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Sane Friends

Charming You Say

Charming emailed me wondering how I was. I answered and joked about her picture. Then cause I have no reason why I should pull my punches after I was left hanging. I asked what happened to her after she fell off the face of the earth?

"Yeah I did kind of just drop. Trust me it will not happen again. Lets just say gravity kicked back in and leave it at that, k."

WTF does that mean?

6 people had cathartic therapy:

oh boy.. she sounds like my "what about Bob?"... here one minute, gone the next and before you know it they pop up again and acted like "so sorry I fell off the face of the earth" and then whammy they are gone again... Right now Bob is missing in action since December 12, canceled a date we had after that and has vanished!!! He willbe back! : ) Have fun!!!


I do not like how she treated you. As a fellow woman, I bet you she disappeared off the face of the earth because a.) She had a legitamate emergency OR b.) She simply found another man.

If it were a legitamate emergency she would've told you about it because she cares about your feelings and truly wants to go out with you. It seems like she didn't do that. She had plent of opportunity to do that will a cell phone or e-mail.

So..... I am pretty sure she found another guy. Now since he's out of the picture, she's coming back to you.

You should tell her to go play in traffic as nicely and gently as possible because you deserve better.


She doesn't sound so charming to me. Women are trouble...stay away from them. ;)


Make sure this isn't a behavior pattern from her.


I think it means it's a complicated story, and that if you two get closer, THEN she'll tell you, that perhaps it's a bit private / intimate type thing (even emergencies can fall into that category)? If this is it and you're okay giving her a second chance to see what's up, and THIS time, THIS woman, you think you actually like or could like :) then have fun tomorrow night and I'm sure you'll keep your radar up. Or something.


LOL Mike. Where *o you fin* these women?!

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