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Sane Friends


Well before I get to the title I have to vent. I swear I'm going to go buy and bat and start smashing heads every time I get a complaint about having to pay $5 for an annual membership. Tonight pain in my ass is complaining that the other groups are free and he doesn't see anything interesting that we do. That's okay. Go someplace else then. Don't stay here and complain. Unfreakinbelievable!!!

Anyway it was game night with the singles. It was a small group tonight and the Photographer was there. She sat next to me, but as people came and left we ended up on opposite sides of the table. So I thought it was a good time to practice some synchronization techniques. Mirroring is another term for it. I would do it for a while than break and then go back. I guessed what would happen and it did. We were playing Scruples and when I synced with her she asked me questions, when I didn't she asked others around the table. It's a technique to form a comfortable connection with someone. I still need more practice with it since I still think too much with it.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

See, this is why you need a $5 annual fee. To keep the cheapskates like that man out.

I hope you told him to kiss your ass.

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