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The office is on course to break 100 visits this month. My coach had stated the possibility over a week ago and I was like maybe. However I have enough on the books already for the rest of the month to push pass that. So woohoo! My coach stated that I'm still letting my emotions rule me on this and I had to agree. This is great news, but when the money comes in and I'm not worrying about paying bills and things are late then I'll be happy.

So we brainstormed the next few steps of the business since it's really ramped up in the last 2 months and I want to be ready to switch gears and not stall out. I probably will open up the second room and get rid of the massage therapists since they don't bring in any business. I will then try and find a massage therapist to work with. I will not bring on a second chiropractor since I have a bad taste in my mouth with most of them. Yes I know this is surprising, but it's true. I'm sad to say that most got in it for the money instead of to help people and I don't like sticking it to people when they're hurting. So to regulate patients I'll probably raise prices so that I can keep what my patients enjoy the most. Lots of one to one time and me answering the phones. I tell its weird envisioning the business really grooving. It's been a long road so I've gotten use to it being slow.

I tell you I'm still not resentful for ex not getting Eric to the airport, but this is an old story. There is always something. I finally get a way to see Eric that makes it easier and more affordable for me and I get this monkey wrench. While I know her family wouldn't do it, I do know her friends would help her out with a car ride. However it's not happening and that's why we're not married anymore.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

It's seems to be "the thing" with people I know (or know through blogging). When they have kids and an ex, the ex is always a pain in the butt. Sorry dude. I would hope it gets better, but after this long, you know it probably won't.

Chin up!

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