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If you remember I was trying to crack the 7 ceiling and I finally did that last week to my extreme happiness. Today I blew past 8 to a record of 9 patients for a day. Woohoo it's time for the happy dance if I wasn't so tired. It's funny a few years ago I did on average 80 patients a day and I was bored if I did 60. Although back then I did a lot less with each patient. Nowadays I'm happy with 8-10 a day. Now it's just keeping it up there.

It was a good influx of money also for the day. I'm very tired of scrounging for gas and food money. Still can't go crazy with anything since all the bills are now due. My biggest worry is if can bring Eric down or not this month. It'll all depend on when money comes in which I hate. Before last years insurance crisis I could pretty much plan on my payment dates, but since then it's been pretty ramdom which I don't like.

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