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Sane Friends

Both Ends

I got it from both ends yesterday. I usually wake before the Comic. So while lying there next to here it was good to realize that for the first time in my life I'm with someone that likes and cares about me as much as I do her. Long time coming.

Anyway last night I had her stay at my place and I finally got to meet my new roomie GI Joe. Nice guy, just most of what he talked about last night was drinking. Since I don't drink, it's a great way not to connect with me. Besides that he seems to have everything have his act together if not his diet. Anyway the Comic can talk to anyone and she did and they connected well. So after we cooked dinner last night and we were playing Farkle I felt something I don't normally feel. Jealousy. It was all in my head and I didn't say anything to her, but I was surprised that I had to talk myself in from the ledge. I guess in having strong feelings for the Comic I will have to find my middle ground with everything else. Things I've never had to deal with before.

This week has been a IRS pain with small penalties from years ago coming back to haunt me. I switched to a CPA which has been helpful, but I hate that you get penalized all the way back.

The office is quiet the end of this week with Earl and the Labor day holiday. The good thing is that it's letting me get to all the things I've been putting off for the last few weeks. I finally made it down to the country club for my doctor's group, but they didn't go for it. So I'll do it someplace else that won't cost me any money. Now it's going around and talking to all the doctors. Being a doctor I'll say it now, I hate talking to them. Arrogance is bred into them and they can be nice people, but oye. Here is a good article on what you can do to the doctor's that make you wait. I hate it and it's one of the reasons I don't double book in the office.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Ah, jealousy is tough, but normal and is ok if kept in check.


I run a physician practice. We don't double book but frequently the physicians run late. They're specialists and even on the best days they inevitably get a patient who comes in for a routine appointment and ends up with all kinds of issues that he/she never thought to mention at the time of making an appointment.

As a patient, I hate waiting also...but I do appreciate it when my physician hasn't rushed me out when obviously there are things that need to be discussed.


Yeah, that middle ground is sometimes hard to find!

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