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Sane Friends

Slow Ride

I finally got to catch up with Shah. We went to chiropractic college together and she's one of the few people I still keep in (semi-) regular contact with. Business and relationships are the usual menu of conversation. I was surprised at how much I've learned over the years about relationships when I gave her some advice with talking with her husband.

However the most interesting thing of the whole conversation was the last minute when she said that she understood everything I said. Since you know me from the written word and not the spoken one. I'm a bit of a fast talker. It was nice to hear someone I've known for a long time tell me I've slowed down. I still get that I'm talking fast when I'm stressed and running late, but for the most part I'm better. A couple of months ago an old patient said the same thing.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I didn't notice you as being a fast talker any time we've met up, but, shrug, you are living further south than where you used to live, and sometimes I'd rather hear someone talking slightly fast over too drawling slow........

Glad you could give her some useful info.

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