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Sane Friends

Ja Booty!!!

Our monthly meet & greet went very well last night. Most everyone showed up that said they would which was great. I saw Smile girl there. I didn't say anything, even though we left off okay many months ago. Our waitress was jaw dropping attractive and I remembered my brother's comment about all the hot looking waitresses down here.
The place was awesome. It was right on the water so the breeze kept us cool from the summer heat. The place has 4-5 bars and 2 stages so it was a happening place. We told Asp and Saturn girl that they were good girls. Saturn girl was okay with it after being raised Irish Catholic, but Asp didn't take it so well for some reason. So that brought about sexual truth questions between all of us with Server guy and Savant. We did it for many hours and it was pretty damn funny with all the jokes.
I have to admit I'm enjoying how the Photographer looks at my muscles now. A couple of months ago she went to poke me and she found out that I'm more solid than when we went out. So every time we're out either she's looking at my arms or poking me.
Today I'm heading over to my storage unit to find my Spanish CD's to refresh myself. I'm trying to break everything down into bite sized pieces. If I can do 15 minutes a day I'll be very happy.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike,
Sounds like a great time. I think I'm starting to recognize some of the faces in your group!

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