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With everything happening last weekend I didn't get a chance to see my Mom last weekend. One of my patients brought me munchkins. I can't have them do to the dairy content so I brought them over to my Mom's. I was happy to see her eat one and I gave the rest of the box to the staff. Her nails were half done. Some nails were still pristine, but others were almost totally worn away. I asked did she want me to do them and she shook her head yes.

I now hate going to my post office box. It's right around the corner from my office, but when I originally got it the shopping center was dead. Now it's jumping and a real pain to get into and out. So I end up putting it off. I was expecting to get my Mom's Medicaid papers awhile ago, but they sent me the contract already for this year. So I figured I was good. Nope. I saw the envelope today that needs to be in by Tuesday. CRAP. I hate filling this stuff out. Mostly since I have half the stuff and my brother has the other half. Medicaid wants copies of everything. What a pain.

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Hi Mike,
Your mom is lucky to have you looking out for her. Imagine what it would be like if she had to deal with all the paperwork herself??


My Mom has dementia Marty. She doesn't even know who I am. So paperwork is meaningless to her.


I hate to tell you this but munchkins are children. LOL... I think you mean "munchies" or do you devour your young? ha ha ha ha... crazy Mike. So sorry your mom doesn't know you. Wish I had the same problem with my mom. LOL


Hey Mike,

You know, I've had a mailbox for a long time, and it's now very crowded. For a while it was empty and there used to be plenty of parking. Now the area has been rebuilt and I loathe finding parking.

Sorry to hear about your mom's dementia. It's nice that you do her nails and look out for her, and I really mean that. I'm sure she's thankful for what you're doing for her.


You're such a great son. I like this post.

I have the same issues with my P.O. Box... But what an incredible anthropological experience to sit and wait in the post office. Yes?


It remains a pain. But, what else can you do, as she cannot.

I'm glad you brightened her day when you could:) I like hearing how she's doing, and how you're doing in regards to her.


Wow . . . hug. THis must be trying at times. Your mother is a lucky woman.

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