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Sane Friends

Capt. Subtext & his Girls

Replaying my conversation with the woman that destroyed my hitting my goals this week. Senorita does this well so here's my version.

Me: Did you forget your appointment?
Her: I decided not to come in.
Thinking: Bitch thanks for calling.
Me: Would you like to reschedule or call back another time?
Her: I'll call back.
Thinking: I'll never call back. Bitch.

I texted back and forth with Navy girl yesterday since I stopped by the thrift store to pick up a cheap driver so when the weather is nice we can hit some balls. She was worried that I spent good money for a high class driver. I informed her that I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid.

Charming has dropped off the face of the planet again. Not that I really cared, but I do watch out when people say they have changed. She's RSVP'd a few events, but has missed them all. No loss.

The singles and I are off to play pool today. It was a last minute event, but 2 days of nothing just doesn't happen in my world anymore. I have the choice to do something and I like doing something with my life.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Doing something is usually good, as long as there is balance. Where that balance is depends upon each person. I'm glad you've found a way to have friends and stay active. See, I'd RSVP'd yes, then CHANGED IT to a no, only a day or two before an event, so was dropped, uncermoniously, from the group I was supposedly in. Ha, well, if they're that anal, it wasn't for me, anyway. I'm glad you don't get all uptight about things that don't matter, with some rules in place to make sure it's not inane. Meaning, for social events, it's known some won't make it, and hey shrug, that's okay.........

Even if I don't understand your title for this post.

Oh, and you don't need customers / clients like her, either. THAT, well, that's a specific appointment, and there is no excuse to not contact you to cancel, even if that day. Pffftttt.


That woman is a Bitch. Bitches like her don't deserve you for a doctor. Good riddance.

I've worked in retail and restaurants for years and I know and loathe her kind very much.

Sagittarians tend to think alike so I would've totally had the same translation, lol.


The Aries in me tells me your on the right track... with everything!


So many people are flakes ! I'd hate people like that client - grrrr !

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