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Kick Back Sunday

I didn't feel like trying to schedule an event today. Well actually I would have if I had more time, but oh well next time. Anyway I ran my errands, stopped by the office to clean up my decorating mess from yesterday, and then Starbucks to set the week up. Stopping in there I met not one, but two people from the singles group. It was a nice feeling to have the city become a little smaller, by having more friendly faces.

Anyway I started working on my Winner's journal. It's a daily journal to help keep you on track with your goals. For while I can get many things off the ground and moving them in a positive direction. The test of time is always a problem. Case in point, my business. I'm tired of it going up and down. I want to just have it go in one direction, up. Every time I've started something the business has picked up, but after a while I lose sight of the prize and it goes back down. I've written goals down in the past which has helped me immensely, but I have never been able to connect it with long term goals to reach higher heights.

The rest of my day has been reading. I usually have 3 books going at once. Stop looking at me like that. The books are divided into 3 categories: business, self help/relationship/spirituality, and recreation. They cover most of the areas of my life and entertain me better than TV.

The book that falls into category 2 is 365 Days of Sensational Sex by Lou Paget. I've always enjoyed her books. She made a great point in day 148. While most women are picky, no offense ladies, there really are only 2 universal turn offs for men. The biggest being women who let themselves go. There is such a profound change physically, mentally, and spiritually when this happens that a guy can sense from a mile away. The second is angry women. Everything else is pretty much okay. It's just like that old joke about how to turn a woman on and the list is huge while the guy list is show up naked and bring wings. Nuff said.

5 people had cathartic therapy:

Mike, I know your last sentence is a joke, but look a few sentences before that and there is a contradiction. First it says 2 things that turn men off is a woman who has let herself go and an angry woman. Then it goes on to say to please a man just show up nekked and bring wings.

So which is it for you?...inquiring minds want to know.

Oh, and don't forget to bring the beer.

Estela in South TX


Just remembered something...there is a show on the Travel Channel, "Living with the Mek Tribe". One show centered on a couple getting married. The women were all gathered, giggling, anticipating the wedding. The interpreter says, "the bride is excited to be starting a new life, start a family, etc."

The camera pans to the men who are loudly laughing and making wild gestures. The interpreter says he asked them what is important in a woman and the men grinned and said, "nice tits and a big ass".

I lovingly tell my boyfriend that all men are dogs :-)

Estela in South TX


Hi Mike,
Does the book say anything about women who are angry because they let themselves go? Or how about women who let themselves go because they are angry? I guess the author would consider either of these scenarios a Double Whammy?Best,


Yes, it is a known fact that women are way pickier than men. But I do have to add that men are picky too. They aren't as happy-go-lucky as you make it sound.

Bringing wings naked keeps the man for one evening. Then he starts to take stuff like that for granted.

I know that men fear women letting themselves go and becoming angry in the relationship, but as a woman that is one of my biggest fears in men.


Ah, no, not really enough said -- some guys really do let themselves go, also, and may not even realize it. Both need to be able to relax enough, sure, but while also keeping themselves up (physically, mentally, spiritually, with each other, etc.), in some realistic fashion. Doesn't need to be all out, but at least care about oneself, too.

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