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The Long Weekend

I'm back after the long Labor Day weekend and it was awesome. Besides my trips to see Eric I haven't had a vacation since I was married. The last one being the one that pushed us over the edge. I haven't been so relaxed in a long time. Can't say the Comic and I went anywhere special. The weather here was awesome since Earl took all the humidity with him with his passing.

Again this weekend we went to the gym. I kicked up a notch for both of us and we felt it, but it was a good feeling. We both attended Server guy's BBQ which was great. We sat by the pool and enjoyed grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. The rest of the weekend was spent watching Harry Potter movies and browsing the thrift stores. For both of us it was a time to relax and our bodies gave out Sunday when we both needed a nap during the day.

The highlight of the weekend was at my place. The Comic stayed with me again this weekend. Anyway we were going to make shish kebobs on the grill. I already had steaks and chicken in the freezer left over from previous meals. So I left them out in the morning to thaw out. Later that evening we were going to make a run to the store to get the rest of the ingredients. Just before we left GI Joe was telling us he had to speak to Cricket the dog about ripping up plastic bags. It wasn't until I went into the kitchen that I saw that the 2 bags in question were the steak and chicken bags. Now this is where it gets interesting if you already falling asleep. GI Joe said that the oven door was open. Add to the fact that Cricket has short legs and can't reach the counter. The unanimous decision is that Cricket grabbed the towel hanging on the oven door. Opened it, used it as a step ladder to get to the counter, and then went to town. Cricket was pretty much shamed face all night when she could move. The Comic made a great wanted poster. I forget that she has an art degree.

One thing that I'm really enjoying in my relationship with the Comic is how gets this look of pride when she looks at me. I tell you it's a nice feeling.

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Sounds like a great weekend. I really like her and hope you two make it!

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