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Sane Friends

A Day in the Life

I'm happy to report that I hit all my business goals this week sort of. I saw the amount of patients I wanted to. I got the 6 referrals for new patients I wanted, but I have not been able to contact 2 of them. However it's a good first week. **Wait stop the presses** My last new patient just pulled a no show and is not coming in. Oh well it was better than last week and without our snow day I would have made it.

I'm happy to be friends with Navy girl. I think the age and military status would make it hard for long term. I've done a long distance relationship in the past and it sucks and I swore I would never do it again. So I think I'll stop by the thrift store to pick of a driver so when we go to the driving range I can hit a few balls and see what I think.

The new name for my new house mate is Inverse. Have you ever heard about the graph of the hotness of a woman is in inverse to how crazy she is. Well that's Inverse. I met her this morning and she is a hottie. From what my landlord stated last night she seems to be a few cans short of a six pack in the emotional maturity area. Hey I don't do the choosing. So it will be interesting. Her daughter is a nice active 5 year old. She was playing hide and go seek with me so I haven't decided what to name her.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I am happy that you have a hot roommate.

Hmmm, emotional immaturity.......
I bet she will be trying to flirt with you and mindlessly play with you when she needs/wants some attention.

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