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What do you do when you're bored? Me I just plan an event with the singles. It's funny, but my formula makes so many people happy. This weekend I had nothing to do and after scanning all the event calendars I still had nothing to do. So what do I do? I schedule a game of pool today. I figured I'd get a few people. At present we're up to 12.

It's always funny since the members always thank me for great activities and ask how do I come up with all of them. I'm usually perplexed on how to answer them. My honest answer is I pick something I want to do and hope someone comes along.

I think they'll be a riot the day I hand this group over to someone else. I know that day will be far off. It's part of my life now and most people don't know I was dating Law girl 2-3 months when I took the group over and my dating life hasn't affected my group activities. I'm always a big proponent on keeping your life when you're dating. It's one of my big bad indicators if I start giving up my healthy activities for a woman. I grew up doing that and it destroyed me so I know not to ever do it again.

So with the New Year I was able to jazz the site up so we look very professional now and stand out. Also with the New Year means collecting $5 annual dues from everyone. While you may think $5 is nothing I tell you getting it from some is like getting a pound of flesh. It's the standard bell curve. A bunch of people will just fork it over without a second thought. The next group will wait till the last second and probably be kicked out and repay to get back in. The last will try their damnest not to pay, but stay in the group. I really might start banning these people since if this is your MO I don't want you in the group.

This is also the time of year of exodus from members that just never come. So by the end of the month the group will have been cleansed of dead beats, loss about 35% of it's membership, and ready for more fun in the new year.

Now if I can just get someone to help host events regularly we can get beyond 2 events a week. Hey I love these people, but hosting 2-3 events a week is my limit.

7 people had cathartic therapy:

Have fun!!!! If I lived closer I will co-host some events with you!


So tell us about the events! What bright ideas are you coming up with?!# Did you wear your red boxer on New Year's? LOL


I am bad at organizing events, so I am always grateful when someone else does it.
- You're absolutely right about not giving up healthy activities for a woman. To me, I think it's great when a man has his own life and stuff going on.
-I would totally fork over the $5 without thinking about it. Money makes people act crazy sometimes. It's really bad when people try to get away without paying. I can't stand that. Good riddance to those people. Besides, if you don't have $5, you shouldn't be dating anyways. Dating costs money, even for women.


It's who you are (before you start dating anyone) that makes you desirable.

You must already know that. ;)


Hi Mike,
The activities you plan sound like a lot of fun ... All we seem to do around here is hang out at Starbucks and go to the movies!


"I'm always a big proponent on keeping your life when you're dating. It's one of my big bad indicators if I start giving up my healthy activities for a woman."

Women are notorious for doing this. I agree it's a bad idea when someone begins to wrap their life's activities around a new partner.

You have an excellent blog here. I'm enjoying it!


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