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You know I'm finding my dating life funnier and funnier. The reason is that I go out with so many women I forget what the hell their nicknames are. Anyway do you guys remember Charming? She was in the singles group. I met her when I was dating Law girl (Now it's all coming back to me). So after I was dumped I asked Charming out. We had a fun Starbucks date. I'm thinking we had a fun time since I asked her out for dinner. Anyway we were suppose to go out. It was scheduled and I texted her that day that I was looking forward to seeing her. She texted me back hours later saying her son was sick and she needed to cancel. No biggie. I know how it goes. However that was it. I never saw or spoke to her again. I texted and left a message and never got a response until today. (cue dramatic music)

Charming signed back up for the singles group. Saying hi to me, that she was back, and to drop her a line. Do I swing from woman to woman or what? I wish I could get lotto numbers as easy. Not saying I'm going back out with Charming since I really can't remember much about her since it was like 7 months ago.

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I gotta hand it to you for blogging about your dating experiences, even when they are bad. I only wish I had the balls to do that. Some of the dates I've been on were so embarrassing that I couldn't put it out there.

If you think you're swinging from woman to woman, maybe you need a little break. The reason I took a break from dating during the summer, was because I was going on dates, and they were going nowhere. I was started to feel jaded, and that negative energy I was harboring from the previous dates was being carried over to my next dates.

My experience is when I pick up after a break, I usually have better luck.

Good luck to you out there in the dating jungle. The wildlife out there can be dangerous. RAWR !!!

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