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Sunday Afternoon

I tell you I made a mistake when setting up everything for my second business. In making the email account a Google account, I have to sign in and sign out everything now. Reader, email, blogger, etc. What a freaking pain! So far everyone is liking the site, now I just need to get some sales.

Relaxing today down at Starbucks with a gift card. Yellow tooth is here with his latest victim. The last guy who was relaxing in the comfy chair just had to leave. He should have just told Yellow Tooth to STFU.

Since I've heard so many good things about the movie Up. I'm going to see it this afternoon at the bargain house. Then it'll be a ride over to the Funny bone with the singles.

I tell you, I'm very surprised that the landlord is letting the new person move in. From her own admission she's a slob while the landlord is obsessive neat freak. Ah chaos will reign.

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