survey so I can figure out when the best times for it. I know people will want to know what they can do to better deal with stress, how to prevent arthritis and falls in seniors, but its always getting them in the door.

The ex is still being nice to me which is still freaking me out. I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop. L thinks she's getting sex. I think it's her aunt bank rolling her so that she doesn't have to work and can stay home. What ever it is, I just pray that it doesn't stop.

Sign of the Times

Since the economy went down the shitter, sales calls to my office have gone up. It's truly a pain. Since my main phone is my cell, I can see the numbers coming in. I have several saved that are titled "sales crap" since they just keep on calling. While this maybe a pain the increase in emails from businesses wanting to advertise on my blog has jumped from 0 to WTF in the last week. Today it was even a place from Singapore. The topper was when I got a sales text message. Holy hell. I think I need to go ape shit on someone with a golf club.

I closed my bedroom door last night which decreased Phili's interaction with me. I was asked what I want from her. Really I'm happy to be partner's in crime. We watched some Sopranos together yesterday. If we play a game or if bored we do something together I'm okay with that. While I could have a relationship with Phili I know it wouldn't be healthy for me. The problem for me is a lot of skin and too much interaction. From the singles group I know many single women. Some that I know like me very much. For me there's nothing there or I know it's not a good match. However since my interaction is occasional it's not a problem. So I'll start closing my door more so that Phili interaction is less. However I can't promise that one day I'm going to announce that I slept with her.
I can tell it's hot around here. I just downed another pint of ice cream. Yum. Love the stuff on a extremely hot day. German girl usually gets a good laugh when I do this.

If It Wasn't For You Damn Kids

After a 90 degree day the house was warming up quite nicely last night. Since the Landlord wasn't home yet we had to wait on any relief. Although I think Phili was comfortable, but I was hot. So I headed out to get some ice cream. Since I'm allergic to dairy it's soy for me. The weird thing is that I can easily buy it around my office, but the same stores near my place don't carry it. So I hit Harris Teeter which is close. They use to carry it, but I was pretty angry last night when they had ice cream treats for dogs and cats, but nothing soy based. However after digging around I found what I was looking for. On the way out I caught myself using the f-bomb again. Then I realized what was happening. The Sopranos marathon I'd been watching had been influencing me. Mystery solved.
With the Landlord back Phili has disappeared. She was out of the house before anyone was up and was still gone by the time I left. Hopefully she'll pull back with him around.

Besides that not much else to report. L was already busy today to go for a walk and to be honest it's way to hot out there. You could fry and egg on the sidewalk. So I stopped by my Mom's and did her nails. Ran a couple of errands and now just relaxing at Starbucks.

I'm trying to motivate myself. As usual I rev up for a while, but after a time I start to poop out. I'm stalling out again and I need to keep on pushing to keep the business afloat. I might need to schedule a day off or a large afternoon each week to recharge to keep up the high pace.

A Hot Saturday

The word of the day is "fuck". I'm not quite sure why though. I'm not a big curser, but the f-bomb has been coming out of my mouth a lot today. Only when I've been alone. Something happens and I'm a saying it.

The Pow Wow with the singles today went well. The setup of the festival was different from the Filipino one they do there. So how I told people to meet me really didn't work. I was happy I gave everyone my cellphone number to find me. So we did meet up and the one late comer was able to be talked in. I tell you it was almost 90 here and being out in a big field was not the greatest place to be cause it was HOT. As many of these big event are they aren't structured and people wandered here and there. I don't know how the Native Americans did all the dancing in full costume today without passing out.

Phili again made dinner tonight. If she has a plan for me I have no idea what the hell it is. Rarely is she ever close to me. Nor does she bring up anything sexual. I'm happy to be friends, but I know I have to limit my exposure to her. With having her so closely available and the little outfits is going to wear on my reserves. Whether she's waiting for me to lean over to kiss her or what I don't know, but I don't want to find myself in that position.

The Landlord should be home tonight which will be good since it's getting hot in here.

Running the Bases with Phili

Phili lost the coupon so we ended up buying tickets for ourselves. I had no problem with that. We were going to meet down at the park, but she came home before I left. It was interesting for her to announce that she wished the landlord would stay away since she had a great week in the house. Phili did leave me a dish of food in the refrig, but I didn't know it was mine so she ended up eating it.

I found out that Phili likes to be in control. She detest being a passenger so she drove last night. Also when the night turned chilly and she put her coat on I went to help her and she was pretty firm with she had it.

Anyway after a tense drive to the park. Phili is a notorious tailgater. Also her not believing I knew a different way to get there. Her way was the really long way around, like 2 extra cities worth.

I almost had to strangle her. All she had been talking about was getting a beer there. Baseball and beer. That's all I had been hearing. Then when we got there she was like I don't know if I want one. She finally ended up getting one.

Since Phili doesn't know how to connect I started conversation. She's a little bit country and I'm a little bit rock 'n roll. She's big into sports and NASCAR and I could care less. The interesting thing was during the game. Now I always hear her laughing in her room. For what reason I have no clue. Last night she was doing the same thing and I was puzzled until I realized she was looking at the advertising screen and reading it. She was very amused. I mean to crying amused.

Phili may want to be more. I have no clue, but I'm good with being friends. Time will tell what she does.

What Friday Brings

I tell you dealing with Phili this week has really given my dating mojo a real work out. While I know she is doing things like making me dinner and taking me to the ball game tonight. In truth it doesn't mean that much to me. Most everyone does the 80-90%, but it's that last 10-20% that brings results. With Phili its these actions followed by a screwed up story of her dating or something similar. If she's looking for me to prove that I'm a nice guy. I already know that and don't need to prove it. However it reminds me a long time ago. I did a lot, but I never connected with people deeply. I didn't know how to. Bells and whistles make a big splash and get your attention, but it's the small day to day stuff that keeps your interest and starts the building process. It's a good reminder for me cause yes I can be distracted by an attractive body. What makes this situation more difficult for me is that I constantly see Phili and it's not every once in a while. With that I think it's giving her an extra star in my book. So far she hasn't shown me anything that can lead to a deep relationship. All I see is a lot of low self esteem and insanity.

International Man of Leisure

I was pretty burned out yesterday. Since it was a light day aroun the office I left early to hit the beach before Game night with the singles. So come on along.
I can feel the breeze from the water now.

The Lynnhaven Fish house.

The fishing pier juts way out into the bay.

You can see the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel off in the distance.
Fort Story army base anchors the other end of the beach.
Oh well it's time to go.
I was surprised it was a low turn out last night for game night. 4-5 people cancelled at the last moment. It was only 3 of us there. Phili said she was going to come, but she never did. A phone call would have been nice to know that.

Dinner Time

Well I survived dinner. Actually Phili didn't really cook she just reheated the Landlord's food he left us. I would have done it in the microwave, but she did it on the stove. Lot more mess. However since she went through the effort I washed everything. What I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around is that I'm hanging out and talking with a woman for about 2 hours every night (more listening to stories). It's like dating, although it's not my intention. So it's weird. I've had many women friends over the years and we have talked a lot, but this compressed time frame keeps pushing part of mind into dating mode. However the good thing about being a guy is usually you are the one initiating anything. So since I'm not pushing anything it's not going anyplace.

The one thing I'm starting to wonder is how old Phili is. The Landlord said she was in her late 30's, but if her son turns 17 next month and she was still dating someone else at 24 before she got married to her husband. I don't see how the math works. However with all the stories I hear I have no idea what is truth and what is fantasy.

Today is a slow day and I'm sort of burnt out. So I think I'll take a break today like I tell my patients. Since I have a lot of free time I'll take a nice break to recharge me for tomorrow which is busier.

Treated Like Royalty

Well this week is turning out interesting. Phili is cooking me dinner. I'm always happy not to cook, although I do enjoy doing it. I have no idea how good a cook she is so if I never make another entry you know what happened to me. From all the sounds going on downstairs, I have no idea what she's doing. Although I know she doesn't know where everything is in the Landlord's kitchen. My only prayer for her is that she puts everything back where she got it from and she doesn't use his special knives.

Friday Phili is taking me to a baseball game. Hey if I can get her to give me a massage I'll be in heaven. Again if you never hear from me again she went Glenn Close on me, so remember me fondly.

I have to admit sometimes I feel somewhat ghoulish. I had several patients call me today since they hurt there backs badly. I seem to make a living off other people's suffering. While this happens most of the time I'm happy of those that come to see me for preventative measures.

Lastly I think I'm going to need to call my computer friend to come look at my work computer. Boy is that machine heating up these days. He fixed a mutual friends laptop of the same problem.

The Stuff of Dreams

I forgot what happened last night. I'm sleeping and I hear my alarm. So I roll over to turn it off only realized I was dreaming that it went off and its still the middle of the night. I truly had to shake my head at that.

At the moment I'm not doing to well. My last patient smoked and he brought his equally smokey friend in the room. Let me tell you it smells like an ash tray in there. To make matters worse I sprayed him with some numbing solution. However the cloud was still there and I walked into it. So half my face is tingly now. Oye.

Red Flags

Red flags where I live? ROFLMAO! Phili and I's conversation started since she was wondering where to dump all her empty Mojito bottles. I guess she's been partying in her room. I tried talking to her about the issue of being with a guy who was sleeping around. However it fell on deaf ears since has it rationalized in her brain. Anyway she's taking me to our local minor league baseball game Friday night.

The whole conversation was good for me and parallels the book I'm reading (The Power of Full Engagement). Sticking to ones values helps build and replenish us spiritually. I know myself, anytime I compromise my beliefs I always have trouble. Red and VP are the big ones from last year. So it was good to say what I believed in with dating. My friend Paul and I discuss this a lot. For him he'll stay in relationships that aren't fully fulfilling to him if he's still having some fun. For me I want to be firing on all cylinders. I've wasted enough time in my life with relationships that just weren't fulfilling to me. My energy and time are very important to me and I guard them well.

This actually worked well into my business meeting this morning. My coach was pointing out that we usually choose people we like or can help instead of people that will push us. The story of my life. My Mom use to tell me when I was a kid that I was helping people that weren't helping me. That I would put all this energy into them and then they would leave me in the dust. While I'm not that bad anymore I still pick my strategic partners in that area. I'm still doing most of the work and not really getting anything out of it. So that's my new project on changing.

On Inverse since it was asked. Besides starting cosmetology school at the end of the month and working as a cocktail waitress I don't know anymore. I haven't seen her since before she left.

My Night in Philly

Well tonight was night #1 with Phili. I was surprised when she wanted to eat dinner later than normal. So I pretty much did my stuff. Later on she asked me what to do with stuff after she finished dinner. This led to about a 90 minute conversation. I got to know more about Phili and the reasons behind certain things. She has sort of a boyfriend overseas. They dated years ago, but his work took him away and she stayed here with her son. At this point in her life she's wondering what she wants to do relationship wise. I tried to find out why she was still interested in this guy who was sleeping with other women.

I was surprised when she asked me what I'm attracted to in a woman after she told me hers. She seemed surprised to find out that I wasn't a causal person. However every thing else she seemed to relate to.

We talked about marriage and divorce. I talked about my growing up some and the abuses I went through. Phili will admit that she's nuts. I see that she has some filtering problems in what should stay in her brain and what should be said. I got to see her in a different light which was nice. She's very attractive, but long term her eccentric behavior would drive me nuts. I think my statement about myself reclassified me in her brain as not someone to have casual sex with which is a good thing. We'll see what day 2 brings.

Oh Well

Well the Landlord left for his 5 day trip up to PA. However I'm not alone in the house this time, so no nakedness or air guitaring to blasting music. I was informed that Phili had a perplexed face when she was informed that all the food would be in the refrig just take what she wanted and heat it up. Since my brother and family couldn't make it this week I'll be home to have dinner with her which will be good for 2 reasons. The first is that she won't starve even though she is a mom. The second being that I'll have someone to talk to while I eat dinner which I like. I told her it was going to be Toga-Tuesday which she informed me that she tells everyone we eat naked anyway.

I tell you at times I want Inverse back. Shocked? I know. It's because even though she was attractive and wanted to sleep with me I could easily deal with her. I have a harder time with Phili. What I have going in my favor is that Phili is not so direct like Inverse. Although she may come out one day and say she wants to have sex with me. All I know it's going to be a interesting 5 days.

I returned to my old barber this morning for a haircut. It's good and cheap so I'm back there. The only problem is that I don't care about boxing and that's all he talks to me about. I guess to be saving $5-7 I can listen.

Spring seems to have finally sprung here. When it's nice hear I'm out of the office anytime I can. I was talking to the Reiki lady and she agreed. I don't know how she does it with no windows in her office. I remember my first place I worked it had no windows. It sucked so bad. Then my second office I had a great view of Bear Mountain it was awesome.

Battering Rams

After dinner last night Phili stopped by my room to say did I hear her and Landlord. I wanted to say that was 90 minutes of my life I'll never get back. I have to admit this is what usually happens. Most of the women that do pass through here are very strong willed as is the Landlord. So it's like two rams bashing there brains out to be the winner. Since I'm easy going I have no problem in the house.

Phili decided to to watch some Sopranos with me. The funny thing is she's like I probably saw it and wouldn't want to watch something she already saw. So far every thing we've watched she's said she seen already, but in reality she hasn't. Phili is too crazy for me, great body, but she's not based in reality.

My brother and family will be here the next couple of days to visit our Mom which will be nice. I don't know if I'll be able to hook up with them when they visit her though.

When Worlds Collide

Phili is very entertaining with her stories. I mean sometimes it gets into real flights of fantasy, but hey I enjoy a good story. Famous people, places, the whole ball of wax. Every time we're talking we get a story. Sometimes instead of an answer to a question we get a story. The problem is that while Phili is highly imaginative, the Landlord is highly logical. When you get these two together it's like worlds colliding. He's trying to bring order to her chaos which only creates more fantasy. The cycle keeps going and going and going. I sat through an 90 minutes of this at the dinner table tonight. I like when I'm eating and talking with someone, but getting these two together is like oil and water. Neither one of them is easy going so it just gets out of hand.

Upping the Ante

Phili is following Inverse's route and uping the ante. It started last night when she called me into her room to show me some stuff she bought. You want to talk about invading someone's personal space. Yes I can see your pores.
Anyway the Landlord and I went out for dinner since she had already eaten. When we got back I told her it was us since I know sometimes she panics. Anyway she sticks her head out the door in her bra, maybe panties too, but I wasn't quite sure. Anyway we decided to watch Eating Raoul. Like Pulp Fiction she said she saw it, but all she saw of this movie was the end. So she came into my room to watch the movie. Phili had put her dress on, but it's the one she always wears a top with since the dress doesn't really cover her top.
I have to admit Phili does had a very athletic body that's in great shape after seeing it in bikini this morning. I now know why she looks older than me at 35. She tans too much. Phili is heading to the beach to get a real tan. I told her she was tanned already, but she informed me it was only tanning salon stuff. In 10 years she's going to be a piece of bacon.

Siesta Time

Signing in today I realized I didn't blog about Happy Hour last night. It was a real blast. We had 16 people show up and we put 4 of their tables together to fit everyone. The food was great as was the jokes. I was there about 2 1/2 hours and the time flew. I saw that the place was switching over to the club scene so I hit the road. I was never a bar or club person so I find it interesting to look at now a days. The women all lined up at the bar. Guys slowly walking up to them and chatting. Striking out and then moving on hopefully. Usually you see a guy hanging in there even though his wings are on fire. Like buddy pull out.
I hit the office this morning to finish up billing and take care of a new patient. I was hoping to grab a haircut at my old barber shop, but time ran out. It probably was a good thing. Less hair on my head out in the sun probably wouldn't have been a good thing.
I met the singles for some mini-golf. The weather was sunny and in the 70's, the perfect day. It was only 5 of us which was the perfect size so that we didn't take too long, but didn't fly through the course. Afterwards we did our usual Mexican lunch. I tell you with all the sunshine and a full stomach I was dying for a nap.
What always amazes me with the singles is that they wonder how I do everything I do. I think for some of them the think I make a fortune being a doctor. If they only knew that I'm down around the poverty level. However no matter where I'm at, I always make sure to take care of myself so that I'm in a positive state of mind. Since I can get the most done in that mind frame. My time is a constant, but my energy levels are under my power. I don't like wasting it on stuff that doesn't push me in a positive direction.

What Friday Brings

It was time for our neighborhood business meeting. The problem was that my coach's car broke down and couldn't be there. He usually runs the meeting so it fell to me. It went well, but everyone agreed that we needed to do something instead of just meeting. The problem is that different people come each time. So whoever is there next meeting, we decided, would be the first people on the website and then everyone else can join in at a later time.
So after a few meetings and a patient I met L for another beach hike. The weather started out very cold this morning, but warmed up very nicely. It's a nice 4 mile hike up and down the beach. It's still not crowded so it's enjoyable. A few bikinis and dogs to look at and I'm happy. The problem is now after all that sun and salt air I'm ready for a nap. I still have 3 more patients and a Happy Hour with the singles to do.
Our weekend guest has been postponed. She was finally able to get her court date pushed back a month so she could get back to Virginia. The Landlord had sent her money to come back in time, but the rates had jumped again, by the time she went again.
The Landlord did inform me that Phili never takes off her jewelry, EVER. Now you're probably thinking rings or maybe a bracelet. No I'm talking a peal necklace and some choker type thing. One of those spring things people wear on there wrists. Both pieces are not expensive pieces. I asked her about them since I she always had them on. I got some story about a transvestite UPS guy which really didn't help. My wonder if they are covering up some scar on her neck. Like some women cover up suicide scars on there wrists.

All Gone

I'm trying to be grateful that I was able to pay bills off with all the money I got yesterday. However nothing is left which I'm not liking. There should be something left. Isn't that like a constitutional right, like pursuit of happiness? At the least my bill bin is empty.

I think I over did my workout this morning. My back is sore. I have a free 30 minute massage coupon that I might have to use. During lunch I stopped by my favorite Greek place. It was nice since it was after the lunch crowd had happened. French girl who works there knows me as the Meetup guy from the Singles group. She hasn't come to an event yet or signed up. However she usually asks me how they are going. Today she wanted to know when the next one was. I gave her the place and time for our Happy Hour tomorrow. We'll see if she shows up or not. I'm always back and forth on whether I want to ask her out or not. Mostly because it's like the work scenario. If I get the turn down will it be awkward or not.

Phili is still trying to sell me space in her Mail Clip advertisements. I can't tell if she's serious anymore or joking. I tell her no each time and I think it's a joke now. She's funny. When I see her in the morning and she has a skirt that is short and can't be seen she always makes a comment about it.

Phili: I look like a flasher with this outfit (Since all you could see were her bare legs under her jacket).
Me: You could make extra money that way.
Phili: I wouldn't make any money that way.

I'm not quite sure if she's saying she sucks in bed or since she has an athletic body no one would pay.

Pay Dirt

Ugh I'm tired. A friend invited me to a Rotary meeting this morning. No offense to anyone, but I could see why it was all seniors at 7:15 in the morning. What an awful hour and even worse getting up an hour before. Hey I'm use to bankers hours even though I'm not a banker. While I commend them for all the charitable work they do, it's an expensive organization to belong to. Quarterly dues, and a lot of other payments to move up the membership ladder.

Finally I got paid on two patients which was a nice chunk of money so I can pay some bills. I got to do the happy dance which I haven't done in a while. Afterwards I finally got my date for being on the radio next month. So some nice home runs today. The last which I will believe when it happens is the one of patients and next door business neighbor knows many of the doctors in the area. He said he would give me introductions. I know he is a lot of talk so I'll have to stay on him about it.

Supposedly we're having a hard luck case coming to live with us for the weekend. If she ends up moving in I'll give her a nickname, but it's a convoluted case. I feel bad for the lady.


I think the Stylist is screwing me over. Actually I know she is. The last time I saw her she admitted that she really wasn't shaving the back of my neck because she had been lazy. Not something you want to inform your client about. She did do it that day and informed me that the price had gone up. When I asked her what the price was she gave me the old price.

I use to be able to almost go 3 months on a hair cut. It's been slowly creeping down to 2 months. However I got a haircut before I first went out with D and that was 3/7 and I need another haircut. While I've been friends with the Stylist I think I'm going to pony up the $2 extra dollars and go to my other friends spa. At least that comes with a shampoo and stuff.

The Landlord and I would really like a psych profile on Phili. Talking to her is like being a kid again on the playground and each person's story is getting wilder and wilder. All the stuff she says, you know can't be possibly true, but you can't tell where reality ends and fantasy begins. We both think she's a nice person, but something happened along the way and did something to her we're just not quite sure what.

Topsy Turvey Day

Yeah it's been one of those days. Not bad, just weird. My business meeting went well this morning. I got to referrals for business that I'm presently trying to get. Then I was off to meet a Doula. I've heard of the profession before, but never met one. She came very highly recommended and since I'm in the pregnancy market it was a natural choice. It was a good meeting and I think we can help each other out very well. She was baby sitting at the time and my natural powers came out. Animals and kids like me and she was surprised I wasn't getting the stink eye instead of the flirty eye.

Then it was off to meet a Reiki practitioner. I use to work with one years ago and it was a great referral source. She then moved out of the area and it's been hard finding one in this area. During the meeting I realized I was attracted to her in a different way. With some thought I saw that it's because she is a nurturing person. I have to admit I very rarely go out with nurturing women. Hey I'm dating my Mom. So I'll have to raise it up or put it on my list of wants for dating. The whole thing made me think of an episode of Two & a Half Men where the guys were fawning over a nurturing woman.

My day got blind sided when I got an email stating that one of the members of a meeting I direct died last night. I was pretty shocked since I believed he was in good health. While we weren't close I've known him for 8 months now. It blew my emotional circuit breaker. I made a lot of calls to friends to talk about it since when I'm not feeling my emotions problems will follow. It did give me insight into how I'll deal when someone closer dies to me.

Working Hard

It's been a long, hard day of getting 4 networking business meetings this week. The office has slowly been getting slower over the last few weeks. The only thing that has happened is that people's discretionary money has decreased and I'm doing less meetings. The only thing I can control is the meetings so I'm back to getting more. The reason I've let them slide is that I'm tired of talking to people that are not in my food chain. People provide to others down the chain. For me it's people that deal with or create the problems that I treat. The biggest problem is that most of these people don't like to network and there for hard to get to. So I've been getting creative as I can get to meet people. Hence the hard work today.

I've always had more women friends than guy friends my entire life. So I know men and women can be friends. However at some point the sex issue has to be dealt with. It's a not a discussed thing. Usually it's a weighed issue. Is there enough here to go where no man has gone before or at least me? I bring this up because of Phili. She's a goof ball and a big kid in a lot of ways. So she's fun, but also a wounded bird which is still a trigger for me. Normally this isn't a problem. You're out someplace you joke around, have fun, and then go home. The problem is she's living with me. The comments like, "it looks like I'm not wearing anything," don't help. Her jacket which wasn't that long was longer than her skirt today. Anyway what caused this train of thought is the Landlord will be gone next week and Phili's face lit up so much yesterday with how much fun we can have with him gone. I think there might be a lot of running around the house with scissors. Clothes could be optional.

Phili Freedom

I had to run back to HK on the Bay today to get my business card holder that fell out of my jacket last night. They had it. I got it back from Joanne who I helped find her bag last night. She had no clue who I was or that her bag had been missing last night. Too funny.

So I stopped by Barnes & Nobles to check a book out my business coach had mentioned. I ran into Phili who was just leaving there. We talked for a few. I told her I just wanted to check something out and then was heading to Starbucks to do some work. She was heading home to relax.

So after I finished all my stuff at Starbucks and headed on home. About I block from the house I run into Phili who is heading to Starbucks to get some coffee and see if I'm still there. So I offer to go back with her. The funny thing is she asks to follow me since she doesn't know where she is going. On the way there she passes me up on purpose and then has to do some fancy movies to get into Starbucks.

We talked in Starbucks while I taught her Fluxx and then we played War. However the one we went to was a freezer. So we both decided to head on home. We were still talking when we got back so I asked if she wanted to play Lifestories a game she said she knew. However she didn't. While we played we watched Pulp Fiction. It started out that she said she wanted to see it again, but it was very obvious she never saw it.

We had a fun evening. I have to admit she does have a piece of her brain missing. Phili has a very weird train of thought. I'm starting to wonder if she had some kind of brain injury along the way to explain all this. Besides that I'm enjoying the mini skirts and this afternoon's plunging neck line. I'm happy we get along since the Landlord will be gone next week and we'll be here alone.

Easter Brunch

Happy Easter to one and all. Eric enjoyed his Easter this year. They got a puppy this year. A miniature Daschund. I didn't know they could get any smaller. It's just a puppy 8 weeks old. Hopefully they know how to train a dog. I tried to get across to Eric that she's a baby and needs to learn everything just like a human baby.
The Landlord took us out for Easter Brunch. We hit Keagan's this year. It was good. We met Phili there and were worried if she would find the place. She still gets lost going to her second job after a week. We are starting to wonder if she had a brain injury or what cause something ain't right.
However I did break out the camera for pics.

HK on the Bay

I headed out last night to meet L who invited me to see Grant Allen Taylor play. He's 13 years old and she said had one some contest on TV like America's Got Talent show. Guitar playing the kid is great. I could listen to him play all day long. His singing still needs work and probably be better when his voice changes.
What did suck was that the show started 90 minutes later than we thought. L and I just talked while we waited. It's always weird to be asked by an ex what my future plans will be. Marriage, living places, etc. We talked about this when we were dating, but weird to bring it up again.
HK on the Bay is 2 blocks from L's house so everyone is from the neighborhood. So I met a lot of people. The funniest was Joanne (pic below) who works there, but was off. She wanted to leave early since she was working Easter brunch. Many beers later she was hammered and couldn't find her bag. I found it for her and she offered me $100 with an empty hand and told L to take care of me. LOL. I know she won't remember a thing today. I'll find out since I dropped my business card holder there and need to stop by later.
I forget that L sexualizes everything. While watching the show she starts grinding herself all up against me. After a while of that I started rethinking my position of keeping it just friends with her. However during the break and my blood returning to my brain I dropped back to my original position. L had the same thought since she didn't even want me to walk her home which is something I don't like at 2 am, but I watched her most of the way.

Saturday with Mike

The movie matinee I had scheduled to see was Coraline. I had heard it was good. Some of the members looked at me strange when they found out it was a kid's movie. I told them it really wasn't. It was PG-13 and was a cross between A Nightmare Before Christmas and Pan's Labyrinth. My point was quickly loss when a party of kids poured into the theater. Anyway it was a really good movie and not for young kids. Definitely worth seeing and will keep your interest from the beginning to the end.

Afterwards we all went over for Mexican food. It all worked out well. One of the members knew Widow and her husband who died in November. So they traded numbers since she wanted to her stories about him. We spent hours talking there.

Now I'm hanging out at home before I meet L for the show. I've been talking to Phili for a while. I have to admit I do enjoy talking to her. I don't know how it would go over long periods of time, but catch up is always fun. Now we are both hanging out in our respective rooms going back and forth to chat. I tell you it's hard talking to Phili with her short skirts and lying on the bed. It's just way too much skin.

Saturday Tidbits

"I have all the money I'll every need if I die by 4 o'clock today." ~ Jack Benny

I do want to thank everyone on there kind comments on my money problems. This year I owe the IRS and with paying off my Mom's stuff it's like an extra $700 being paid out each month. So that blows a hole through my budget for the month. The economy is affecting the area since there are almost no part time jobs. Usually there is a healthy list of them. Now besides selling Avon there isn't much. However as I'm always remembering 1 extra patient per week can make the difference up.

In recent weeks pregnant women has started coming in as they all start talking. So I'm running the vein in an attempt to talk to more of them. However it's a weird area. Pretty much one medical system has a monopoly here. It's strange that there are no Lamaze classes. All the pregnancy classes are in the hospitals themselves. When Eric was born there were so many community classes and different options. Here there isn't which is weird. I have a few leads and I'll run them down Monday.

Also I'm still trying to get my weight loss and smoking cessation programs going. A lot of people have had interest, but still no takers. So that's the other direction I'm taking.

Today I'll be hanging out with 2 different women that I don't want to date. The Widow and I are having a bite to eat after the movie today with the singles. Then tonight L and I are listening to that 13 year old's guitar show. I'm just saying it here so that I don't get an hidden agenda going in the back of my mind.

Tales From the Edge

Anytime I talk about my religious views someone always ask how I did a 360. Senorita asked this time. I've told this story enough times that I don't mind retelling it. The big thing is trying to get to what happened without writing War and Peace.

As most of you know I didn't have a happy marriage. It wasn't even a happy 6 year dating period before then. However we still got married and had lots of problems. When our son came along things just got infinitely worse. My ex and I had a long list of problems on each side of the street that made our house and insane asylum, pretty much just like we both grew up. After many years of trying to make it better and not knowing how to, I just pulled back inside myself. I remember watching a video of that time. You would see me doing all this stuff, but I was just an empty shell. I wasn't interacting and I find it disturbing to go back and watch.

I would say about year 4 of marriage I became suicidal and homicidal which no one knew about. Everyone at work always thought I was joking when I asked someone just to kill me, but I meant it. I excelled at working in the South Bronx since I didn't care if I lived. I pretty much daily wanted to kill my office manager (which is a story in itself). It was another asylum and I was bookend at home and at work.

In year 5 of marriage my ex told me she no longer loved me. I still remember that cloudy August day sitting on the couch in the living room. Its' weird the little things you remember. What little I had left in me shattered that day and I felt myself fall down a hole.

Two months later I would find myself in affair. Something I never thought I would ever do. It was another line I had crossed and I lost another piece of myself that day. It's hard to explain how the world looked after that. The person I was interacting with would be in focus, but everything else was like a speeding blur. For a month I was truly insane until Halloween of when it all came crumbling down on me. I was such a broken man at that point that I finally wanted to do something about it. I got help and it was suggested then that I believe in something. Coming from being an atheist for so long it's taken a long time to get a grip on something I believe in. Even after 8 years it still changes and flows. I couldn't define it if you asked me, but what little I have works for me.

Overheard in the Dark

Last night the singles and I headed out to the Funny Bone for some laughs. Boy did we get them. It was a great show and not all of it was on stage. At one point the comic was talking about proposing and he asked a few people in the office. One guy proposed to his GF at 3 am in the morning while she was sleeping. She said she had no clue what he was doing since she couldn't see the ring. However the best came from the comic saying he married his wife because she gave him a blow job on their first date for an ice cream cone. While that was funny what was better was the couple behind us. The women told her SO, "DON'T YOU SAY ANYTHING." I nearly busted a gut.

I always tell the server separate checks. I guess since the gratuity is built in they don't give a shit since they always get it wrong. I don't drink so all I had was a coke. The girl next to me had been drinking like a fish. I was going to give her the money, but she was she wasn't worried about paying for a coke. So I thanked her. Outside while we're waiting for everyone she's complaining about how expensive the drinks were and that she wasn't working. So I again offered to pay for my coke, but I was ignored. So I'm just letting it go.

Dating Land

On my weekly visit to see OVDC today her first question was who did I date over the weekend. I told her about my hike with L and she looked at me with a raised eyebrow to see if anything was going on. I'm not looking to date right now.

However even though dating is not on my horizon right now, I can't say it is the same for others. Two-face wanted to meet. I have a bunch of the singles as my friends on Facebook. Now honestly I can't remember who asked who to be friends. Anyway I had seen Two-face's face on the dating sites and all. She's up on the Peninsula and I'm not going up there. However she gets her name for when she changed her pic she aged like 10-15 years. WTF? Besides her smoking there is a lot I don't want here.

The Widow asked me to lunch after the Saturday matinee movie with the singles. I had this weird feeling she liked me when we met Tuesday. I don't mind grabbing a bite with anyone. I know her husband died last year so hopefully she's just looking for another adult to talk to. If not I'll have to have the talk. The biggest deal breaker with the Widow is that she's from Williamsburg which is over an hour away.

Crazy is As Crazy Does

It's been a busy day around the office today which is good. Not much out of the ordinary here so I figured I would keep you updated on the crazy women that have lived in the house over the last few months.

Single - Sad to say single flunked all her classes this semester in college. While this is sad, it isn't crazy. What's crazy is her decision now to home school her younger brother. What makes her think she is qualified is beyond me. Home schooling is a lot of work.

Inverse - Is all set to start cosmetology school at the end of the month. She gave up waitressing to instead be a cocktail waitress at the restaurant bar. I think she couldn't hack taking the waitress test. She wants to borrow the landlord's sander so she can't paint her truck blue. Let me tell you it's a big freakin' truck. My guess is after 30 minutes she'll be like WTH was I thinking. Then a shit cover up job will follow.

Phili - the other day it was 70 degrees here and she went down to the beach. She said she had a lot of fun in the ocean. When asked if anyone else was in the water she said no. I wouldn't think so since the water temperature is in the 40's. However she wasn't cold. It reminds me of that Seinfeld episode with the cold shower.
George - cold showers? Isn't that what they give psychotics?
Kramer - I take cold showers.

Nuff said.

Losing My Religion

"I'm what you would call a tele-existential atheist. I believe there is a intelligence to the universe excluding certain parts of New Jersey" ~ Woody Allen

Rachel Sara had a great entry on if religion plays a big factor in your dating life. It was such a great question I figured I needed more space to expound on my answer.

When I first started dating again after my divorce I wasn't quite sure where it would fit, but that was like many things. When I was growing up as many things it was important at times and at other not so. I was raised an on and off Roman Catholic. At times we went to church and for years we didn't. There was no rhyme or reason. I did get communed and confirmed which was the most structured religious time I ever got. I was pretty religious after that, proud to wear my cross every day, etc. However teenage life was such a shit hole that I didn't see the reason to it all.

For 18 years afterward I was an atheist. I was proud of my non-belief and as always I didn't care about what you believed as long as you thought about your decision. However my marriage and the subsequent birth of our son really pushed me back into another deeper shit hole.

So for the last 8 years I've been spiritual in nature and very happy. I still don't have it all worked out, but it works for me.

In my dating life now I do stay away from overly religious people since I've found we can't follow separate roads. What I usually look for is people whose outlook on life is open and accepting. Since a closed mind rarely stops at religion. It's been bumpy at times. The biggest problem I had with religion was with the Planner. Our visions of death were very different. While I was accepting of hers she found it very difficult to deal with me. She believed in Heaven and I don't. I follow the thought of, "give me my roses while I'm alive because I won't need them when I'm dead." The conversation use to come up a lot when we use to go to her dad's grave.

Now That's a First

I finally had a meeting today with someone that I walked out with more than they did. Usually I give a bunch of referrals and I wait to see if anything ever comes my way. Usually I'm still waiting. However today I finally got to meet someone that could directly refer me a bunch of patients. She runs a maternity boutique and I enjoy helping pregnant women through there pregnancy. I have to admit I was impressed with her since she's in her 20's and focused on her business. I have to admit I felt really old when we went back to her store so I could get coupons and fliers. Her manager and staff look like teenage girls. Although when I was managing an electronic store it was 20 years ago so I probably looked the same, but oye. So we set up a system to refer people back and forth between each other which is great. Also she gave me some people that she deals with to also contact which is awesome since I was complaining this morning in my business class that I'm tired of meeting people that have nothing to do with my profession ie. real estate, finances.

On a side note. Talking to Phili last night she couldn't even remember what she had said to me. She knew it was funny, but had to ask me for a recap.

The Mobeius Strip

It was funny how life comes back around again. I happened not once, but twice today in different ways.

I was sitting in one of my networking classes today and the instructor was doing an example of if he was married to a loan officer he wouldn't be given many referrals to any other loan officers. I tell you it took me back to my time with the Planner. She was a loan officer and we had this argument a few times. She use to get so mad at me for not giving her any referrals and that I had to be given them to the loan officer in my group. I could never get it through her head I never knew anyone that needed a loan. I really don't deal with real estate as a chiropractor. It was one of her rallying points when she broke up with me. So it was a nice blast from the past.

Number 2 was at our monthly mixer. I'm talking to 2 guys and one looks maybe familiar. I meet too many people to remember them all especially guys. I don't waste the gray matter on remembering you if you have a Y chromosome. Anyway the guy remembered me. He was a Facebook girl's brothers house on New Years Eve. Good memory or I just leave impressions on people since it was maybe 10 minutes that we sat and watched TV. We didn't talk about Facebook girl which was okay by me. I did get his friend's wife as a patient. She's paying $120 for an acupuncture session. Holy shit! I told the guy $45 and he was all over it like hair on soap.

Last but not least I saw Slumdog Millionaire tonight with the singles. Very good movie.

Prank Phone Calls

I feel like Catherinette when I do something like this. Anyway this is the phone call I got during my lunch at Wendy's.

ME: Vanella Chiropractic. How can I help you?
??: Who is this?
ME: Vanella Chiropractic.
??: Is this a construction place?
ME: No ...
??: What do you do there?
ME: This is a chiropractic office.
??: Mike?
ME: Yes ...
??: It's Phili. I had this number in my phone and didn't know who it was.
ME: (Laughing)
??: How's your day going?
ME: Okay. How about you?
??: Okay. Talk to you later.
ME: Bye.

LMAO. Well it did make lunch interesting.

Tidbit Tuesday

I see in this economy that I'm keeping my 1/2 off the initial visit for my cash patients. People are trying to save money on anything they can and it helps get them in the office. I'm happy that my patients have been referring others which has been helpful. However my business group has slacked off and I'm not quite sure why. I usually provide about 25-33% of all referrals out of 20 people so I'm not slacking.

For the next 24 hours I have a bunch of networking events so I'm hoping to get some good contacts. I've been lacking getting more strategic alliances the last few weeks. The people I've been meeting haven't been calling me back so I've haven't been able to set anything up. On the opposite hand it's funny that the people who do know me, know that I'm the go to guy. So when something is needed they know to call me and I can hook them up.

I was up before Phili this morning so I didn't have to deal with her sounds. I have to admit its a crap shoot if she's loud or not. I may have to put post its all around the house since she's so flighty. On all other things we seem to have settled in to a room mate routine of the usual daily questions.

I'm Only a Bill

Today was one of those days I'm tired of all the bills. Every time I feel I'm starting to make some headway something happens and the weight of the bills becomes heavier. I'm never ahead and I'm not use to that. For all of my life everything was paid. It might have been rough, but everything got paid. Nowadays it's like a merry go round of paying things off. If it comes around and the money is there it gets paid, if not it gets paid the next go around. It's become a new and weird way of living. The truly bad part about it is that I become pessimistic. Everything unknown is envisioned as a hardship instead of a gift and I don't like that. I've lived that life and it didn't do me any favors. So when those traits rear there ugly heads I get worried. However in this economy I don't see anything changing soon.

Too Much Time on My Hands

What the hell is Bebo and how do I get rid of it? I don't IM much so I usually just close down my IM box. However yesterday I noticed that I somehow had more friends than normal. Then I saw that I had Bebo friends. It seems someone has invaded my territory and staked a claim. So far Bebo is winning and I'm losing since every time I try to delete it I'm given a error alert.

Slowly grown today to a decent day if I can do the same the rest of the week. Like I was talking to Nick the hairstylist yesterday. It's just a week at a time.

I have a meeting tonight. We're going over business on how to better the meeting. We have a new member that has some good ideas, but I he's just very aggressive. He keeps himself in check, but I can feel his inner leash being pulled taunt. So I find it hard dealing with him.
I'm trying again a new top commentor widget from a different source. We'll see what happens.

Twister Time

No not that kind. As the weather people are saying we're paying for the gorgeous weather over the weekend. So there are tornado warnings all over the area today. I thought it was suppose to be a nicer day, but I guess not.

Personally I don't really care if anyone comes to an event or not. My patients know I did something for them and it allows me to call people I haven't heard from in a while which can lead to an appointment. What I do care about is the people I do the event with. I had asked them to bring people so that their clients could also take advantage of the festivities. However that never seems to happen. I've done enough of these that I know how to get the most from them.

While I enjoy hikes, the day after always sucks. I have flat feet and it's why people like myself aren't in the military. We can do the hike, but it's the next day that you really see the reason why. OMG my shins hurt in weird areas. I think that's what makes it so bad. It's muscle pain that I never feel any other time.
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