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Friday's Bumps & Grinds

I tell you if society views on commitment are similar to joining my singles group we're in serious trouble. I'm really getting tired of people emailing me wondering what we do. The description is pretty good and it's not like you have to pay to join. Just pay in the first 30 days. One I think people are so afraid to be locked into something and the second people are lazy and don't want to read. How do I know this? The repeated question of how do I join? I don't know? Maybe you hit the big freaking "JOIN" button that the other 100+ people hit. Darwin's law at work. These people are too stupid to join which makes them less likely to breed.

I have to admit with each telling of my ex wife story I am getting angrier. A lot of it is just memories of how it was when we were married and how it just mirrors today. Truly what pisses me off is that Eric is the lowest common denominator and he is the one that all this affects. My ex doesn't take responsibility for anything. So I was "surprised" when Eric called me once we had settled that there would be no visit. He then asked were we getting together so I knew she didn't say anything. I'll never bad mouth her so I just told him that we both couldn't swing it this time.

I'm also angry because this has been one of my plans for years of getting him to fly by himself and my ex found a way to screw us over on it too. I'm hoping this doesn't become a permanent problem.

I tell you I'm not use to being busy in the office. It's a nice problem, but small stuff is starting to fall to the way side. Like phone calls for insurance stuff. I think I need to start forming a list of this stuff so I can get someone to take care of it part time. A virtual assistant would work wonders with this stuff since I wouldn't lose any office space.

I tracked down a chiropractor I knew that went out of business 3 years ago. I knew he never sold his stuff because he was selling it to expensive for used stuff. So I asked about a few pieces of equipment. His prices haven't changed. WTF? Dude, it's not like wine were it increases with age. Computerized equipment which is 9 years old which has had 8 other models come out since is not worth the 9 grand you bought it for. Especially when models 2 years old are going for several hundred. Now I understand all the Craig's list rants.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Congrats on your office being busy.

You know, it's always the dumbest ones that end up breeding. God help us all.....

Sorry to hear about the ex. You are a great dad and doing the best you can to provide for your son. And I think that he knows that.

Yeah, I meet guys like that chiropractor when it comes to renting a room. Overcharging and misleading.

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