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The Funzone

Heads down in silence in the passing of Barker. Okay enough of that, enter Fun girl. Did I mention I don't seem to have a problem meeting women. She straight forward and in good shape which I like. I'm waiting for her to let me know when she has some free time for us to meet.

OMG did I make a ton of calls today. Actually it was so bad that I had to make a normal phone call and I started with, "hi this is Dr. V". LMAO. I had to apologize and get the hell out of the office since my brain was fried. All my phone calls did work out well though. I was able to get 6 more people to come to the dance and schedule 2 appointments.

Oh the agony of it all I think I'm finally growing up. Besides wearing them for the gym I haven't wore my sneakers for the last 2 weeks. WTF? I figured I would be buried in my sneakers, but I guess not. In changing my dress I have been wearing casual shoes more. Nothing else really changed, but I have slowly been having to keep getting new clothes. I forgot the physics of it all. With all the muscle growth comes less room in my clothes. Pants aren't too much of a problem, but shirts are freakin' killing me. I keep forgetting to try my shirts on before I iron them for the week because it really sucks to pull it on and now have the cuff slide up my forearm.

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The only thing worse than choking on saliva is "Blowing beer thru your nose", LoL.

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