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Day 3 of Withdrawl

Well the withdrawal affects subsided before I went home last night so I never took my normal amount. I awoke this morning feeling great so I again took a half dose and we'll see how the day goes. The thing I remembered last night is that as long as I take the medication I'm considered a category 3 on the insurance charts. My health doesn't matter. So I'm charged up the yin yang for that. So at least when I get health insurance again it will be lower.

I'm bummed my last patient cancelled which made me 1 short for my 25 visit week. While not a record it was a solid number.

Well today I'm off to the gym and then some errands before I go to Asp's party tonight.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Amazing how some health insurance companies can get away with that, you utilize health care, therefore you must be at higher risk?


I hope I never lose mine, b/c they can't deny me or charge me more b/c of that type of bs.

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