Going Sane in a Crazy World

My journey through life and the lessons I learn to help me grow spiritually.

Sane Friends

As Dinner Conversations Go

It's been a few days since I've had dinner with Inverse. She worked the early shift today so she was home tonight before heading to the clubs to relax since her daughter is away this weekend. I know Inverse has a plan for me. I can see it in her eyes, it's just going to take time. Her "back/muscle" issues come up almost every time we eat dinner. However Landlord asked me straight out how much I charge which I thought hopefully would put the conversation to rest.

Inverse's next question to me was if I had a girlfriend. Can we go back to talking about your back? I said no since Happy girl and I aren't official and if I said yes to get her off my back I knew the Landlord would have been asking questions.

Anyway as she was getting ready to go out clubbing I don't remember how her and the Landlord got talking about relationships when she looked at me and said she didn't want to be single for the rest of her life. For some reason I felt like a deer in the headlights.

No offense to Inverse or anyone out there in there twenties. You have TIME. When you realize how long you're going to be on this planet. You got time.

For Inverse I know she doesn't like being single and wants someone to take care of her which compounds the problem. If she gets lucky tonight like she would like to I hope she is careful. She needs another child like she needs a hole in her head. I'm also glad my room is on the opposite side of the house from hers.

Happy Times

Well I'm happy to report that my patient showed up today which finally made a record week. Woohoo!

Okay I know you don't want to know about that, but my date with Happy girl. We met to play pool today and she was a very attractive woman. She's spunky and outspoken which I like. We played a bunch of games of pool and even had an old timer watch us for a while. Happy girl can talk and I think it's from growing up in a large family (8-9 kids). Afterwards we hoped in her truck while it warmed up to talk some more. Yeah that turned into over an hour conversation. I might have to kiss her more to limit the conversation.

The interesting thing is that it's hard to gauge how things are going since Happy girl will just talk about anything. We talked about family, sex, drinking, etc. She had a fun time and said she would call me tomorrow to schedule when we could get together again. I liked how she smelled and how soft she was. We talked about a few things we can do in the future. I did find out that I may need to get a prescription for Viagra since she has a high sex drive.

My only complaint on the day is Tech girl emailed me to ask about the deadline for membership dues and my doing a day early. I have to admit I'm starting to lose my temper with this stuff. a) I don't get paid to do this stuff, b) it's $5 pay and rejoin or don't I'm not really giving a shit. c) It just business, nothing personal

It's Not Personal, It's Just Business

I let the ax fall yesterday since I didn't feel like using my weekend time to get rid of deadbeats from the Singles site. I removed about 50-60 people. As always the emails start flying afterwards. What's interesting is how personal people take it. This is the letter.

Dear Hampton Roads Singles:

Since we have not received your annual $5 membership fee we are terminating your account with us. If you would like to rejoin our group, please pay the $5 fee to Paypal account

Once that is done please reapply for approval.


What's even funnier is people have asked me if they still owe and they haven't paid. I get I'm good for it, I would have paid if it was a problem, etc. People if this is the way you handle your finances you got bigger troubles than me removing you for not paying $5. It's hardest with people that I'm friendly with, but I'm not the one putting me in the awkward situation. As always the boundaries will make the group stronger. I think this is what the group feels when they say I do a really great job with the group. I do send a message with how I run things. It's gets a rid a lot of the crap that accumulates in any group.

Happy Time

I got a surprise tonight. Happy girl called to make sure we were still going out tomorrow. I was going to text her tomorrow, but she preempted me. We had a few breaks, but we talked like 2 hours tonight. Happy girl can talk I found out. Nothing wrong with it. She's entertaining and forward which is a good thing. The funny thing is that when I went to call her back after dinner I accidentally called the Optometrist. I got her answering machine, but I have to make sure not to leave different women's numbers lying around if they have become undateable. My hope is that we work as well in person as we do on the phone. It was funny I had to actually end the conversation since it was 10 and I needed to start getting ready for bed.

Keep your fingers crossed. If this new patient shows up tomorrow I will finally break a record with 20 visits for a week. I make 19 a lot, but someone always reschedules or pulls a no show and it never happens. Will it happen tomorrow?

Online Dating

I'm not a big fan of online dating anymore. Years ago it was good, now it's a fucked up as anything else. As you may or may not know I have a second blog where I find messed up profiles of women and post them in hopes that you won't follow in there examples. Anyway as time goes on it's getting harder and harder to get onto sites without filling something out if not everything. So on one of my better sites to get crap I filled it all out since it wouldn't let me on it anymore. So here is my profile:

Do you like the tall silent type? Well if you do then their is nothing to see here so keep moving along. I'm silly, bubbly, and I smile a lot. So if your interested I'll be here all week. Tip your waitstaff and don't forget to try the veal.

In a surprising happening I've had all these women contact me. I tell you when I use to have a well written profile I would hardly a nibble. Now I do it on a lark and I have to beat them away with a stick. I don't get it.

Dating Subplot

I talked to the Optometrist last night. It was a good reminder why I don't date that demographic. She told me she was divorced, but that is official 2/19. While I know she's not getting back with her ex. I could tell she was new to the dating world. She grilled my on all my dating history and why they ended. How I looked, what I did at the gym, etc. I felt like telling her there were no guarantees in life and that she was taking the fun part out of dating. I did enjoy talking to her, but anything more than a friendship would drive me nuts. She was also the first person to make me being comfortable being single a bad thing.

I played my subliminal CD all night long and I got a good night sleep finally. I'm tired today from my body relaxing, but I know I need to keep it up. A good reminder that if I don't talk about my problems, solutions will never show themselves.

Last night was the second time this week I've had a sexual dream about my ex. While we didn't have sex they felt sexual in nature. In some way I think they are finish business dreams. The first one she was just on my back and that was the first thing I thought of when I awoke. My ex was always on my back for something. Last night she was on my ass. The same analogy was drawn from it.

I'm looking forward to my date with Happy girl tomorrow. It will be the first time that I did an activity for a first date. I'll see how it goes. No expectations which is really good. I do like her philosophy that if not we can be friends which is great.

Still no one for Gran Torino Sunday with me. Getting a lot of "no's" though. Sunday is also the big day. The day I start kicking people out for non payment of dues. Monday I'll get the flood of payments and complaints. This week has been funny with all the letters from people I have no idea who they are until I open and see it's payment for the singles group.

Oh Man

I tell you I can't wait till this week is over. It usually takes me that long to get use to the new noises in the house. Inverse is up at 6 every morning with her daughter and like I said before they aren't loud, but it's just a new sound in the house and it wakes me. I fall back to sleep, but that waking is a pain. Also last night she worked so she didn't get into 2 am. Since she still doesn't have a lease, she doesn't have a key so my landlord needs to let her in. Last night they talked for a while. All these wake ups are dragging me down. I may go back to continuous play of my subliminal message CD all night long to block the sounds out.

I seem to be striking out with the singles. No one RSVP'd for the Funny Bone so I cancelled last night. My next event is Gran Torino at the Commodore which is a great old theater with the big screen and awesome sound system. It's hours before the Super Bowl starts, but so far no takers.


Well Happy girl and I finally connected. I had left her my phone number to call me. She had said she was a independent woman so I figured there would be no problem with it. I know some women won't call a guy first which is okay just let me know. Happy girl is one of those rare natives you hear about and see on the Ripley shows. I was surprised that she had a stronger southern accent than I would expect, but I have to admit I have never, ever been close in imagining what a woman sound like. I just don't have that ability. Anyway we talked for about 30 minutes and I answered all her questions.

I have to admit Inverse was correct on the differences in boys and girls. You say you have ice cream, boys will be yes. Girls will ask what flavor. So that was our conversation. Background and history I don't really care about. It'll come out as we talk. However I've been out on enough dates (you think?) to know the drill. We both don't drink or smoke which I like and she likes low key stuff. So I suggested pool since I know she likes to play. I picked a non-smoking hall and we were set for Saturday.

The funniest thing which happens often was me is when she asked what I did and I said chiropractor and I've been doing it for 14 years. Then she asked how old I was even though she knew. I could here the square peg going in the round hole in her brain. It take people a while to get my looks and age to sync.

No Happy Ending

I can see why I forgot about Happy girl. Communication might as well happen with smoke signals. Since I have not been able to physically talk to her to finalize where and when to meet it's just not moving anywhere. It just might die out which is no problem.

I tell you it's a different world when I'm not actively pursuing anyone. In some ways it feels like something is missing and the other it's nice to have the freedom. The usual duel edges of the relationship sword.

My network meetings over the next week have dropped off so I need to spend the afternoon making appointments. With them dropping off I see my numbers slowing down which is never good. Also I need to sit down today and start writing out my business systems out. Scripts and all which I'm not looking forward to even though I know how important they are.

I was able to possibly find Inverse a full time job that would hopefully make her financially stable. We'll see how it goes. She will be working tonight so I won't see her and I'm suppose to go to the Funny Bone with the singles. However no one has signed up for it so I might cancel. Inverse is up early and I hear the new noises (she's not loud) in the house so I'm waking up early and falling back to sleep. I'm feeling tired this week and could use the extra rest.

Tuesday Wrap

Besides one patient cancelling it was still a great day which makes it 2 days in a row. I can't wait till it's the norm. All my patients pretty much bunched together makes it much easier for me. Now I just need to sit down and systematize everything better instead of it just being in my head where my day to day emotions can nudge it any old way.

I agree with Senorita wants my attention. Tonight was more funny than anything else. After dinner I ironed my clothes Inverse came down the stairs to do her triceps push ups next to me. There's physical attraction between us, but I like where I live and I'm not moving. Two there really is nothing to be gained for me. She may be a hottie and she is nice to look at, but I don't want anything else from her. I'm trying to use the whole incident to exorcise the remnants of this attraction for this kind of woman.

She hasn't tried to physically interact yet which is good cause I know that will be a problem. Inverse has started several times to indicate she would like treatment from me. It's always been interrupted which is great. She's not in agony so I don't feel any urgency and I know she doesn't have the money for it. If she was in a lot of pain and couldn't work I wouldn't have a problem with it. I offered Single treatment when she hurt her back and was having a hard time doing her duties as a waitress. She needs money to feed her kid. I'm happy to help. I just don't want to get into a situation that Inverse owes me anything. I don't want her knocking on my door one night to pay me back.

Happy girl and I are still playing tag to nail something down. More sure to follow.

Houston We Have a Problem

The woman I'm instantly attracted to is a manipulative woman with a lot of baggage. Yes it's one of my more attractive qualities. I've worked hard over the years since my ex and I split to drop this like the bad habit it is. While these women can still be attractive to me, I can spot them and deal with it. Enter stage right Inverse. She was more friendly last night and knows how to work it. While intellectually I know she has nothing to offer me there is something inside me that screams for her. So it's going to be a workout living under the same roof or until she finds another guy to fasten her attention on.

MK lady gave me a bunch of $10 gift cards for Mary Kay over the holidays. So I gave them out to my patients if they wanted them. She met one of my patients who was stunned to find out that I was single. She thought I was married and asked a bunch of questions. Hopefully this will not be a problem especially since I have an appointment with her tonight.

Other than that Happy girl and I are still trying to settle on a time for Starbucks.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Okay now I know I said I wasn't going to date for a while, but I forget how many women I talk to. Anyway Happy girl wants to go out for Starbucks and who am I to say no. Since there is no rush I suggested Saturday. Details will follow.

I have to admit everything is going well in getting the details for my Mom's paperwork, although I'm going to have to drop it off in person which sucks.

On the weird side the VA is sending me a patient for some reason. I'm not complaining, but how they got my name is beyond me.

What Monday Brings

For some reason I've been having problem with my AOL, but only in my office. I can open it find through Internet Explorer and outside the office there is no problem. I reinstalled it last week, but the problem is back today. So I upgraded to AOL 10.something or another. Very futuristic if it ever finishes transferring all my data from my last AOL.

I believe I told you that Inverse who know lives with us is a 25 year old hottie. Did I forget to tell you she's also an ex-stripper? Between my Landlord and her I got to know a bit about her. The usual broken life I've come to associate with the people my Landlord chooses to help. I gave her one of my jackets this morning to use since she doesn't have one. She keeps her daughter well cared for, but is doing without for herself. I don't see any problems. She might take a while to warm up or that just maybe the way she is. I'll see.

I'm liking having everything scheduled at work. My business coach had me knock it up a few levels last week and I have to admit it's pretty freeing. I awoke this morning very tired. Since I knew my whole schedule for the day including paperwork time I knew I could sleep in and fit the gym in later. Very cool.

Capt. Subtext & his Girls

Replaying my conversation with the woman that destroyed my hitting my goals this week. Senorita does this well so here's my version.

Me: Did you forget your appointment?
Her: I decided not to come in.
Thinking: Bitch thanks for calling.
Me: Would you like to reschedule or call back another time?
Her: I'll call back.
Thinking: I'll never call back. Bitch.

I texted back and forth with Navy girl yesterday since I stopped by the thrift store to pick up a cheap driver so when the weather is nice we can hit some balls. She was worried that I spent good money for a high class driver. I informed her that I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid.

Charming has dropped off the face of the planet again. Not that I really cared, but I do watch out when people say they have changed. She's RSVP'd a few events, but has missed them all. No loss.

The singles and I are off to play pool today. It was a last minute event, but 2 days of nothing just doesn't happen in my world anymore. I have the choice to do something and I like doing something with my life.

Mom and Stuff

With everything happening last weekend I didn't get a chance to see my Mom last weekend. One of my patients brought me munchkins. I can't have them do to the dairy content so I brought them over to my Mom's. I was happy to see her eat one and I gave the rest of the box to the staff. Her nails were half done. Some nails were still pristine, but others were almost totally worn away. I asked did she want me to do them and she shook her head yes.

I now hate going to my post office box. It's right around the corner from my office, but when I originally got it the shopping center was dead. Now it's jumping and a real pain to get into and out. So I end up putting it off. I was expecting to get my Mom's Medicaid papers awhile ago, but they sent me the contract already for this year. So I figured I was good. Nope. I saw the envelope today that needs to be in by Tuesday. CRAP. I hate filling this stuff out. Mostly since I have half the stuff and my brother has the other half. Medicaid wants copies of everything. What a pain.

A Day in the Life

I'm happy to report that I hit all my business goals this week sort of. I saw the amount of patients I wanted to. I got the 6 referrals for new patients I wanted, but I have not been able to contact 2 of them. However it's a good first week. **Wait stop the presses** My last new patient just pulled a no show and is not coming in. Oh well it was better than last week and without our snow day I would have made it.

I'm happy to be friends with Navy girl. I think the age and military status would make it hard for long term. I've done a long distance relationship in the past and it sucks and I swore I would never do it again. So I think I'll stop by the thrift store to pick of a driver so when we go to the driving range I can hit a few balls and see what I think.

The new name for my new house mate is Inverse. Have you ever heard about the graph of the hotness of a woman is in inverse to how crazy she is. Well that's Inverse. I met her this morning and she is a hottie. From what my landlord stated last night she seems to be a few cans short of a six pack in the emotional maturity area. Hey I don't do the choosing. So it will be interesting. Her daughter is a nice active 5 year old. She was playing hide and go seek with me so I haven't decided what to name her.

In the Navy

Okay before I get to my post date report. I have to say that I can't believe that some of the Singles members are so damn cheap. As you probably know that membership is $5 a year. It's due when you join and every February. I have someone complaining that they paid it July, they actually had the date, and wondering why they have to pay again. Drat them figuring out my dastardly plan to skim $5 of everyone for my retirement fund. People it's 5 fucking dollars! I swear sometimes you think they were investing their life savings.

Anyway I met Navy girl for sushi and she gave me the handshake. Not a great beginning. She's a bit of a picky sushi eater, but we found a few things she would like. As always Sakura's kicked ass and the food was awesome. Conversation was okay, but fun.

Afterwards I suggested Starbucks and a game of Lifestories. I ordered my no water, soy, chai latte and Navy girl wanted to try one too. So they ringed it up and it's like $4. I tell her I ordered 2 and she says she knows. They're on sale. WTF? Know one told me Starbucks has sales on their lattes. If I knew that I would have bought so many lattes I would have been going into seizures from all the caffeine.

Anyway back to the story. Playing Lifestories really made the conversation shine. While our activities have very little overlap our life beliefs and philosophies really matched. I was really surprised at how much. So we bonded very well then. Navy girl was only up for one game since she gets up so early in the morning. We hugged, waved, and honked at each other. I really had no idea what she was thinking, but I had fun and decided to ask her out again.

She said she wanted to be friends since she didn't want to date now. Navy girl is a big golfer and the first person to create an interest to play in me. So we'll probably go to the driving range when the weather gets better. All and all I'm happy with the outcome. While I would have enjoyed dating Navy girl, being friends will be enjoyable too.

Friday Time

It was great to go home last night and do nothing. I've been out every night since last Saturday and I was beat. Especially with 3 early meeting this week. While it's all been loads of fun it does take something out of you.

I'm looking forward to my date with Navy girl tonight. This was the first week in a while that I wasn't in contact with some woman throughout the week. We talked Tuesday and I texted her Wednesday, but didn't get a response. At the least I'm going to get sushi which I was in the mood for. If this doesn't work out I will try to take a break from dating. Although I tried that a few weeks ago and 2 women asked me out so who the hell knows what will happen this time.

It's feast or famine on the home front. A few days ago it was zero potentials at the house. This morning my Landlord announced that both rooms were rented and they ladies would be moving in soon if not today. Holy shit! While the other side of the house I could care less. The room next to mine has been vacant for so long that I've gotten use to it.

For the first time in a long time I'm going into the end of the month with money. I paid most of the bills for this month and left the rest to pay all the first of the month stuff. I'm starting to get a foundation of patients each week which is what I need. I always grow on that, but when that is almost nothing it's rough.

The Funk-ometer

While I enjoy all the Singles events some an be weird. Like last night's game night. The Photographer and Tech girl are now good friends. So it's interesting to be sitting across from not 1, but 2 women you've dated. One that dumped you and one that you dumped. Let the festivities begin. While the Photographer and I have settled smoothly into friends mode. Tech girl and I have settled into something else. We definitely aren't into joking mode yet and it was weird for me to have her tapping my foot under the table. Here's a picture from last night. One is the Photographer and the other is the Stylist. You choose.

Over the last 24 hours I have done something novel. I've planned all my special events for a year in the office. My business coach instructed me that if it wasn't written in there it probably wouldn't happen. While the specific events haven't been chosen, the dates to do everything has been.

I was hoping to do a belly dancing event next month for my office, but nothing worked. So I used my singles event organizer hat to come up with next month's event. Since I push having down time for yourself I invited everyone to the wine and jazz event at the local art museum. I've done it with the singles many times and it's always fun.

Tuesday Wrap Up

The snow storm of the century was suppose to hit us last night and continue into today. So I awoke, looked out my window, and what did my eyes see? Nothing as usual. It rarely snows here and when it does its the coming of the Apocalypse. So on my way to my meeting I wonder why the school is closed. Yes the schools all closed down because it was suppose to snow. No one saw a flake yet everything started closing down. Welcome to the South. Unfuckingbelievable. Half of my patients had to reschedule since their kids weren't in school. The day really turned sucky fast with that.

I called Navy girl tonight to set up our date. I figured we would be getting together over the weekend since she's a early riser being in the Navy, hence than name. However she suggested Friday night. I was hoping to do something, but she didn't like pool. Navy girl suggested bowling even though it wasn't a fav of hers. We agreed on dinner. With her being a vegetarian I asked about sushi and she was all over the idea. She even said I scored points with it. So I'll meet her there which is weird. I haven't met a women at a place in a very long time after our coffee date. We've met at other places then went together, but this is different. We're both looking forward to talking about cooking. The one thing I think she realized tonight is that she talks over people. I'm not quite sure if it's from being an officer or what. We'll see where it goes, but she is aware of it which is good.
Went to see Four Christmases with the Singles tonight. Now that was a funny movie. Surprisingly a short movie at only about 80 minutes. If you haven't seen it and want a laugh rent it out.

Deja Vu

Tonight's event was the Belly Dancing show. This was the third time I was having this event. When I originally was thinking of doing it all the women were like yeah that would be cool. The first time I had 1 girl and 5 guys. The second time no girls at all. This time I had 4-5 girls sign up for the event. What happened, it was only me and Navy girl.
We had a great time. This show they had four dancers and one was the owner who I had wanted to see. It's always interesting to see since all the woman have completely average bodies and some are on the heavy side, but they do a great job. Everyone that comes is really shocked when it's not models shaped women. The first dancer tonight did break the mold since she was really in shape and very good.
I had met Navy girl twice before and enjoyed her company, but never got a chance to really chat with her. Since it was only us we did and joked around a lot. I already knew she liked me from the way she had looked at me at the last event she attended. However this other guy was chatting her up something fierce that I thought for surely they would go out. It never happened.
Anyway after watching many half naked women dance and joking with Navy girl all night I asked her out. So we'll go out next weekend. After getting home I did realize I broke some of my rules. Since she has never been married and I think she may be in her early 30's. She knows how old I am, but I never asked her. I have to admit that she's very playful which I like. More to follow.

Lets Dance

It was a great turn out for my Patient Appreciation Dance. I had about 20 guests and my friend had about 10 clients show up. So we filled the dance room up. Marvin the instructor is all about having fun so he lightened things up.
Everyone did great with dancing. The food went over well. One of my patients and her SO were taking a few lessons and gave us a show. Also instructors showed up and gave us a show of Lindy swing dance.
My patients really enjoyed themselves which was great. They had fun and a few made friends. My co host wanted to do it every quarter and I turned that down. Maybe twice a year, but doing the same thing over and over loses its specialness. Next time I might do it on my own or with someone else. Whatever it is I have to make sure it's good for my patients and myself.
The funny thing was that the big question my patients had was if I had a SO in attendance.

The Singles Go to the Aquarium

After I got a haircut yesterday I went to meet the Singles for a visit to the Aquarium. I took a poll and it's where most people wanted to go to. I'm still waiting for them to finish all the renovation since not much had changed since I was there a few months ago. However it was fun with people who were never there before.
We had a hard time trying to pet the sting rays this time out. We figured it was because we were too clean. Turtles, jelly fish and sharks oh my were the attractions of the day. If it wasn't so cold for us, 20 degrees. We all would have hiked down to the other building, however only a few brave souls made the hike. The rest drove in our nice warm cars.
After seeing the second building we were going to get something to eat, but the place I had chosen was packed and couldn't seat us for 45 minutes. So we broke up for the day. Actually I and the Photographer grabbed something to eat near my office. I had forgotten some supplies for the dance that night and I had to run all the way back.
I was happy not to have that attraction for her anymore. She wanted to become an assistant organizer in the group which I was happy for the help. I've already gone through 3 of them and thy didn't do much, but take up space. Hopefully she will do better.

A Little Less Fun

Getting a red flag with Fun girl. I had asked her out for Sunday and she said she would get back to me. She did text me that it wasn't good, but she would call me later if that was okay. NP. I texted her back if last night was good. She responded that she was already going out with her daughter. Again np. I texted her to give me a call or let me know when it was good to call her. Then silence. In this age of technology there is no reason for no response. If she didn't say anything about calling me I wouldn't care. So I'll wait and see what happens. I made the last contact.

The week has become busy otherwise with the singles. I'm happy to make time for Fun girl, but I need to have certain things happen to start to make the room. Until then I don't like to give up my healthy lifestyle. I've done it in the past and I've made a promise not to do it again.

What Friday Brings

It was great to have one of my patients bring in their newborn today. I always have to remember that in my vision for this office. It's great and brings a smile to my face.
I have to admit Fun girl has a impressive Mercedes. I'm not quite sure which model it is, but this looks close enough. I have to admit there is a little feeling less than looking at it. While I have never cared if a woman has made more than me, the car thing surprised me. Not that it will do anything to me in the long run, I know that I just have to acknowledge the feeling, process it, and I'm okay.

Update on my life insurance. Yes I do have another policy. I didn't cancel this new one yet since my sales guy said he was up in NY dealing with his father's prostate cancer. I do remember him saying that his father was ill in the past. Whether this is all true or not will play out. I'll give it a month or two and see. Like many things time will tell. People who don't keep to their word can't stand the test of time.

It's cold here today. About 25 degrees and we are breaking records. Hey I know most of you out there are probably under snow, but this is the south and any mention of snow is the name of the fifth horseman of the Apocalypse.

Bearer of Bad News

Well Fun girl and I finally communicated. The problem? Her cell number on her business card was printed wrong. I felt sad to tell her since I knew she worked really hard today and gave a whole bunch of them. She was happy to find out that the printer was responsible for the mistake.

Anyway it was fun to talk to Fun girl. Again I'm just hit by how natural it feels when we talk. So we're going to get together Sunday. She'll give me a call tomorrow to let me know her church schedule since she goes with her sister and nephew.

I wish I was deeper in the relationship with her so I could invite her to my patient appreciation dance. A few people asked. I told them I would be to focused on the patients to give her enough attention which is partially true. The other half is I don't really know her yet and I don't need any wild cards during the event. Like Facebook girl getting shit faced on me.

One of my patients gave me a compliment thinking I was somewhere between 30-35 age wise. This came up since she was thinking of trying to set me up with a 25 year old. Noooo thank you.

Wide Open Spaces

It seems to be one of those days. I awoke around 3:30 this morning and couldn't fall back to sleep until an hour before my alarm. So I'm really perky today. What I didn't need was my first patient to be a no show and the second to reschedule which has resulted in a big open space for me. I need to keep busy for fear of getting too sleepy since I still have patients later on. I did make it to the gym, but that was a while ago and I'm dragging again.

I think Fun girl's cell number on her card is wrong. The business number is correct, but the cell just rings and when I text it tells me it's a land line. So I emailed her back since she said she would be free till 11 this morning getting her car serviced and yes it is a Mercedes. A very nice one at that. So when she opens the email she'll know to call me.

I cancelled one of my life insurance policies today. It was suppose to be a better policy than the one I had. In a way it was in that the cost would never rise, but it's almost double what I pay now for my old one. It was also suppose to be half a million instead of the 250K that it was. However I probably would have kept it, but the guy who sold it to me is not a relationship guy. He may say he is, but his actions aren't matching up. I have a line of people who could do what I want to be done so I cancelled it. As usual I couldn't reach him so I left a message. I went through the momentary discomfort of stating my desires and waiting for that re-enactment of the past of having my wants and perception shredded before me.

I'm trying to plan what to do with Fungirl on her next date. Since she'll be near me on Sunday for church I think I'll suggest pool. She's an active girl so an active activity will be good and since it's freezing outside it'll have to inside. When I get to know her better I'll be better able to plan.

Tobacco is Still King

Yes it is here in the Old Dominion. The proof is that I'm coughing a lung up right now. I couldn't pass up free tickets to the Funny Bone tonight with the singles especially since I was hosting. Usually they have the vent system working over time. With the frigid weather outside that wasn't the case. Even one of the comics stopped his act to comment on the level of smoke in there.

While the show good as always we got stuck behind the 2 guys and there dates. Yes it was the stupid comment guys who think they're funny. The sad thing is I don't think they were drunk they were just assholes.

I'm happy to say I'm still smiling from my date with Fun girl today. It was a nice change to have chemistry with her. Whether it will grow or not I don't know, but it was nice to look over and see her smile a feel a nice feeling.

Post Date Report

Well I went to meet Fun girl today with no expectations. Actually I didn't think we would match up for some reason. Boy was I wrong. She was great to meet and we had fun talking. I thought she was in pharmaceutical sales, but she helps set people up who are house bound with medical care. Why she is active in the gym and tennis playing she admitted she doesn't have much of a social life and wanted to change that this year.

She was impressed with my social activity as well as my looks. We talked for about an hour before she had to leave. I'll call her tomorrow to set up our next get together.

On the other side of the world it's been a day of business meetings. I started my business coaching class this morning and it was followed by my weekly business workshop. Both were good and made me state where I wanted to be and what I have to do to get there. So I have a goal of what I need to do which is ask 36 people for a referral by then.

Mike's Fan Mail

Ah the Singles, how they can be such a pain in the ass. I was doing one of my usual culling of the herd. When you come in you get 30 days to decide if you want to spend the $5 annual fee. At the end of the time you get an email stating that you have been removed since we didn't receive it and just pay the $5 if you ever want to join.

One out 8 people freak at this. I mention this cause I got my latest fan mail this morning. I actually had to share my feelings with my friend Paul since I could feel the anger from the email. Once I shared I realized I wouldn't want the person in the group in the first place. Too bad the goober didn't put a name to their email so I could ban them.

Well I'm meeting Fun girl tomorrow for Starbucks. One red flag was raised with me. When we ended off she was driving a Mercedes. Okay I'm not meeting you at the race track. I'm meeting you at Starbucks. You might tell me what you will be wearing, but the car. Anytime in the past that a woman has done this, money has been a big issue with them. It's not with me so we'll see how it goes.

I do think if it doesn't work out I'll take a break from dating for a while and stick to it.

The Funzone

Heads down in silence in the passing of Barker. Okay enough of that, enter Fun girl. Did I mention I don't seem to have a problem meeting women. She straight forward and in good shape which I like. I'm waiting for her to let me know when she has some free time for us to meet.

OMG did I make a ton of calls today. Actually it was so bad that I had to make a normal phone call and I started with, "hi this is Dr. V". LMAO. I had to apologize and get the hell out of the office since my brain was fried. All my phone calls did work out well though. I was able to get 6 more people to come to the dance and schedule 2 appointments.

Oh the agony of it all I think I'm finally growing up. Besides wearing them for the gym I haven't wore my sneakers for the last 2 weeks. WTF? I figured I would be buried in my sneakers, but I guess not. In changing my dress I have been wearing casual shoes more. Nothing else really changed, but I have slowly been having to keep getting new clothes. I forgot the physics of it all. With all the muscle growth comes less room in my clothes. Pants aren't too much of a problem, but shirts are freakin' killing me. I keep forgetting to try my shirts on before I iron them for the week because it really sucks to pull it on and now have the cuff slide up my forearm.

Idiot Dies on Own Spittle

You know one thing I truly hate is choking to death on your own spittle. We've all done it. Just swallowing innocently and it just happens to take a right turn in Albuquerque and it ends up in your trachea and you're choking. The headlines pass before your eyes, "Idiot dies on own spittle."

I'm having a patient appreciation dance this weekend so it's a day of making phone calls. For some reason this isn't as bad as the holiday calls. I guess since I feel there is a purpose. On other things I need to call my Mom's place to handle financial issues there. I would rather give up my left nut than deal with this stuff.

Still no word from Barker so I'll officially move her to the dead file. Part of me is raring up to meet someone else, but the another part says to just relax and take sometime. I don't know who to listen to since I seem to be on a roll of bad dates. At least this hasn't happened yet.

What's Happening?

Game night was packed as usual and I think we got a match of two members. They both left early and we were all talking amongst themselves. They made a cute couple and they both talked up a storm. We were all peeking out the window to see if he asked her out, but nothing happened. Maybe an email.

Anyway I had to apologize big time to one of the members. It's been a long time since I've let myself get really hungry and still be concentrating on stuff. I forgot I get rough around the edges and I make a bad joke that I knew hurt her. I apologized afterwards and we talked to smooth everything over.

I think Barker and I are over before it really started. During the day yesterday I texted her just because I was thinking about her. I wished her a busy day at the store and I only got a one word response which I knew wasn't a good sign. Anyway she was suppose to call me at noon today and nada. I'll see if she calls later, but I doubt it. The answer is no I won't be calling her to find out what happened. If the shoe was on the other foot I wouldn't expect her to call me. If I do see her online I may drop her a line.

It's Still a Dog's Life

This is one of my patient's dogs. His name is Chico and he came to visit the office yesterday.

I spoke the Barker last night, actually she called me. It's weird to have this "relationship" being driven by her. She keeps making all the communication. I really don't have to do anything which is okay for me since we haven't met. Until we meet I really don't like putting that much energy into it. I know that the longer we go with talking on the phone the less chance that we'll ever meet.

I did find out a few things about Barker. One that weekends are bad for her and during the week is better to meet. Two that like the Planner she is giving up her social life for her business. The difference is that Barker has 2 daughters and that keeps her sort of social. We talked about this item. She keeps trying to give me ideas for my business which is nice, but for me not my point here. I did say how much I enjoyed the Funny Bone smoke free night. There was no response on her end for whatever that says. As always she makes sure that I know that she wants to meet me.

Charming cancelled out of tonight's Game night with the singles. This was a good thing since I could use less hassle. I know prolonged interaction with her wouldn't be good. Dating would probably happen which I don't want to do with her.

My Time With Piper

Well this morning was my 4th year doing volunteering for Reader Month with the SPCA. I walked in this morning to pick up and animal. Usually I get a rabbit or guinea pig. I was stunned when the lady in charge asked if I wanted a dog. Hell yes! We went in to the kennel to find a likely candidate for the elementary kids. I got Piper a 2 year old Boxer/Terrier mix. She was awesome personality wise. Never barked the whole time I was with her and she loved the kids. This year instead of me walking around the school looking for classes they came to me. I think in total I we did 8 classes. It's always interesting to watch kids interact with animals.
One thing I remembered during our lull between presentations is that saying of having an animal to help relieve stress. I was just sitting petting Piper and I couldn't believe how relaxed I was. Then I remembered how I use to be petting KC the Planner's cat.
Anyway afterward we headed back to the SPCA. Piper was pooped and feel asleep in the car. It was nice and warm with the sun shining in the vehicle. I told her I couldn't take her home with me. However I still felt sad when I handed her over to one of the keepers. I started to walk away and she wanted to follow me. :(
I'm also a little sad. Barker had to cancel our date today. She needed to go to one of her stores that is doing no business. I understood since it was during work hours that we were going to meet. She said she would call me later to tell me what' going on. Since we haven't met yet I haven't given any life to her so if it never happen, no big deal.

I do have a concern. She has a slight rasp to her voice that I wonder comes from smoking. It'll come out pretty soon when we meet. I did look around her work blog. It was pretty impressive to see her with different celebrities since she is a big dog person. The best was Drae De Matteo of Soprano's fame since I think she's very hot.

Bedtime for Bonzo

God I hate doing paperwork. It's not even paperwork I could pass on to a peon. To make matters worse I'm tired. Is it from being out late partying or meeting new women to date? No since I found out I don't have to leave the comfort of my recliner to do that. Nope I just got up an hour early. I had a full night sleep, but when I have to get up that hour early a 2-3 times a week I feel the difference the whole day.

I tell you I have to laugh at myself. I'm coming to grips that I don't seem to have a problem meeting women. German girl and OVDC would be happy that I have found acceptance. Never in a million years would I imagine I would be here. I remember how it was 3 years ago when I started dating again after divorce. Although I have to admit that the dating world has changed a lot since then. Online dating has become the norm and the assholes of life have invaded it making it pretty much useless now. So walking up to someone and asking them out in now in vogue.

Did I already say I hate doing paperwork? I did well I need a few more minutes of procrastinating.

I'll call Barker later to schedule tomorrow. In the morning I'm doing my yearly volunteering for the SPCA. It's reading month and I take an animal to one of the local elementary schools, read to them, and teach them about animals. It's always a great time. I wonder what animal I'll get this year.

Now I just need to stay awake for the Funny Bone tonight with the singles.

Must Love Dogs 2

Well Barker gave me a call and we talked for about 50 minutes on the phone. She seems nice. I like that she's a business owner like myself and I have to admit it's one of the things that made me pick her profile.

So we're going to get together Friday for Starbucks. I'll call her tomorrow to finalize the plans. This is why I didn't promise that I wasn't going to date.

Must Love Dogs

She didn't just appear today, but she became a blip on the screen when she suggested we meet. So Barker has entered the play list. She's a big dog enthusiast so hence the name.

Having learned from Facebook girl how to search on the site. I looked to see who was single and in my age group and then asked to be friends with a few women. Barker was the only one to respond. She really hasn't picked up the chatter until today. She took it and flew with it. Originally she thought I was in NY and asked to meet there, but she was happier to find out I'm in Virginia Beach. At least I know she loves dogs.

Well Who Would Have Thunk?

I usually keep track through Feedburner where everyone comes from when they visit my blog. Most searches aren't to wild usually something like wu shu finger. I was pretty surprised today to find that someone just googled my name and found my blog. I didn't think it would come up on the radar. Who knew?

I'm beat today. I think staying up late last night to see Role Models with the singles did me in. It was a good movie and worth the rent when it comes out. If you have any role playing experience give it an extra star since it has a big LARP side storyline. Kiss-my-azmanti!!!

So I'm feeling it today. Especially when I'm busy for hours on end. It wasn't all patients today, but between meetings and office work the afternoon had just flown by. Now I'm just waiting for traffic to die down so I can head on home. It's not worth sitting in it when I can get a few more things down today.

I made my first goal of January which was doing 35 lbs plates on benching. I'll shoot for 45 lbs. for February. I'm keeping on my office goals and working on keep the ball rolling so I can get stable here.

4 x 4

It seems the Exception has tagged me and I didn't get her anything. There doesn't seem to be any rules, but hey this isn't rocket science.

Four places I go over and over again:

  • Starbucks - I have to agree with the Exception. Maybe someday my girl will walk through the door. Well actually several of them have.
  • Barnes & Nobles
  • The Gym
  • Thrift stores
Four people who mail me regularly: (I get very few regular emails from people)
  • TrayCee
  • German Girl
  • Ms. Susan Morgan - who needs money in Nigeria
  • VB Freecylce

Four of my favorite places to eat, (apart from home):

  • Panera
  • Sakura's Japanese
  • Bubba's
  • Big Sams

Four places I'd rather be now:

  • Cancun
  • with Eric
  • Sicily
  • Tokyo
Four favorite TV shows:
  • Two & a Half Men
  • Futurama
  • Coupling
  • Seinfeld
Four movies I would watch over and over again:
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Serenity
  • City Slickers
  • Ninja Scroll

Four people I would like to tag:

White Room

I'm feeling a lull. What has it been 2-3 days without dating someone or trying to setup a date somewhere? It's nice to have these calm periods when I'm not thinking about dating. As you may or may not know I'm a feet first type of person with many things. While I'm careful I do move fast with all things. It's usually how I process stuff and that's how I keep up with it.

I finally closed the books on 2008 today by sending all my information to my CPA for the bad news. I know I'll owe taxes since without a second job this year I didn't pay any and I made profit this year. Hopefully it won't be too much of an ass raping.

Today I stood up to the plate in my networking group. It's been unsupervised from higher ups for too long now and since it's a big part of my new business I took the reins. When it comes to this kind of stuff I don't let things go to chance. I was happy with myself for being assertive since in days of old I wouldn't have done it and probably went down the victim path. The leadership team was happy that I had done so since they weren't sure what to do.

Business is slow today which is the complete opposite of yesterday. This my problem at the moment, fluctuation of visits each day. I'm working with my business coach this week to get a better handle on it since I need to keep the ball rolling and keep this baby in the air.

My next patient appreciation is making a lot of people happy. I'm having it at a dance studio and people are excited which is the main point. Excited people come in and they refer.

Well I think I'll get out of here. Drop some information off to a patient, grab some Starbucks, go to networking class, then a mixer, dinner, and then a movie with the singles. And they ask when do I get time to do all the events. Hey there's time if you make it.

Monday Conversation

No complaints, but Mondays have been busy since the holidays started. If my first patient didn't blow me off it would have been a record set today. I was surprised since she's been really good. Hopefully the next 2 days will improve since right now they are pretty barren.

I was happy to hear during my visit to OVDC that she got engaged over the last week. She's been very happy with her BF and we had been expecting it. On my side I regaled her with my dating tales. She did point out that I did the dumping on my last two girls and that I seem to be getting more discriminating.
  • ME - I'm going to try and cool my dating heels.
  • OVDC - Didn't you say that a month ago.
  • ME - That's why I didn't swear or promise this time

So we'll see how long I make it. No promises.

The List

Well Estela commented that inquiring minds wanted to know my list of what I was looking for and not in a woman. I did have to LMAO at the nice tits and big ass comment. I have to admit I might have to add a nice ass into my list. Anyway this list concept comes from the Seductress Within. Check them both out for good reading. Anyway here it is:

Qualities I Must Have

  1. Physical - you know the whole touch thing
  2. Assertive
  3. Communicative
  4. Athletic
  5. Have a life - a healthy emotional person has a healthy social life
  6. Optimistic

Qualities I wouldn't touch with someone else's stick

  1. Smoker
  2. Chaos in their lives - there's a reason it's there and I don't want it
  3. Kids younger than Eric
  4. Manipulative
  5. Pessimistic
  6. Sickly

Important Qualities that I Adore

  1. Goal oriented
  2. Sexual
  3. Reader
  4. Cook
  5. Nurturing
  6. Creative
  7. Nice ass - last minute change - hey it's my list :P
  8. Sense of humor
  9. Animal lover
  10. Spiritual

Looking at all my past relationships made making the list easier since I remembered what I didn't like and what I wanted. Now I just have to remember it all when I'm out there. How about you what's your list like?

Kick Back Sunday

I didn't feel like trying to schedule an event today. Well actually I would have if I had more time, but oh well next time. Anyway I ran my errands, stopped by the office to clean up my decorating mess from yesterday, and then Starbucks to set the week up. Stopping in there I met not one, but two people from the singles group. It was a nice feeling to have the city become a little smaller, by having more friendly faces.

Anyway I started working on my Winner's journal. It's a daily journal to help keep you on track with your goals. For while I can get many things off the ground and moving them in a positive direction. The test of time is always a problem. Case in point, my business. I'm tired of it going up and down. I want to just have it go in one direction, up. Every time I've started something the business has picked up, but after a while I lose sight of the prize and it goes back down. I've written goals down in the past which has helped me immensely, but I have never been able to connect it with long term goals to reach higher heights.

The rest of my day has been reading. I usually have 3 books going at once. Stop looking at me like that. The books are divided into 3 categories: business, self help/relationship/spirituality, and recreation. They cover most of the areas of my life and entertain me better than TV.

The book that falls into category 2 is 365 Days of Sensational Sex by Lou Paget. I've always enjoyed her books. She made a great point in day 148. While most women are picky, no offense ladies, there really are only 2 universal turn offs for men. The biggest being women who let themselves go. There is such a profound change physically, mentally, and spiritually when this happens that a guy can sense from a mile away. The second is angry women. Everything else is pretty much okay. It's just like that old joke about how to turn a woman on and the list is huge while the guy list is show up naked and bring wings. Nuff said.


I stopped by AC Moore today to pick up winter decorations for the office. You know something to last me a few weeks before I put up Valentines decorations. My color blindness must of kicked in since I went for the snow effect. While the giant snow flakes look cool hanging from the lights. The snow garland just blends in with the white trim around the doors. Oh well.

The turn out for pool was great. The usual no shows and a few surprises. We ran 4 tables with everyone trading in and out after each game. I was surprised that I did so well or that everyone else sucks so bad. We have one member that only has one arm and he was kicking some ass there. The funny thing was the outfits they had the waitresses wear. Can we say we work for tips. They were some interesting/revealing outfits.

Afterwards I suggested Starbucks since I had a bunch of card games in my car. The only thing we didn't prepare for was that the place was packed. I couldn't believe it. However I wasn't daunted. I swooped down on the first open table which was small, but we traded it to a single older gentleman that had a large table. So we were set.

Charming did show up. She had changed since I seen her last in that she had more of a confidence about her. She looked attractive. Throughout the day I paid her no extra attention than anyone else. I did catch her look at me when we were all talking about online dating and Match came up which was where we were communicating. The funny/ironic point was when we were playing Flux and I stole one of her cards -party. She said she was happy I didn't steal her love. I responded that I didn't want her love.

Anyway it was a great time with a lot of laughs especially at Starbucks. Charming gave my hand a little squeeze when I shook her hand goodnight. If she never blew me off I might ask her out. Now I have desire. She'll have to do something to light a fire under my ass.

Hampton Roads Singles

What do you do when you're bored? Me I just plan an event with the singles. It's funny, but my formula makes so many people happy. This weekend I had nothing to do and after scanning all the event calendars I still had nothing to do. So what do I do? I schedule a game of pool today. I figured I'd get a few people. At present we're up to 12.

It's always funny since the members always thank me for great activities and ask how do I come up with all of them. I'm usually perplexed on how to answer them. My honest answer is I pick something I want to do and hope someone comes along.

I think they'll be a riot the day I hand this group over to someone else. I know that day will be far off. It's part of my life now and most people don't know I was dating Law girl 2-3 months when I took the group over and my dating life hasn't affected my group activities. I'm always a big proponent on keeping your life when you're dating. It's one of my big bad indicators if I start giving up my healthy activities for a woman. I grew up doing that and it destroyed me so I know not to ever do it again.

So with the New Year I was able to jazz the site up so we look very professional now and stand out. Also with the New Year means collecting $5 annual dues from everyone. While you may think $5 is nothing I tell you getting it from some is like getting a pound of flesh. It's the standard bell curve. A bunch of people will just fork it over without a second thought. The next group will wait till the last second and probably be kicked out and repay to get back in. The last will try their damnest not to pay, but stay in the group. I really might start banning these people since if this is your MO I don't want you in the group.

This is also the time of year of exodus from members that just never come. So by the end of the month the group will have been cleansed of dead beats, loss about 35% of it's membership, and ready for more fun in the new year.

Now if I can just get someone to help host events regularly we can get beyond 2 events a week. Hey I love these people, but hosting 2-3 events a week is my limit.


Just finished all the stats for 2008 for the business. When I added all the information into the history of the practice I was really surprised by two pieces of information that I gleamed from the stats.
  1. That this was the 5th year I was in my own practice. Holy shit who knew.
  2. That divorce sucks. The 2 years that I dealt with my ex with divorce and child custody battles the business just flat lines. All the growth in the first year just disappears and doesn't come back till year 4. The difference in numbers is astonishing.

This year the office moved in a good direction. Not as far as I had expected, but made good strides. If I can increase the business the same amount in 2009 as I did this year I will be very happy.

As always when I put everything in order my life calms down. Facebook girl is still trying to impart that she only ever wanted to be friends with me. I was going to email back what she said while she was drunk, but I realized why fight just to be right. Anyway I'm happy that we're over.

With that taken care of I responded to Charming's email with a "just business as usual attitude" which helped focus my mind with her. With the right mindset I'll have no problem with her tomorrow.

My god the office looks barren. I took down all the Christmas decorations and since it's raining I haven't been over to my storage unit to get the winter decorations. Now I remember why I keep it decorated all year round.

I had some good news today. One of the bigger chiropractors in the area has moved his office further south in the city. As with any move you lose 25% of your patients. Two just came my way. So this week that will be my push for getting new patients. People that don't want to go the distance.

Friday Fun

Well I ended it with Facebook girl and it went well as it was going to. I have to admit I wasn't quite sure how it was going to go. She made sure I knew that she only wanted to be friends.

I'm trying to let Charming go, but having a hard time about it. Like I stated a while back I have a hard time when a woman is interested in me. She's emailed me a few times and I can already feel the changes in me towards her. However I'm not satisfied with her answer so I feel like I'm saying it's okay to treat me like crap anytime you like.

Back in the office today and will leave early after my last patient. I want to enjoy the last of the holiday season. Not saying I'm going to do anything exciting, but it will be nice to do nothing.

Talking Out My Ass Again

I love my blog. I had to look up Charming in it to get all the loose ends. We never went out which makes sense to me now since I can't remember anything. We only talked on the phone. She said she was shy in one to one situations, but was better in group settings. Hey maybe she went for assertiveness training. Maybe that could explain the leather studded collar.

What truly surprised me was all the women I was trying to go out with at the time. I don't remember half of them since we never ended up going out.

Charming You Say

Charming emailed me wondering how I was. I answered and joked about her picture. Then cause I have no reason why I should pull my punches after I was left hanging. I asked what happened to her after she fell off the face of the earth?

"Yeah I did kind of just drop. Trust me it will not happen again. Lets just say gravity kicked back in and leave it at that, k."

WTF does that mean?

I'm Back

You know I'm finding my dating life funnier and funnier. The reason is that I go out with so many women I forget what the hell their nicknames are. Anyway do you guys remember Charming? She was in the singles group. I met her when I was dating Law girl (Now it's all coming back to me). So after I was dumped I asked Charming out. We had a fun Starbucks date. I'm thinking we had a fun time since I asked her out for dinner. Anyway we were suppose to go out. It was scheduled and I texted her that day that I was looking forward to seeing her. She texted me back hours later saying her son was sick and she needed to cancel. No biggie. I know how it goes. However that was it. I never saw or spoke to her again. I texted and left a message and never got a response until today. (cue dramatic music)

Charming signed back up for the singles group. Saying hi to me, that she was back, and to drop her a line. Do I swing from woman to woman or what? I wish I could get lotto numbers as easy. Not saying I'm going back out with Charming since I really can't remember much about her since it was like 7 months ago.

My Life Such as it Is

There was many changes in plans last night. Facebook girl wanted me to meet her at one of her brother's house. So on the way there she texted me that he was being an asshole and could we skip the first party. I was answer that I was going out to be with her not for any party. Her older brother was cold and I just picked her up and we went out for a drink.

I don't drink at all so that threw her a little. Like always just talking it was enjoyable. She even helped hook a guy up at the bar so he wouldn't be alone for New Years. It was pretty funny. The margarita there got her slightly drunk and then talking was okay. So we headed over to her other brother's house. By the time I got inside the kitchen she was already doing shots.

I have to admit Facebook girl has many firsts for me. One is that I have never been out with a drunk woman before(more to follow). The other is that she had breasts implants. I had to admit whoever did them did a very good job.

Anyway while Facebook girl is not a obnoxious drunk she tries the nerves. Through her drunken state we agreed that we would hold off sex since she liked me. I was okay with that since I wasn't quite sure where I was with her. She asked me to sleep over, but no sex.

The funny thing is that all women seem to know I'm the nice guy, but all seem surprised that I'm the bad boy when it comes to anything dealing with sex. They think I'm going to be shy or bashful. ROFLMAO.

Anyway one of the biggest red flags came up while we were at her brother's place. She doesn't like dogs. That's a big thing for me. Especially since her brother had 2 really nice dogs that came right over to me wanting attention from me all night. Anytime she saw me scratching them she asked me to stop with a face that looked like I was drawing my nails across the blackboard.

Anyway the party was mostly everyone drinking. Her brother's girl I ended up talking to the most. Since a) I thought she was attractive and b) she was the one least drinking. Anyway Facebook girl was pretty smashed and I was happy that I memorized how to get to her place. So I took her home got her comfortable in bed an under the covers. I made myself comfortable than dropped off to sleep next to her.

Sometime during the night she awoke and pounced on me for sex. It was interesting since I hadn't bonded to her so I wasn't so into it, but she made it interesting since she was moving like one of those paint shakers at Home Depot.

We talked some in the morning. She asked/joked about why I let her drink so much. I told her so she could learn when she needed to stop. We drove back to her brother's and her truck. She gave me to cheek to kiss and that was that. While this is the first New Year in years that I have actually celebrated I might have to plan better next year.

Another little tidbit is that Facebook girl and the Planner have the same name.
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