Going Sane in a Crazy World

My journey through life and the lessons I learn to help me grow spiritually.

Sane Friends

Porn Mentality

Today I had my monthly neighborhood business meeting.  As usual as we looked around, attendance was low.  While we would have liked it to be because of the rain, we know its just people don't see it as worth their wild.  It's a porn view of life.  Marketing and porn have very similar philosophies.  Stay with me please.  What's the usual porn story line?  It's an office.  Receptionist hard at or hardly working.  It doesn't matter. Delivery guy struts in with pizza, mail, live chicken, whatever.  Woman is overcome by this guy's presentation that she starts popping out of her clothes and immediately drops to her knees.  Cue 70's funk music as she goes to town on the guy.  Bow chick wow wow.

Marketing believes that if you give the right presentation people will just drop what their doing and go after you and your product.  How does this relate to today's meeting?  Well let me tell you.  I know many people will come to a meeting, pass a few business cards around, and shake some hands then go back to their business and wait for the people to come barging into get whatever they are selling.  When that happens they assume it didn't work and move on.  They forget the power of the strut and a live chicken.

It's like gym memberships. 84% if people will drop out in 2-3 weeks.  That means 200 people will join on January 2nd and by the 21st 168 people will have dropped out.  Why?  They don't look like all the models on the magazine covers.  So it doesn't work and are happy just to say they "have" a membership.  

So I'm trying to stay out of the porn mentality today.  I know all this, but I can forget and slide back.  However the Comic is stopping by today so maybe bow chick wow wow.   

I Really Like Her

I laid next to the Comic last night in that last hour period before I would head on home.  Entangled in our limbs I realized that I really could go the distance with this woman.  It was a startling awareness.  The longest I've dated besides my ex was 4 months and the Comic and I are quickly coming up on that.  Not that I'm looking to find a ring anytime soon, but it was nice to know that I'm very happy with the way things are going.

The weekend was fun and packed as usual.  We spent 6 hours down at the Oceanfront Saturday attending the Neptune Festival.  Most of the time was looking at all the different arts and crafts.  I picked up a nice plaque for my wall which I'll have to take a picture for you.  The Comic did well with some nice jewelry and a frog for her car.  She loves the one I have in my car that hangs from the mirror.  So she wanted one too when she saw the artist on Saturday.  We never made it down to see the sand sculpture contest.  We got to see the pictures and they're impressive as ever.  We did get a chance to see some of the volleyball tournament.  Watching them you could see the difference between men and women.  The women were playing a very competitive game, but the men play in your face.  It's just testosterone fueled aggression. 

The Comic wants to hire me to get her out of the bed everyday since I do it effortlessly.  Hey my chiropractic training comes in handy in many ways.  She was tired and sore from all our walking in the heat Saturday.  However I wasn't missing out on the gym over the weekend.  So with a 1 and a 2 she was up and out of the bed.  Actually she was happy after we worked out since she was dreading it beforehand.  

Today was my annual physical, well actually biannual for me.  It's funny since they all say its been so long since they've seen me.  Sorry I just don't get sick, it's nothing personal.  My doctor always says, "I have to ask," before she asks if I want a flu shot or any other vaccinations.  Since I stopped taking them years ago I stopped getting sick.  Now its off to the dermatologist some time soon.  I have something on my arm.  We both said it wasn't cancer anything, but had no clue what it was.  

Tonight I'll try to contact Eric again.  Just trying to keep the contact with him so he doesn't completely close down.  I remember how it was when I was that age which is what I'll try to share with him.  He usually likes my stories of how I did stuff and remembers them well.  So I'm hoping it will work here. 

My Greatest Fear

I finally got Eric tonight on the phone. I didn't think he was going to pick up since it went past the usual amount of rings. We talked about school and such.  His no longer having band confused me so I kept asking questions about it.  After a while he started to fall apart.  It was the he couldn't understand what I was saying again.  He then copped to the fact that his grandfather had died.  The funeral had been held this week.  We talked about how he was doing, but he is my son.  He was sad, but didn't say too much.  I pried into how he was sleeping and feeling.  He said okay.  I told him he could call me anytime to talk.  It may not be much, but I always want to have that door open for him.  I shared how I had dealt with my Mom this week, but I don't think he wanted to deal.  Before getting off the line I asked him on how his mother was doing.

This is what I've been dreading for the last 20 years.  My ex's father dying.  She's been saying how it would destroy her since I met her and now it's come through.  I'm happy it was a slow decline like my Mother so she could deal with it better.  However she's not right so who know's how its going over there. 

At least I know why Eric hasn't been calling.  He would have pulled back to avoid his Mom plus talking to me would make him have to deal with it all.  I know how I would have acted at his age.  So this brings up a lot of stuff for me.  I feel sad and helpless for my son.  It brings up my losses over the year.  It brings up my fears for the last 20 years with my ex.  So it's a but of a rough night.  I'm doing well hanging with the Comic.  As always she's a good place for insight.

Fun Stuff for Free

The Comic informed me last night that she does more with me than she's done with anyone.  I reminded her that's what I said in my profile.  I don't want to talk about doing stuff, I want to do it.  She wasn't complaining.  She was very happy and wish she knew someone like me when she was younger.  To my friends I'm the master of the cheap activity.  I may bristle at this even though they mean it as a compliment.  I know they go out with others and it can be a strain on their wallets.  You can go out with me all weekend long, have fun, see plenty, and not break the bank.  I'm trying to be more grateful for my ability to do this. 

When I was with Asp and Kitcat going out to do stuff was not happening.  It's a lifestyle I don't enjoy.  The funny thing is that I'm not a social butterfly, but I do enjoy enjoying life.  I didn't do it for most of my early adult life.  So now I'm making up for it.

A bit of codependency going on today.  One of the members of my business group dropped out.  He made a rational decision since he wasn't benefiting to much from it.  However he wasn't doing much to get anything.  I knew if he applied himself more it would work out, but that's not my responsibility.  I just have to remember that.  

Still silence from Eric.  

Under The Bus

Well last night approximately 24 hours after doing my Mom's ashes I was hit by a bus.  Not a real one, but let me tell you the emotional one was just as bad.  I could have closed my eyes, curled up, and slept in the street.  It just felt like a hole opened up beneath me and sucked all my energy out of me.  It was really uncomfortable as you probably can imagine.  I decided to be good to myself and headed over to Panera for a quick dinner before heading home to relax. As usual, I don't like feeling helpless and last night was no exception.  I'm better today, but I do still feel the emotional hangover effects.  

As the Comic and I continue to grow closer and explore new frontiers.  I wonder how much or when to share with her certain things.  Marriage and childhood stuff has already been done.  However that I knew what and when to do from past relationships.  However I've never been in a relationship since my marriage long enough to wonder when I should start talking finances and money.  Any suggestions out there?

Since I no longer get together with my business coach I've signed up for the special that my state association has with one of the chiropractic business groups.  It was a inexpensive amount per month for the year.  I know after the year they will try to sign me up which will get them the same answer they got 4 years, no.  While their one seminar I did with them did help.  It wasn't worth the $1000 a month price tag for 2 years.  If I was looking to gouge people I would think about it, but it just doesn't balance out for me.   

In My Dreams - Courtney C

This time my possible future wife is Courtney Cox. The interesting thing is that I find her more attractive as she gets older. I thought she was okay looking in Friends, but I think she is way hotter now in her own show Cougar Town.

Saying Goodbye

Since I've been on this kick of doing stuff no matter how much it bothers me. Pretty much what would I do if I wasn't scared. So I finally took care of my Mom's ashes. Since it was pretty cool here last night there was no need for me to change into my shorts. I might have looked out of place in my work clothes, a discman, and a kid's pail and shovel. Hey don't judge me. I was a bit anxious with the few beach goers that were around, but most didn't give me a second look. I played Neil Diamond's "Holly Holy" which just worked for me. I made a small ditch below the water line and spread her ashes there so that water could spread them out. I also took a bit and tossed it into the wind since its traditional. It was a beautiful night for it. I had a nice full moon on my right side and a beautiful sunset on the left. I didn't really have much to say as I listened to the music. So I wrote, "I love you Mom" in the sand. In the beginning I was a bit sad, but that was quickly washed away with just a nice clean feeling. A bit hard to explain. It felt good to get it done and close another chapter in my life.

Still no contact with Eric. I'll try again tonight since there was no pick up on his end, plus my ex still hasn't finalized his voice mail. On the other end I still haven't heard any response to my 2 texts I sent her for information about Eric for his health insurance. I guess it wasn't that important.

Since I had a large window this morning of free time I went to the Starbucks that is suppose to be the replacement for my old one. OMG I hate that place. It was always a unorganized mess in there. Too many tables and chairs for the space. Now with the extra business it was a nightmare of noise and disjointed seating arrangements.

That's How I Fall

The week started out all planned and packed with patients and events. Wow, let me tell you how fast that house of cards fell yesterday. My 3 day health fair was rescheduled and I wasn't informed which left this gaping hole in my schedule during the middle of the week. Then my record day of 11 patients ended leaving only 3 after the dust had settled. I do have to admit that the good thing through it all was that I was didn't take it personally and keep myself from dropping into the hole of pessimism. I tell you a woman can turn me down and it doesn't phase me, but with work it's hard not to take it personally. So the week is still a good week and I'm using the holes to good use with marketing.

One of the women that was a roommate back when I lived with the landlord came in yesterday for treatment. I'm sure I had a nickname for her, but for the life of me I can't figure which one if any. Anyhow it was good talking to her. Honestly I was surprised to hell to see her. However pain will make people do many strange things. We got to talk about the landlord and I was surprised that she was still pretty upset with his death. However it was her first close death which did explain a lot.

Speaking of death. I'm going to try to spread my Mom's ashes either tonight or tomorrow. They're starting to become a permanent fixture in my trunk and too easy to make a joke about. Not that I don't mind the jokes, but it's just starting to take too long to get it done. So I packed everything in the car this morning. Not quite sure what I'll say, but I'll do fine.

I'm going to try and track down Eric tonight and talk to him. I want to see if there is some reason for their being a problem every time we talk. The first hurdle will be getting him on the phone. I doubt if I'll get an answer, but I have to try. I can't expect him to get over his fears if I can't do the same.

Witches and Warplanes

As it is becoming the norm it was a fun filled weekend with the Comic. She even joked that she was my comic relief. Saturday was one of a few days that she has come to the office with me while I treat a few patients. It's nice to hear from her how my patients sing my praises.
Afterwards we went to the Autumn Moon festival which was also known as the pagan pride festival. I guess everyone has to have pride day to themselves. It was a fun event and we got to look at all the stuff that was for sale. The Comic got a nice, knitted poncho.
The rest of the day was filled with working out at the gym and a thrift store. I did score Finding Nemo on dvd plus a nice Buddha statue. We were going to make tacos at the house, but after we decided on everything that was needed and what had to be done we decided on Taco Bell. It was easier, quicker, and cheaper. I was very happy with their new ranchero menu which replaces the cheese which I can't eat with ranchero topping. Yummy.
Yesterday we headed over to NAS Oceana to see the air show. It was lots of fun and enjoyable since I had chairs this year. Standing on the concrete in the blazing sun isn't fun. We got to see all different types of planes, from gliders, to prop planes. A great British parachute team. The Shockwave was also there. It's a truck with 3 jet engines slapped to it to make it go really fast. When it was belching fire and smoke, I was feeling like I was at a red neck cook out. However watching it zoom down the track at 345 mph was pretty impressive I have to admit. The best part of the show for me was watching the Raptor perform. The maneuverability of the jet was amazing. From almost 90 degree turns to tight high speed
The Comic and I did end of having a bit of a heart to heart yesterday. It wasn't planned and I don't even know how it came up. Mostly it covered her low self esteem and how it affects her. She brought it up and tried to motivate her to move in a better direction. The Comic will always say she is better when she is with me so I pointed out how that wasn't a inside change. I reminded her of how she was the week Eric was here and she had a lot of problems. I care about her very much, but I know this is our limiting factor. I inferred how it would affect us positively, but focused more on how her life would be better. Showing her examples which she agreed with. Now its just seeing what she does.

The Night that Was

Last night I went out with the Comic to her friend's birthday bash at a hibachi place. I don't meet many of the Comic's friends since she is a bit ashamed of them. While she is okay with the birthday girl, it was her friends that are the problem. The birthday girl is one of those people who can't stand to be alone so always has friends with her. She collects them so there is always an abundance of them. The problem is that there is no cohesiveness to the group since everyone pretty much doesn't like the next. You gotta love it.

Now to add to the soup. The Comic was having horrible cramps so she was downing the sake to help with it. She didn't get drunk which I was happy for since I would of had a hard time with it. Like I told her I don't like my loved ones drinking and having their personality change. The Comic did change just being around these people. Her position is the court jester for the group. I was happy she didn't perform for the crowd, but she did act different than she did with me which was a bit unsettling.

The other ingredient in the dysfunctional night was that the owner and our chef had gotten stung by a sting ray in their fish tank. So he downed plenty of liquor, and given 4 medications including Vicodin for the pain. Yes get those knives and flames going. Actually he did a good show, although it took forever for him to start.

Last off I'm wondering if I should talk to Eric. I called him last night and he told me the phone was full of static and could we talk another time. Besides him calling me last Sunday, every time I've called him in the last few weeks has been met with some reason for us not to talk. It's really starting to bother me.

There's Something in my Pants

I had to share a stashed secret with my friend Paul this morning. I had realized that I hadn't shared it with anyone yet. It's never good for me to try and handle it by myself. I've seen what happens then before. Anyway I'll finish sharing it here to say goodbye to it. I thought I might already have a nickname for her, but I don't think so. However there are a lot of women there and I might have forgotten. Anyway I'll call her College girl. College girl and I went to school together hence the nickname. We use to hang out a lot. I was in a bad relationship and she was in a bad marriage. I wasn't going to cheat and I never pushed anything, but I always wanted to sleep with her. And the answer is just because. Over the years we've stayed in contact. She tracked me down years after we graduated. Asked me if I was married and when she found out I was she fell off the face of the earth again. Nowadays we both live in Virginia. Her in the west and me in the east. She comes out her every once in a while for family and vacations. We see each other at seminars occasionally and one of us is always seeing someone at the time. Over the last year she has canceled a few times in coming to the beach when we were both single for some reason or another.

So where is this going? Well I got an email from College girl the other day saying she's coming for a 3 day stay with a hotel at the oceanfront. A part of me was like "damn, I'm in a relationship." However that was a very small part. Mostly because I love the Comic and what we have and I know I only want sex with College girl which is a 20 year hold over. I made sure to mention that I was dating someone in my reply email. Hopefully we will see each other at the airshow this weekend since it would be good to see her. However anything beyond that I'm saying goodbye to.

Man Up

Today was another outing to drop off invites. I didn't feel like doing it. I know it comes from a feeling of less than and a lot of "unsaid" shit in the back of my head. However I know action produces action which has been working for the office over the last week. So I did it. As always there is no problems since I'm just dropping the invite off. However I know I can build it up in my head. Shah asked if I was going to follow up with the doctors. I had to laugh. I'd have better luck getting Obama on the phone than any of them.

Today has also been manning up getting answers over the phone for many things. The Comic offered to do it for me, but like I told her. It was my responsibility to do it or suffer for not doing it. So first up was Verizon and where was my phone service since the guy was here Friday, couldn't do the job and said he would be back Monday. Come to find out the job was classified as finished. WTF? No service, no contract signed, no dice.

The other was my credit card processing people. I've been using the phone to authorize the credit cards. However no money has been making its way to my account. So I called to make sure it was working. Come to find out I need to keep my patients credit card numbers. Hmm I thought that was against the law. Anyway I'm going to need to track down 2 patients to get their numbers so I can get the money. Like I told the Comic today, "I have a penis and I'm not afraid to use it."

Getting a little disturbed with Eric. I called him again last night. He was very tired and didn't want to talk. I think like last year, getting back in the swing with school is kicking his butt. While I understand this I don't enjoy the pull away. However I hear this from most parents.

A New Hope

I finally stopped by the tire place today to get the nail pulled from my tire. I've known its been there for at least a week. In my defense I've stopped several times, but the wait was just to long for me. Since it wasn't flat I pulled a Kramer and kept on driving. Anyhow I finally lucked out and got right in this morning. They said I needed new rear tires cause the could see the second layer of rubber. What ever that means? This reminds me of when I asked my friend Paul if seeing the metal through the tire was a bad thing. I'm not expecting any snow soon so the tires are going to have to wait.

The Comic stopped by today and brought me food and Starbucks. Yep I be loving that woman. Anyway after I treated her, I'm trying to keep her in top form so she can keep up with me, she came out while I dropped off my invites to the local MD's. Receptionist are so happy that you are just dropping stuff off and not trying to talk to them. I think it's even money if I'm getting out the door before it hits the garbage can, but hey I can hope. We'll see if I get any responses.

I had to text my ex for some more information so I can get Eric health insurance. Any guesses how long it will take this time to get a response?

On the home front, GI Joe has been breaking out all the stops at the grocery store. Sour cream and onion chips, some bread, and several boxes of Trisquits. I really got to laugh every time I open the pantry door.

3 is a Magic Number

Well yesterday the Comic and I celebrated 3 months together. It's nice to know daily that things are rock solid between us. There is none of that mystery of not knowing where things are going. Also in the process I seem to have picked up a family which I find funny. It's like the Comic and I have been married for years the way her mother and sister treat me. The Comic says that not even her ex's picture graced the family home when she points out our picture there.

What was weird, was that at game night Saturday night
, photographer sat next to the Comic. Even though I only went out with the Photographer twice 2 years ago, it was still weird to see them joking and hugging like best buds. Even weirder is that they gelled together so well.

I finally got to talk to Eric. He called me back Friday after I had called him the second time. He was upset from misbehaving and didn't want to talk. It upset me to hear him that way. One to be powerless to do anything. The other I can't tell if its from some real thing he did or some crazy shit my ex is playing. Anyway we did get to talk yesterday about school and stuff which was fun. I asked about his student id, but he had no idea what it was. So I asked him to find out what it was so I can track his school work online which will be cool for me.

Working on staying positive today. I think not having a cushion in the bank anymore has given me a negative spin. Now when I start my car I'm expecting it to not work, Wine girl to be upset at me, etc. So I really had to reign it in this morning and get the ball spinning in the opposite direction. It's worked well today. Tomorrow is a new one.

Neck Deep

Disclaimer: Nothing that follows is bad, just surprising. Now that been said.

I now treat the Comic's mom in my office since she has several problems. The Comic's sister usually comes in with her. Anyway today I'm thinking about them and I classified them as my MIL and SIL.
How did I get neck deep in a relationship? This Sunday will be the 3 month point for the Comic and I. I have to admit this is the happiest I've ever been in a relationship. Compared to my other relationships since marriage this one has moved at light speed. So I'm still trying to catch up on all fronts which is one of the reasons for my days off from the Comic. I always know my emotional self is a bit slow on the uptake.

The doctor is having a hard time healing thy self. My back is bothering me this week. I was supposed to get adjusted Wednesday, but my friend had to cancel. Since then its gotten bothersome. I can only do so much myself so I'm going to get a massage today to help. It's going to be a busy weekend. Besides going to the gym with the Comic both days. We have a picnic to go to, game night with the singles, and a air show. Two of the events will be standing on hard surfaces which is never good for me.

Still trying to get in contact with Eric, but to no avail. I need is student id # so I can use the online system at his school to keep track of him.

More is Better

While my actions don't show it, I want to be a miser. Yes I'm paying bills, plus a few extra penalties for business stuff I let slip through the cracks. I tell you when I finally get a little extra padding in the bank. I really want to keep it. So when all the bills come up I'm resistant to pay even though most of them were paid with 60 seconds of me opening the envelope. I know me. If I let it linger, it will linger. I'm trying to be grateful that I have the extra to pay everything all off. It's spiritually healthy to pay stuff and not be so miserly. Keeps everything flowing instead of putting up a dam somewhere.

Over at OOBH she talked about where people come from to her blog. I've read others talk and joke about it, but I never remember to look and see what mine are. Nothing too crazy so I must be getting saner.
  • Unreliable magazines
  • You're a useful as an asshole right here
  • in this crazy world
  • monogamous dater
  • rotten dead body and crazy stuff that's going on in the world
  • skip a line fandango
I've haven't been connecting with Eric at night so I don't know how his new school is. I'll try again tonight. I do think that not setting up his voice mail is my ex's way of controlling my contact with him. I do want to get his student ID# when I talk to him so I can see online how he is doing in school which will be helpful since I don't get any updates from my ex.

Head in the Sand

The Comic seemed to have a fun time sleeping last night. I awoke to hear her tell someone to "kiss her ass" as she laughed. Both of us were a bit sad when I sad goodbye this morning since we won't see each other to Friday night. With work during the day I don't have much time to do my own stuff. It's not till I'm by myself that I realize how little time I have to myself these days. While I enjoy my time with the Comic, alone time is important to me. I lost myself in my marriage and I promised I would never do that again. Usually I spread the days out that we have off from each other, but with the holiday this week it just worked out this way.

I've been making more assertive choices with the business over the last few weeks. Most of it being less discounts for people since I can tell their one time wonders. Before I would take the little money, but I think it whittles me down on the inside which is something I don't want to be doing. I think I'll have to plan my discount times and non discount times to help with this. The rest has been fully grasping that I'm paying others for services for myself. I've got on my landlord about keeping our bathrooms clean and stocked which after I said something was done and taken care of in 2 days. The other is my office website which I've been emailing to have them fix for a few months. I just keep forgetting to follow up. Today being fed up with it I just called and had it done in an hour.

I hate confrontation so I have to admit I will usually avoid the higher levels of it if I can. However it's always a lesson for me when I have to do it since it does get the job done.

The Long Weekend

I'm back after the long Labor Day weekend and it was awesome. Besides my trips to see Eric I haven't had a vacation since I was married. The last one being the one that pushed us over the edge. I haven't been so relaxed in a long time. Can't say the Comic and I went anywhere special. The weather here was awesome since Earl took all the humidity with him with his passing.

Again this weekend we went to the gym. I kicked up a notch for both of us and we felt it, but it was a good feeling. We both attended Server guy's BBQ which was great. We sat by the pool and enjoyed grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. The rest of the weekend was spent watching Harry Potter movies and browsing the thrift stores. For both of us it was a time to relax and our bodies gave out Sunday when we both needed a nap during the day.

The highlight of the weekend was at my place. The Comic stayed with me again this weekend. Anyway we were going to make shish kebobs on the grill. I already had steaks and chicken in the freezer left over from previous meals. So I left them out in the morning to thaw out. Later that evening we were going to make a run to the store to get the rest of the ingredients. Just before we left GI Joe was telling us he had to speak to Cricket the dog about ripping up plastic bags. It wasn't until I went into the kitchen that I saw that the 2 bags in question were the steak and chicken bags. Now this is where it gets interesting if you already falling asleep. GI Joe said that the oven door was open. Add to the fact that Cricket has short legs and can't reach the counter. The unanimous decision is that Cricket grabbed the towel hanging on the oven door. Opened it, used it as a step ladder to get to the counter, and then went to town. Cricket was pretty much shamed face all night when she could move. The Comic made a great wanted poster. I forget that she has an art degree.

One thing that I'm really enjoying in my relationship with the Comic is how gets this look of pride when she looks at me. I tell you it's a nice feeling.

The Spitting that Happened

I'm happy to say that Hurricane Earl just spitted on us. Being a seaside community, you can feel the frantic energy when a storm comes up the coast to possible wash us into the ocean or bay. I have to admit people fall into one of two categories. The first is your buying enough water to make a trek across the Sahara on foot. The other is you don't give a shit. I fall into the category 2. I would like to say that I'm realistic which I am, but in this instance I think its just a charmed life feeling.

After a few weeks on hiatus I ventured out to do my beach walk with L. With the coming storm it was interesting to see people working like ants down there to secure everything. After last November's northeaster which did millions of dollars of damage here, waterfront people aren't taking a chance. However there were plenty of asshats there. People playing with their little kids in the surf. One guy was setting up for para-sailing. They'll probably find him in NY later today.

The only good thing about the storm was that no one wanted to come in this morning so I'm home relaxing. I'll go in for the afternoon for a meeting and some patients. I did get to talk to GI Joe some more. He is a nice guy, but we're just two different people and connecting will be rough.

I have to admit the Comic is funny and makes me smile most of the day. I'm packing up to stay at her place tonight. One of the funnier things with her is the huge list of things that turn her on. Actually I would be hard pressed to make a list of turn offs. While most could understand the handcuffs. My scrub top is also a favorite as is my Marvin Gaye CD. I think I'll just close my eyes and randomly grab stuff and see what happens.

In My Dreams - Courtney

This entry of In My Dreams is dedicated to Courtney Throne Smith. In the years pass I've seen her around in shows that I didn't watch, but she always caught my eye. Anyway this season she has been on Two and a Half Men. I have to admit it's like she hasn't changed from when I saw her 10-15 years ago.

Both Ends

I got it from both ends yesterday. I usually wake before the Comic. So while lying there next to here it was good to realize that for the first time in my life I'm with someone that likes and cares about me as much as I do her. Long time coming.

Anyway last night I had her stay at my place and I finally got to meet my new roomie GI Joe. Nice guy, just most of what he talked about last night was drinking. Since I don't drink, it's a great way not to connect with me. Besides that he seems to have everything have his act together if not his diet. Anyway the Comic can talk to anyone and she did and they connected well. So after we cooked dinner last night and we were playing Farkle I felt something I don't normally feel. Jealousy. It was all in my head and I didn't say anything to her, but I was surprised that I had to talk myself in from the ledge. I guess in having strong feelings for the Comic I will have to find my middle ground with everything else. Things I've never had to deal with before.

This week has been a IRS pain with small penalties from years ago coming back to haunt me. I switched to a CPA which has been helpful, but I hate that you get penalized all the way back.

The office is quiet the end of this week with Earl and the Labor day holiday. The good thing is that it's letting me get to all the things I've been putting off for the last few weeks. I finally made it down to the country club for my doctor's group, but they didn't go for it. So I'll do it someplace else that won't cost me any money. Now it's going around and talking to all the doctors. Being a doctor I'll say it now, I hate talking to them. Arrogance is bred into them and they can be nice people, but oye. Here is a good article on what you can do to the doctor's that make you wait. I hate it and it's one of the reasons I don't double book in the office.
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