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Sane Friends

Talking Out My Ass Again

I love my blog. I had to look up Charming in it to get all the loose ends. We never went out which makes sense to me now since I can't remember anything. We only talked on the phone. She said she was shy in one to one situations, but was better in group settings. Hey maybe she went for assertiveness training. Maybe that could explain the leather studded collar.

What truly surprised me was all the women I was trying to go out with at the time. I don't remember half of them since we never ended up going out.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

That is ok!:) We sometimes do.


hey, I forget them too... I use to keep a notebook and write down the info, so I would not forget the names, nicknames etc. and when the phone rang I would reach for my notebook.... it is funny now when I think back about it...

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