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There was many changes in plans last night. Facebook girl wanted me to meet her at one of her brother's house. So on the way there she texted me that he was being an asshole and could we skip the first party. I was answer that I was going out to be with her not for any party. Her older brother was cold and I just picked her up and we went out for a drink.

I don't drink at all so that threw her a little. Like always just talking it was enjoyable. She even helped hook a guy up at the bar so he wouldn't be alone for New Years. It was pretty funny. The margarita there got her slightly drunk and then talking was okay. So we headed over to her other brother's house. By the time I got inside the kitchen she was already doing shots.

I have to admit Facebook girl has many firsts for me. One is that I have never been out with a drunk woman before(more to follow). The other is that she had breasts implants. I had to admit whoever did them did a very good job.

Anyway while Facebook girl is not a obnoxious drunk she tries the nerves. Through her drunken state we agreed that we would hold off sex since she liked me. I was okay with that since I wasn't quite sure where I was with her. She asked me to sleep over, but no sex.

The funny thing is that all women seem to know I'm the nice guy, but all seem surprised that I'm the bad boy when it comes to anything dealing with sex. They think I'm going to be shy or bashful. ROFLMAO.

Anyway one of the biggest red flags came up while we were at her brother's place. She doesn't like dogs. That's a big thing for me. Especially since her brother had 2 really nice dogs that came right over to me wanting attention from me all night. Anytime she saw me scratching them she asked me to stop with a face that looked like I was drawing my nails across the blackboard.

Anyway the party was mostly everyone drinking. Her brother's girl I ended up talking to the most. Since a) I thought she was attractive and b) she was the one least drinking. Anyway Facebook girl was pretty smashed and I was happy that I memorized how to get to her place. So I took her home got her comfortable in bed an under the covers. I made myself comfortable than dropped off to sleep next to her.

Sometime during the night she awoke and pounced on me for sex. It was interesting since I hadn't bonded to her so I wasn't so into it, but she made it interesting since she was moving like one of those paint shakers at Home Depot.

We talked some in the morning. She asked/joked about why I let her drink so much. I told her so she could learn when she needed to stop. We drove back to her brother's and her truck. She gave me to cheek to kiss and that was that. While this is the first New Year in years that I have actually celebrated I might have to plan better next year.

Another little tidbit is that Facebook girl and the Planner have the same name.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike,
Now that's an interesting New Year's! I think you should start sending Facebook girl cocktails on Facebook ... you know, those "send-a-virtual-drink" things that pop-up on Facebook. Seriously, I hope she was kidding about how you shouldn't have let her drink so much. Isn't that up to her?!?


I would be embarassed if I initiated sex with a man I had just met and he wasn't "into it".

Shame on her.

If she drank that much on your first date, imagine how it will be if the relationship grows.

Estela in South TX


-Some of the "nicest" guys can be the biggest freaks.
- I am glad that you got laid to bring in 2009, but I definitely see the red flags with this chica.
Dump her and run for the hills while you still can......OMG. Dogs or other animals are precious and there are some definite underlying issues if she has a problem with you simply petting a dog.

- I wasn't surprised when you mentioned that she pounced on you in the middle of the night. Anytime a woman invites a man over "just to sleep next to her" she secretly hopes he'll be pawing her for sex, especially if they've just met.

-I will step of my soap box now, I just had to put in my two cents.

-Happy New Year, and you deserve better than this.

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