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There's a New Hero in Town

Well it went better at the dentist office than I thought which a good thing. I would rather be over prepared than under. I also got to work my flirting muscles with the receptionist which was fun. The dentist did give me a heads up which was when I floss to slide it out instead of pulling it up and out which is probably how I loosened it up in the first place.

So far I've been able to get 5 more visits which has been helpful. 3 of them were cash which makes up for most of my loss so far. There is still 3 1/2 more days so hopefully I can get a few more. At least now I'm back on schedule for doing 108 for the month which will be double what I did last August.

I did remember that I had the listings for all the free health clinics in Southeast Virginia. So I passed the information on. It was interesting because L had contacted me with the same problem. She has a friend that needs a referral so he can get surgery. He has the money for the surgery, but no referral and no doctor will see him without insurance. What a catch 21. He has Crohn's disease so he's uninsurable.

I want to thank Beth over at Nutwood Junction for the superhero info.Very cool.

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