Going Sane in a Crazy World

My journey through life and the lessons I learn to help me grow spiritually.

Sane Friends

Delays and Singledom

I tell you every year it's something new with the insurance companies. This year it's a new one. Their apologizing for making mistakes. If you know it or not all bills are electronically scanning into a machine. Leaves the human element out of it. Well every week now I'm calling an insurance company about a non paid claim. You know what I hear? Oh we miss read your diagnosis number. We're sorry. I just fixed it and it'll be processed in the next 30 days. Bastard! Delay, delay, dealy. They should go into the sex business with all the delaying they do.

I guess I've been single long enough for my friends. It's now the question I'm getting asked a lot. I know they think I'm a great guy and that it would be great if I was with someone. However I'm very happy being single at the moment. I'll be 43 in November and if you take adulthood at 18 that's 25 years. I spend 16 years with my ex which leaves me 9. During those years I've dated about 80 women. You know I would like some me time. I want my selfish time. I don't to worry about a lot of things that I have to when I'm in a relationship. Your life is very different. I'm not saying it's better or worse, but it is different. It's just something I need to expierence as I try to catch up on my emotional growth.

My Laugh

Now I know I have a distinctive laugh, but I guess I never knew how much. As people flow in and out of the singles group, I may not see people for months. It's always interesting to hear them (the ladies) say how much they missed my laugh. I know we've been in Panera bread and the female workers are usually asking who owns the laugh. Tonight we went to the Funny Bone to see Lynne Kopiltz who was very funny and very hot. We got stuck in a weird table tonight that was near the stage, but off to the side. So it was interesting to see her smiling over at us when I laughed. I didn't really notice, hey I'm a guy, but the females at the table pointed it out. What I was surprised about was that information stressed me for some reason. For some reason, at times, when I know a woman is paying attention to me I get anxious. I wish I knew why so I can not have it happen. However that is me, I don't like bumps in my life. Getting use to life having bumps is still new to me. However an attractive lady showing me her ass and telling how doggy style would be with her doesn't help.

On the way out I think the Principal wanted me to ask her out. She asked me a few questions as everyone else disappeared and we were left on the street together. She's an attractive woman that I'm neutral with. However Tech girl was the last woman I'm going over the water for.

Sunday Afternoon

I tell you I made a mistake when setting up everything for my second business. In making the email account a Google account, I have to sign in and sign out everything now. Reader, email, blogger, etc. What a freaking pain! So far everyone is liking the site, now I just need to get some sales.

Relaxing today down at Starbucks with a gift card. Yellow tooth is here with his latest victim. The last guy who was relaxing in the comfy chair just had to leave. He should have just told Yellow Tooth to STFU.

Since I've heard so many good things about the movie Up. I'm going to see it this afternoon at the bargain house. Then it'll be a ride over to the Funny bone with the singles.

I tell you, I'm very surprised that the landlord is letting the new person move in. From her own admission she's a slob while the landlord is obsessive neat freak. Ah chaos will reign.

Doctor Said There Would be Days Like This

I've gotten several communications on my medicine withdrawal. I'm not saying medication even as a chiropractor. If it wasn't for the Lexapro I never would have been able to separate from my ex. Over the last 5 years it's allowed me to work on myself to the point where it is unnecessary. I was sitting here a little while ago dealing with my lightheadedness which I truly hate. I have no idea why, but it has always bothered me as a child. It's one of the reasons I never did drugs or drank. Anyway I was doing some research on the Dysthymia and it doesn't apply to me anymore. Even it stated that medication is a least resort for treatment and that cognitive therapy is a lot better.

Like I said in my last post, I hate not feeling normal (see above). Believe me I've read enough stories to know I have nothing to complain about compared to some people. 2-14 day are suppose to be the worse. I think I'm on #6. So we'll see how it goes. Although most of the time I just need to do what I tell my patients to do. Relax. While I do allow myself down time for which most of my friend joke me about. This calls for real quiet time for 2-3 minutes and then I'm good again.

Don't be a Pussy

As I've stated before, I've spent most of my entire life avoiding pain of any ilk. Now these withdrawal symptoms on a scale of 1-10 are probably a 1-2. Hey like I said I don't like any level of uncomfortability. Yeah I know I'm a baby with this stuff. I know I'm not going to die, but this is the stuff I avoid when I can. Hey who volunteers for this stuff. Well I actually know a few. I'm seeing I have to watch my Ultradian rhythms. That's the natural flow of energy in your body. Your body needs some kind of break after 90-120 minutes. That's the point where you start yawning, fantasising, procrastination, etc.

The new member of our household will arrive tomorrow, but since I'll be out the next 2 nights I doubt if I'll have any interaction with her for a while. So stay tuned for new cast members in my so-called life.

As you know I have been doing a lot of jigsaw puzzles lately. My newest torture of a puzzle is already driving me insane. You know it's never a good sign when you take out all the outside pieces and they don't match anything on the box to know how they go together. Yes I actually had to match colors to put them together. Can you believe it?

Jim, I'm a Chiropractor not a Web Designer

Well after 2, maybe 3 days I finally got my website for my second business open. You can see it here. Since I'm just running it up the flagpole and seeing who salutes it, I've gone cheap. However I have to give Godaddy high marks on their customer service since I made many mistakes on buying products that weren't right. Hey third time is the charm they say. Now it's just getting chiropractors to the site. If you know one send them the link.

I'm starting to see the correlation with my withdrawal symptoms and stress/hunger. They seem to make it worse or bring it on. While they aren't bad, they are a pain in the butt.

It was nice to awake this morning and celebrate my singledom. I was very comfortable in that skin which I have been good with in the past, but fully embracing it was another story. The funny thing is that I'm reading How to Make Someone Fall in Love with you in 90 minutes right now. Very good book and his business books are also very good. Through trial and error over the past 70-80 dates I've learned sharing and connecting with others. The book would have been easier to have read first.

At 3 pm on Friday I saw my 100th patient of the month which was a new record. I'll see 110 by the time the month ends which will have doubled what I did last August. I'm still in the Valley of Death with money. I'm generating it, but most of the big stuff won't be in till November which is a long way off. Hence the second business to try and close the money gap.

Inverse didn't need to live with us for the few days which worked out well with everyone else in the house. The new lady and son should be moving in over the next few days. At that point she'll be christened with a nickname.


Well before I get to the title I have to vent. I swear I'm going to go buy and bat and start smashing heads every time I get a complaint about having to pay $5 for an annual membership. Tonight pain in my ass is complaining that the other groups are free and he doesn't see anything interesting that we do. That's okay. Go someplace else then. Don't stay here and complain. Unfreakinbelievable!!!

Anyway it was game night with the singles. It was a small group tonight and the Photographer was there. She sat next to me, but as people came and left we ended up on opposite sides of the table. So I thought it was a good time to practice some synchronization techniques. Mirroring is another term for it. I would do it for a while than break and then go back. I guessed what would happen and it did. We were playing Scruples and when I synced with her she asked me questions, when I didn't she asked others around the table. It's a technique to form a comfortable connection with someone. I still need more practice with it since I still think too much with it.

Irons in the Fire

Whew it's a busy day. Patient wise it's slow, but I'm doing a ton of marketing stuff. I finished making my second business website. It's 3 pages and I'm just waiting for Linux to let me know that they're setup on their end to upload it.

I want to start doing lectures to my patients again. In my second position where we dealt with more of family people it was a great way to get patients. The problem I've had with that model was paying for dinner for everyone. Talking it over with my business coach he suggested getting sponsors for the event that would want the contact with these people. Charge them $6 a person for show and get two of them and that will cover my cost for the dinner. So it would be nothing out of my pocket which I love. I was able to find a great restaurant to do it at. I never knew that they had a upstairs room for just such an occasion.

The pain with all of this is when I take a break to relax then my fragile eggshell brain starts. This makes it hard to truly relax. I do have game night tonight with the singles which will be a fun thing to get a laugh.

I did have something truly funny happen today. One of my female patients finished up treatment today. I told her if she has any problems just give me a call. She said she had a vibrator at home and would that help. You know I had a lot of comments for that, but none were appropriate.

Fragile Egg Shell Mind

Oye. 2 days without any medication is weird. No depression or anything like that, it's just the withdrawal from the medication. When my mind is not engaged I would say my brain feels like its made out of fragile crystal that would break if I moved it too fast. Not the greatest feeling even though its not strong. When I'm engaged in doing anything I don't feel it. I know most women won't understand this, but for a good portion of my day I try not to constantly use my mind. I just like to relax it so I stay relaxed. However for the moment it's not relaxed.

It was my usual slow Wednesday which was made slower by my first patient pulling a no show. Since I finished my marketing for next week I started my side business. I've designed a side business to service chiropractors, since I know the population, with PowerPoint presentations they can buy. I have a bunch of them since I always need a creative outlet and I make these. So I have a bunch lying around. Many of which I use. I know that all chiropractic marketing companies will say the #1 way to get new patients is doing lectures. However they sell them way over $100. I'm doing it for $80. I can keep my cost down by just emailing them the presentation instead of creating CD's. I'll keep production, postage and handling charges down to 0. So I've been organizing what I'll sell and I've spent a few hours tonight creating the website which I'll get running tomorrow. My hope is that it'll be a nice generator of money on the side to help me while I'm waiting for my insurance monies to come in.
Hiking with L went well tonight. It was the first time that it was fully sunny and hot. We've had so many times that it has just rained or threatening to. We stopped to talk to one woman with a puppy. She was attractive and was nice enough to keep showing her breasts off. However she made the husband comment and we moved on. L was being my wing person even though I wasn't looking for a date. The other thing that was interesting was the lesbian love fest at one end of the beach. I would say there was a group of 8 women. 2 were going at it hot and heavy under the umbrella while the rest sat around almost guarding it. It was almost surreal.

Tonight I met the new tenant and her son. Very nice people, but we'll see if they are as good as Enigma and her brood. When I get to know her better I'll give her a nickname. All I have right now is boob-shower-offer.

There's a New Hero in Town

Well it went better at the dentist office than I thought which a good thing. I would rather be over prepared than under. I also got to work my flirting muscles with the receptionist which was fun. The dentist did give me a heads up which was when I floss to slide it out instead of pulling it up and out which is probably how I loosened it up in the first place.

So far I've been able to get 5 more visits which has been helpful. 3 of them were cash which makes up for most of my loss so far. There is still 3 1/2 more days so hopefully I can get a few more. At least now I'm back on schedule for doing 108 for the month which will be double what I did last August.

I did remember that I had the listings for all the free health clinics in Southeast Virginia. So I passed the information on. It was interesting because L had contacted me with the same problem. She has a friend that needs a referral so he can get surgery. He has the money for the surgery, but no referral and no doctor will see him without insurance. What a catch 21. He has Crohn's disease so he's uninsurable.

I want to thank Beth over at Nutwood Junction for the superhero info.Very cool.

Hillbilly Fever

My cap feel off while I was eating last night. So I'm feeling like a hillbilly. It's on the side of my mouth so appearance wise it's not noticed. However what a pain in the ass. Why you say? Well I know its going to be an argument with my dentist on putting it back on. I know my dentist back in NY would just pop it back on. However I know my new guy with all his high tech stuff is going to push for a new cap and a bunch of other stuff. So I'm hoping I'm making a mountain over a mole hill, but I doubt it.

I got a good shot to the nuts yesterday when not 1, but 4 cash paying patients rescheduled for next week. One it really deflated my cushion on breaking a 100 this month and it also put a hole in money being collected in the office this week. Oh well it wasn't the first time and it won't be the last.

Jeez I'm trying to find a medical doctor for my 20 year old cash patient. Everyone is saying no. I'm hitting a lot of dead ends and I feel bad I can't help her more.

Heads Up Would be Nice

It doesn't ever bother me that I'm color blind except when it comes to getting new clothes. At some point in my life I've asked someone about almost all my clothes and what they go with. Then I just hold onto the information like it's the crown jewels. As I buy new stuff I just keep buying the same colors. At least I think they're the same colors in the store. It's another thing when I get them home. Oh well. So I end up with a bunch of different shades of colored shirts. Then I'm always wondering does this go with that? I have to admit Papa John's gave me the khaki with a red or green combo. I know white goes with everything, but I do like color which may seem weird for a color blind person to say.
So tonight I'm doing more investigating on what goes with what, you know in guy speak. Just flat out rules. You know what I found out tonight is that opposites on the color wheel go together. I always thought they reflected or something like that. Hopefully this information wasn't posted by another color blind person and one day I'll be waling around like a clown.

To Purge or Not to Purge

Well I did some good purging today. In my storage unit not my lunch. I was able to eliminate 7 boxes of stuff, 2 suitcases, and a coffee maker. Most of the boxed stuff was books that while I enjoyed very much I know I won't read again, nor do I have any emotional attachment to them. You may ask what emotional attachment do I have to my paperbacks. It's to the Red Sonja series that came out almost 30 years ago. I had always read comics as a kid, but could never find a paperback that interested me in the kid section of the library. I found one of these books in Waldenbooks and finished it in a day and that as they say was it. I was hooked on fantasy and science fiction books and have have been devouring them ever since. So I was a little sad to drop off 3 boxes full of books to the thrift store. The rest of the stuff I didn't care about. The suitcases were my Mom's and she doesn't need them anymore. I don't drink coffee and if I ever want to have one I'll buy one.

I also found some stuff I could see on Half.com. Some books and old video games that seem to hold there value very well.

The new book I'm reading How to Make Someone Fall in Love with You in 90 minutes is making me think. It is helping me flip the coin over. I try not to focus on being good enough for the other person and this is helping me evaluate how I feel when I'm with someone and is it what I want. I had read his other book on business which was very helpful.

I tell you I tweaked my low back last week at the gym. Two guys were exercising their mouths which happens a lot at the gym. Anyway I though I had enough room, but I didn't so I twisted while holding the weight, something I know you shouldn't do. Well it's been nagging me every since. With OVDC and my own treatment it was getting better, but I flared it up today with all the box lifting in the unit.

Let the Show Begin

Well today is #2 in the new cast of characters at the house. I think I will name the new lady Enigma since I can't figure something out here. Enigma is a desperate mom that has moved in with her two kids. I can't tell if she'll be out on 9/11 or have settled all her expenses with the landlord by then. She has a desperate look in her eye and I think she has dumped everything in her desperation. I'm not quite sure if she's up to snuff with getting with the flow of the household.

Now on the flip side her kids (a girl 7 and a boy 13), to be nicknamed later, are poster children for good kids. I actually like them more than her. They're smart, nice, and polite. She did something good, but interacting with her I don't see where it came from.

The health fair went well today. I did find out from many people that my prices were very reasonable. Also that many people there have tried to get chiropractic care, but have gotten the usual extravagant treatment plans and can't afford $2000 a month. So I felt validated in the way I treat my patients.

I was expecting it to be cool today, but it was another swelter house of a day. The rain that cooled it off; came too late in the day for me to go to storage to start purging stuff. I have the hankering to get rid of a lot of stuff that 5-6 years ago I wanted, but now it's like just dead weight to me. So it needs to be purged. I'm hoping tomorrow will be cool enough for that to happen.

I have 2 more days of what's left of my medicine to go. So far everything is going well and I hope it continues. I've been waking a little earlier which makes me wonder since early waking is a symptom of depression. I've been able to fall back to sleep after a while, but it is a new thing. So I'll keep an eye on it.

Friday's Bumps & Grinds

I tell you if society views on commitment are similar to joining my singles group we're in serious trouble. I'm really getting tired of people emailing me wondering what we do. The description is pretty good and it's not like you have to pay to join. Just pay in the first 30 days. One I think people are so afraid to be locked into something and the second people are lazy and don't want to read. How do I know this? The repeated question of how do I join? I don't know? Maybe you hit the big freaking "JOIN" button that the other 100+ people hit. Darwin's law at work. These people are too stupid to join which makes them less likely to breed.

I have to admit with each telling of my ex wife story I am getting angrier. A lot of it is just memories of how it was when we were married and how it just mirrors today. Truly what pisses me off is that Eric is the lowest common denominator and he is the one that all this affects. My ex doesn't take responsibility for anything. So I was "surprised" when Eric called me once we had settled that there would be no visit. He then asked were we getting together so I knew she didn't say anything. I'll never bad mouth her so I just told him that we both couldn't swing it this time.

I'm also angry because this has been one of my plans for years of getting him to fly by himself and my ex found a way to screw us over on it too. I'm hoping this doesn't become a permanent problem.

I tell you I'm not use to being busy in the office. It's a nice problem, but small stuff is starting to fall to the way side. Like phone calls for insurance stuff. I think I need to start forming a list of this stuff so I can get someone to take care of it part time. A virtual assistant would work wonders with this stuff since I wouldn't lose any office space.

I tracked down a chiropractor I knew that went out of business 3 years ago. I knew he never sold his stuff because he was selling it to expensive for used stuff. So I asked about a few pieces of equipment. His prices haven't changed. WTF? Dude, it's not like wine were it increases with age. Computerized equipment which is 9 years old which has had 8 other models come out since is not worth the 9 grand you bought it for. Especially when models 2 years old are going for several hundred. Now I understand all the Craig's list rants.

Let's Party

The office is on course to break 100 visits this month. My coach had stated the possibility over a week ago and I was like maybe. However I have enough on the books already for the rest of the month to push pass that. So woohoo! My coach stated that I'm still letting my emotions rule me on this and I had to agree. This is great news, but when the money comes in and I'm not worrying about paying bills and things are late then I'll be happy.

So we brainstormed the next few steps of the business since it's really ramped up in the last 2 months and I want to be ready to switch gears and not stall out. I probably will open up the second room and get rid of the massage therapists since they don't bring in any business. I will then try and find a massage therapist to work with. I will not bring on a second chiropractor since I have a bad taste in my mouth with most of them. Yes I know this is surprising, but it's true. I'm sad to say that most got in it for the money instead of to help people and I don't like sticking it to people when they're hurting. So to regulate patients I'll probably raise prices so that I can keep what my patients enjoy the most. Lots of one to one time and me answering the phones. I tell its weird envisioning the business really grooving. It's been a long road so I've gotten use to it being slow.

I tell you I'm still not resentful for ex not getting Eric to the airport, but this is an old story. There is always something. I finally get a way to see Eric that makes it easier and more affordable for me and I get this monkey wrench. While I know her family wouldn't do it, I do know her friends would help her out with a car ride. However it's not happening and that's why we're not married anymore.


I'm sad to say that Eric won't be coming for a visit. My ex I guess is still not feeling well and wouldn't be able to drive him to the airport. It would an extra $200 to taxi them back and forth and that's almost what the whole flight cost would be. So we'll have to do it at another time.

I'm meeting the possible family that will be moving in with us for dinner tonight. Hopefully they won't pass the test. Since the mother has a solid plan to get back on her feet in 6 months the landlord is willing to give her the time. The kids are 7 and 13 which are older than he usually lets in the house. We'll see.

The other thing on my mind is with Inverse moving back in for 2 weeks will she start up her program of getting me to sleep with her. Since she's not going to be living there, I'm trying to see if I'm inclined or not.

News of the Day

Well the Landlord has offered to float me a loan to bring Eric down which I greatly appreciated. Especially since I always pay him and he still gives money to people that don't. Speaking of which, Inverse will be living with us for 2 weeks while she in between places starting this Friday. So expect many stories and I'll try to get a picture of her for you all since it's been requested.

I'm not looking forward to the possibility of a family of 2 living up on my side of the house. It's for 6 months to help this woman get back on her feet with her kids since she has a good job, just needs the time to build up.

The singles and I went to see Public Enemy tonight. Just before the movie started these two guys come in and look like the stereo typical crooks. Sunglasses, really bushy hair like it's a wig, and ratty t-shirts. 5 minutes into the movie 6 cops come in and arrest them. The group thanked me for the extra entertainment. It was awesome.

I've been trying to contact Eric, but to no avail and it's been 2 weeks since we talked. So my guess is that something is going on with my ex's dad. I'll have to text her tomorrow to try and get Eric's visit all worked out.

Feel Like I Do

The Landlord took Inverse out for her birthday last night. Now she's pretty poor so this story is really good. Any I was informed that the waiter was good looking so she wrote her name on a $20 bill and wrapped around her business card for the place she bar tends. LMAO she's paying now for dates. I don't see this working. However if this is the new way women are picking up guys, I'm all for it. Give me a $20 and I'll take you to Starbucks to see if we click and I'll be ahead which will be a first.

Day 6 of withdrawl seems to be going well. No more brain fire which is good, but brain fuzziness is happening for an hour or two in the morning. I'm still keeping myself under a microscope. The medication is one of the reasons I was able to separate from my ex. However I think it has done what it needs to do. I do feel like I've gotten a missing piece of me. I do have to admit it's the fun crazy part of me. For my long time readers, every time my landlord left I would air guitar around the house. However for a long time now I haven't done so because I just didn't want to. He was home this weekend and I was strumming. So that quirkiness that is me I think is back.

I called Eric tonight to tell him this month's visit isn't going to happen. I most likely will be able to do it next month. I'm generating the money in the office, but it has not arrived yet. What sucks is that this month would have been a week, but next month will only be a weekend. I do feel like a bad parent for disappointing him this way. He wasn't around for me to tell him though.

Slow Ride

I finally got to catch up with Shah. We went to chiropractic college together and she's one of the few people I still keep in (semi-) regular contact with. Business and relationships are the usual menu of conversation. I was surprised at how much I've learned over the years about relationships when I gave her some advice with talking with her husband.

However the most interesting thing of the whole conversation was the last minute when she said that she understood everything I said. Since you know me from the written word and not the spoken one. I'm a bit of a fast talker. It was nice to hear someone I've known for a long time tell me I've slowed down. I still get that I'm talking fast when I'm stressed and running late, but for the most part I'm better. A couple of months ago an old patient said the same thing.

Relationship Balance

Asp's party last night was fun, although it was a fly nightmare when we had the food out. Later on we brought out the fire pit and had a nice fire going. The weather really cooperated with a nice blue sky.

The interesting thing is that Server guy wants to ask Asp out. Because of the party he held off, but it was interesting watch him. We had the talk during the week. He was telling me you have to help women out which came up after talking to the pair of women last week at Panera. He offered to carry their bags when the went shopping. Afterwards I told him I don't carry bags. That's not entirely true. If I'm dating someone I have no problem helping out. However my point with him was that starting and basing a relationship on helping was a bad thing. It starts a power imbalance which will define the relationship. I can help you so I'm better and stronger while you need help and are weaker. Played out it goes in dismal directions. Either the person always needs help which gives you purpose, but there won't be any help for you. If they get better, you'll lose your purpose and may resent that they don't need you anymore.

Still no problems with medication stopping. I really didn't have any problems yesterday. I'm putting myself under a microscope to see if there are any changes that indicate my depression is coming back on.

Day 3 of Withdrawl

Well the withdrawal affects subsided before I went home last night so I never took my normal amount. I awoke this morning feeling great so I again took a half dose and we'll see how the day goes. The thing I remembered last night is that as long as I take the medication I'm considered a category 3 on the insurance charts. My health doesn't matter. So I'm charged up the yin yang for that. So at least when I get health insurance again it will be lower.

I'm bummed my last patient cancelled which made me 1 short for my 25 visit week. While not a record it was a solid number.

Well today I'm off to the gym and then some errands before I go to Asp's party tonight.

My Brain's on Fire

I suffer from Dysthymia. I've been on Lexapro for 5 years now for it and it works wonders. However without insurance it can be costly at $3 a pill. I really have no side effects except it takes me a little longer to start to pee. In a experiment to see if acupuncture would cover me instead of the medicine I'm weaning myself off. Acupuncture works wonders on me for everything else. However SSR withdrawal is not fun. I tried cold turkey many years ago and that was a freakin' nightmare. I did some research this time and was told it would be about 8 weeks long. Holy shit! I can feel the withdrawal today. My vision is blurring every once and a while and I have the brain fire going on. However I don't feel depressed. I can't do 8 weeks of this so I guess I'll go back on. I'm happy I have no other problem with the medicine. Now I just need to wait to I get home to take the other half of my medicine today.

Saying Goodbye

I'm a bit confused right now. I think the massage therapist across the hall is closing up shop. I won't be surprised at that since she runs the business like a hobby. When I came in this morning she was carting everything out of her office. She didn't stop into say anything, although her sign is still on the door. I hate saying goodbye to people. Growing up we were constantly moving and saying goodbye to people was a normal thing. It sparks thoughts of major changes for me even when there are none. Actually her moving out makes it better for me since I can get all her massages for my therapists. My thoughts and feeling at the moment are irrational, but they usually are.

It's dead here in the office today. I'm cleaning and catching up on paperwork. I want to drop off my coupons today at some local businesses, but the sky just opened up. Hopefully it won't drive the humidity back up. It was so wonderful this morning with NO humidity.

Celebrity Hulu

I tell you with Facebook I feel like a celebrity. My female friends wonder when I'm posting new beach hiking pictures. There's a whole discussion on if I really work. Forget it if I say what I'm up to. It's like the telephone line game. It gets so distorted by the 10+ comment. LMAO. It's like when did my life get so exciting?
Have you heard of Hulu? It's a free site to watch television shows, even the cable ones. Why didn't anyone tell me about this? I can catch up on a few things that I've wanted to check out, but not have to pay for cable.

Stranger in a Strange Land

I guess sometimes I don't things through. A business associate invited me tonight to her maternity store for a big sale night she was having. I was one of the professionals she had there. I kind of knew I would be the only guy there, but I didn't truly conceptualize it. Women's boutique, store full of women, and sales. The was another chiropractor there. I talked to her for a while. I met some great contacts for my patients, but really didn't talk to any of the pregnant ladies. I found out they all thought I was some one's husband just standing around waiting for her to finish shopping. This revelation came about when one woman complimented me on being so patient.

I have to admit it was a weird scenario. All the women walking into the store are married and pregnant. All the girls working there are in their 20's like the owner. The big story of the night was a woman passed out while getting a chair massage. They took her to the hospital.

While I didn't get any patients, I was happy to help a few of the business people out with contacts and learn about there businesses so I could pass them onto my patients.

Borrowing From Peter to Pay Paul

I had a good realization on the way from the gym this morning. It's something that I knew already, but it fully hadn't sunk in yet. Besides my money problems, life is really good. I love my career, my friends, where I live, etc. So it put it all in perspective which is something I need theses days. Food, gas, bills, they're all a struggle this month. I'm happy it's the last big payment for my Mom so I can go back to using the money for bills.

I saw Star Trek again with the singles last night and I enjoyed it much more the second time around. I think it didn't have to try to get pass all my barriers of what they were going to do with the franchise.

I'm so happy to say it's cooler here today. It's still hot, but at least no heat index of 1-5. I'll hit the pavement again tomorrow to drop off coupons for the office. I was very happy to have brought a change of clothes yesterday because I was drenched with sweat for the small amount of time I was out there. I didn't feel like dealing with it today. It's a busy day in the office, plus I have a maternity event tonight to talk to many pregnant ladies.

The Landlord should be home tonight if not tomorrow night. The week has gone fast, but I'll be happy to have him back. He left a lot of store bought meals this time and they were small on the portion size. So it was a lot of scrounging to fill up.

The Sharp Nut

Okay this is a strange story. I wasn't even going to share it since I didn't know how to explain it. Anyway yesterday I got up like normal, showered, got dressed and went about my day. At no point throughout the day did I get undressed. Anyway at 6:30 I stopped at Hardees to grab a quick bite to eat on my way to a meeting. After ordering I get a not great feeling in my left nut. I figured something got caught, moved wrong, etc. So I do a little shift and it's okay. On my way to the meeting it comes and goes depending on how I move. Since it's not constant I don't pay much attention.
Anyway three quarters through my meeting the sweet tea has done it's work and I walk to the bathroom. I'm taking a piss and I feel that sharp pain again. Enough is enough is my thought. So as soon as I'm finished I figured I'll just fix the elastic on that side. I reach in to only hit something sharp. WTF? After a few seconds of wondering what's sharp there. I fish around again only to pull out this huge toe nail clipping. Now it only gets better. It's not mine!!!

So I'm guessing in having a few people do the laundry in the house I got someone elses toe nail.

The Inverse Business

In talking with my business coach yesterday I changed some of my stats to better see how the office is doing. I learned from one of my old bosses to keep these important numbers to see how things are going. I may be seeing more patients than ever, but I'm billing 50% less per patient than I was doing in January. More work, less money. WTF??? I know what it is. The two lowest insurances Medicare and Optima have become my dominant patients. These insurances pay less than my cash patients. All my other insurances compensate me more than cash which is great, but they have been coming in less and less. At this point it still is worth taking these insurances since it's better than nothing.

I'm dreading going out today to market. The heat index is 105. Oye!!! I actually brought a change of shirt so I can change when I'm finished since I know I'm going to be drenched in sweat.


I kind of feel like I'm in a whirlwind today. One of my patients bounced a check with me which sucks since I'm now in the red in the bank and I have to collect from her. I don't see it being a problem getting the money from her, but you never know. Plus I hope it doesn't affect her coming in.

I'm swinging from paying one bill to another with a few falling behind. Money is slowly coming in, but not fast enough for me. I'm starting to get negative since a patient just cancelled. All I know is I just keep putting one foot in front of another and I'll get through this. Unless I'm walking the plank then I'm screwed!

Today marked a first. One of my patients has terminal cancer. For the last few months I was wondering should I look in the obits for any of my senior patients, but there has to be a better way online to do that. Anyway I knew he was sick and had other problems going on. So his wife stopped by to pay his bill and fill me in. I thought it was very sweet that he wanted to come all month to talk to me and tell me what was going on, but the medicine has been knocking him off of his feet.

I tell you I do hate complete cash patients for one reason. If I need to refer the out to someone, who is the best person that's just not going to waste their money. I see how it is with people with insurance and them getting the run around. As you can tell I have a patient that I'm running out things to do for her, but not quite sure where to send her. I might have to just send her to where I would do if they had insurance (cringe).

Panera Bread

I tell you, I'm liking Panera Bread on a Saturday afternoon. I meet attractive women that are hitting on me. Last time it was the Asian. This time I noticed a pair of women sitting behind where I had set up for game night. One was very attractive from across the room. Anyway just sitting there with my back to them they started a conversation up with me. I invited them to join, but they wanted to go shopping instead. I had my opportunity to ask her out, but passed. Sitting around yesterday I had the realization of being in a relationship most of my life. So it's nice to be single and enjoy my time alone. I've matured in many areas over the last few years and I think this is another one. I'm not saying how long it will last. Hey, knowing me I'll ask someone out tomorrow.
Not much on my plate today except staying cool. It's suppose to be in the upper 90's today. I stuck my hand out to get the paper today and I can believe it. I'm going to the Funny Bone tonight with the singles. I think I would rather jump tables and sit with L and her friends. Tango girl was suppose to go, but she cancelled and I'm stuck with another girl who I don't particularly like. The good thing is she's bringing 2 friend along so hopefully it will dilute all her diarrhea of the mouth.

Did I Mention ...

One of the massage therapist I have is very attractive, young, and just divorced. The other is a guy and we won't talk about him. Anyway I totally forgot where I got her from. Then I'm on FB today and I'm looking up my friends to see how they're doing. So I'm on the Model's page when I see her and that she has a FB account. Then it all comes together. She's an ex model too as per her photo.

The Wedgie Karma

For me it's hard to know when I'm angry, to feel it, and then express it. It took me a while to realize I was angry with the bitch of a massage therapist. See colorful metaphors indicating anger. So I've talked about it enough to have felt it and expressed it even though nothing was said to her. Karma will strike her with a wedgie and then all will be right with the universe.

It was funny L asked me about the event on FB. So I emailed her back how it went since the friend I went to support was on FB. L hoped she didn't put me in a spot. I told her no and that I would tell my friend I had fun and that I left after eating food and not wanting to wait for a massage. 30 seconds later my friend called. LMAO. At least I knew what I was going to say.

Today has been a fun day. The morning was back to back patients which all flowed nicely. Learning from the book I'm reading now - the 4 Hour Work Week, that avoiding all no work stuff like FB and checking email makes it very easy to do work.

The Event

One of my friends had a client appreciation tonight. She had cross marketed with a few others. It was held in a condo on the beach that was for sale. 1.3 million dollar condo to be exact. Personally I didn't care for it. Like my brother's place, everything is spread out over 3 floors. At least his bedrooms are on the 3rd floor. This place had them on the second which is right between everything. I had stopped by to show my support and hopefully get a chair massage.

Oye! Now I usually like being the only guy in a house filled with women, but not this time. All the women were pretty foo foo and not my type, but many were checking me out. I grabbed some veggies to eat since everything else was cup cakes. All the juice was diet and I passed on all the wine. I did talk to one lady who told me about her daughter being in chiropractic college. It was funny, once she found out I had been in this profession for 14 years now then her attitude changed with me.

The worse was when I was looking into getting a massage. I ran into a salon owner who I had talked to many months ago. She was the best since at least she praised me for my weekly motivations before she tried to sell me anything. I don't know if I somehow give the appearance of wealth or something, but women just kept coming up to me and pointing out something about the house. Honestly unless you're getting naked with me in one of them I really don't give a crap. One of the salon ladies was right in my face talking about her business.

However the worse was the massage therapist. She came to my office a while back. She agreed she wanted the space, set up a date, and said she would call. This was the first I've heard from her. Anyway she asked about the massage therapist in my office and how they were doing. I told her slow with the economy. She then tries to sell me on office space in her place as she puts down mine. WTF! It left a real sour taste in my mouth. Since I would never hit a lady, I think a wedgie may have been in order. She told me I could get a massage in an hour. I said hi to my friend and bailed.

The Train has Left the Station

I finally got all caught up with all my blog reading. Only when I'm busy and can't read do I realize how many blogs I read cause they really add up fast when you don't read them. It's like rabbits on Viagra. I've been trying over the last few days to easy the load, but the unending entries was undoing all my work. I did perfect my system of who I can read fast and who I need time to read.
Yes I'm still grumbling about seeing more patients and making less money. While I know intellectually it will all work out in time. Here in the now it sucks. I am happy to know that my business is gaining ground while everyone else is losing it.

I am so looking forward to my friend's client appreciation tonight. I supplied the massage therapist for free chair massages and I can use one. OVDC is on vacation this week so I didn't get adjusted this week. With all the extra work and I've been hitting the weights heavier I can feel the toll on my body.
It's funny with German girl. We've known each other for 3 years now. Not a week has gone by that we haven't emailed each other. There is no dating chemistry between us, but we both think each other is very attractive. So it was very funny yesterday on FB when she's demanding shirtless photos of me on my hikes with L.

Still Blogging & Kicking

Wow I'm missing days of blogging. That's something strange for me since I do at least one entry a day. However it's been a busy week which I'm happy about. It will be a record week unless many unforeseen events happen. With events happening the last 2 nights I haven't had time to really be on the computer for entertainment purposes. Blogging is therapeutic for me so I need to remember to find a place for it in my daily life. While the patient load has increased, money still hasn't. I know there is the insurance lag time, but I still don't have to like it. I'm not happy because I'm struggling with money. So when everything catches up it should be better. However I don't like paying bills late which seems to be the norm this month.

Every once in a blue moon my broadband connection freaks out a work. Hey today's the day. I'm use to having dial up at home and just check minor things. However at work I'm use to going where I please and to not be able to do that really sucks.

Tomorrow my Landlord leaves for a week so I'll have the place to myself. I'm pretty much take it or leave it. While I use to look forward to the air guitar time, nowadays it doesn't much matter. Unless it's dinner time we don't interact which I like. I think I'm matured through the time of having the parents out of the house to go crazy which was something I didn't have when I was younger.

Make the Jump to Hyperspace

If you remember I was trying to crack the 7 ceiling and I finally did that last week to my extreme happiness. Today I blew past 8 to a record of 9 patients for a day. Woohoo it's time for the happy dance if I wasn't so tired. It's funny a few years ago I did on average 80 patients a day and I was bored if I did 60. Although back then I did a lot less with each patient. Nowadays I'm happy with 8-10 a day. Now it's just keeping it up there.

It was a good influx of money also for the day. I'm very tired of scrounging for gas and food money. Still can't go crazy with anything since all the bills are now due. My biggest worry is if can bring Eric down or not this month. It'll all depend on when money comes in which I hate. Before last years insurance crisis I could pretty much plan on my payment dates, but since then it's been pretty ramdom which I don't like.

Is that body fluids?

It was funny today. I stopped by the thrift store on the way to my storage unit and there on the shelves was the Spanish CD's I was going to scrounge around my unit for. I was looking at them for $3 or get dirty looking for them. I know I had finally put them away not to long ago, but I had reorganized the unit so I had no clue where they would be. Well 20 minutes later and a pool of sweat I gave up. I would have to drag out more boxed than I wanted to and I was soaked from all the humidity. One thing I did learn afterwards is that I can download a different one from the virtual library at our library. I not fully understanding that, but I'll see tomorrow when I have a hi-speed connection.

My hike with L got pushed back to tomorrow so I picked up some DVD's at the library. I'm still an anime fan and I picked up Ghosthunt which turned out to be a real enjoyable series. Besides that I finished my glow in the dark puzzle. It was missing 3 pieces which the landlord joked about getting them from the thrift store. He for less than a dollar I can live with it since it's going right back there when I'm finished. This time around I'm doing a CSI puzzle. It's suppose to have a UV light to see the solution to the mystery. However the clue booklet pages are all stuck together so I think they took it so you couldn't see that it was all bodily fluids.

The Landlord announced that he would be leaving Thursday for about a week to visit family. It'll be nice to have the place to myself. However it's these times that I do realize how much I enjoy talking with someone over dinner.

Ja Booty!!!

Our monthly meet & greet went very well last night. Most everyone showed up that said they would which was great. I saw Smile girl there. I didn't say anything, even though we left off okay many months ago. Our waitress was jaw dropping attractive and I remembered my brother's comment about all the hot looking waitresses down here.
The place was awesome. It was right on the water so the breeze kept us cool from the summer heat. The place has 4-5 bars and 2 stages so it was a happening place. We told Asp and Saturn girl that they were good girls. Saturn girl was okay with it after being raised Irish Catholic, but Asp didn't take it so well for some reason. So that brought about sexual truth questions between all of us with Server guy and Savant. We did it for many hours and it was pretty damn funny with all the jokes.
I have to admit I'm enjoying how the Photographer looks at my muscles now. A couple of months ago she went to poke me and she found out that I'm more solid than when we went out. So every time we're out either she's looking at my arms or poking me.
Today I'm heading over to my storage unit to find my Spanish CD's to refresh myself. I'm trying to break everything down into bite sized pieces. If I can do 15 minutes a day I'll be very happy.
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