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What Friday Brings

It was great to have one of my patients bring in their newborn today. I always have to remember that in my vision for this office. It's great and brings a smile to my face.
I have to admit Fun girl has a impressive Mercedes. I'm not quite sure which model it is, but this looks close enough. I have to admit there is a little feeling less than looking at it. While I have never cared if a woman has made more than me, the car thing surprised me. Not that it will do anything to me in the long run, I know that I just have to acknowledge the feeling, process it, and I'm okay.

Update on my life insurance. Yes I do have another policy. I didn't cancel this new one yet since my sales guy said he was up in NY dealing with his father's prostate cancer. I do remember him saying that his father was ill in the past. Whether this is all true or not will play out. I'll give it a month or two and see. Like many things time will tell. People who don't keep to their word can't stand the test of time.

It's cold here today. About 25 degrees and we are breaking records. Hey I know most of you out there are probably under snow, but this is the south and any mention of snow is the name of the fifth horseman of the Apocalypse.

6 people had cathartic therapy:

Ha, well, I'd take snow over a high of, gee, did it reach 13F degrees outside yet, at early afternoon? Admittedly, the wind could be worse, and I'm thankful it's not, and that we have homes and food, and this year even I have a coat. And I didn't land in the Hudson River. I didn't win tickets to see Jackson Browne play at one of the Inaugural balls, but I'll live, as will my daughter.


Sorry about the cold weather over there. I'm in CA and it's been 70 degrees. I've been wearing tank tops lately. But I know that this is just a warm break, and we'll be back to rain and freezing weather in no time.

I'm glad that I was wrong about you needing to take a break. It's nice to hear that you've found someone you feel compatible with. I hope this works out in the long haul.


Hi Mike,
Hmmmm ... Nice wheels but the way she told you to watch for them in advance is sort of annoying.


cold weather... as I type it is -6 degrees... brrr... it will be very cold and snowy for the football game but that is the only time I can handle being outside is at a game!!! happy weekend to you!!!


a col* front here is probably 80 *egrees. These crazy people put on the heater at 80 *egrees! Woul* you believe that?!!!!!!! Makes me laugh how they take out their coats an* gloves. Woozies. LOL


I on't blame you for wanting to *ate fun girl's car. Sign me up, too! ha ha


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