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While my actions don't show it, I want to be a miser. Yes I'm paying bills, plus a few extra penalties for business stuff I let slip through the cracks. I tell you when I finally get a little extra padding in the bank. I really want to keep it. So when all the bills come up I'm resistant to pay even though most of them were paid with 60 seconds of me opening the envelope. I know me. If I let it linger, it will linger. I'm trying to be grateful that I have the extra to pay everything all off. It's spiritually healthy to pay stuff and not be so miserly. Keeps everything flowing instead of putting up a dam somewhere.

Over at OOBH she talked about where people come from to her blog. I've read others talk and joke about it, but I never remember to look and see what mine are. Nothing too crazy so I must be getting saner.
  • Unreliable magazines
  • You're a useful as an asshole right here
  • in this crazy world
  • monogamous dater
  • rotten dead body and crazy stuff that's going on in the world
  • skip a line fandango
I've haven't been connecting with Eric at night so I don't know how his new school is. I'll try again tonight. I do think that not setting up his voice mail is my ex's way of controlling my contact with him. I do want to get his student ID# when I talk to him so I can see online how he is doing in school which will be helpful since I don't get any updates from my ex.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Love the monalisa pictures. Very funny.
Being able to pay off bills is a blessing.


Hi Mike,
Great Mona-lisa head-shot. I think depending on where she was in the U.S. and if she had a little more time than a week, she'd get a nose job, too. And maybe a face peel.


Hope you get in contact with Eric soon! Hope his school is going well.

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