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Sane Friends

Let the Show Begin

Well today is #2 in the new cast of characters at the house. I think I will name the new lady Enigma since I can't figure something out here. Enigma is a desperate mom that has moved in with her two kids. I can't tell if she'll be out on 9/11 or have settled all her expenses with the landlord by then. She has a desperate look in her eye and I think she has dumped everything in her desperation. I'm not quite sure if she's up to snuff with getting with the flow of the household.

Now on the flip side her kids (a girl 7 and a boy 13), to be nicknamed later, are poster children for good kids. I actually like them more than her. They're smart, nice, and polite. She did something good, but interacting with her I don't see where it came from.

The health fair went well today. I did find out from many people that my prices were very reasonable. Also that many people there have tried to get chiropractic care, but have gotten the usual extravagant treatment plans and can't afford $2000 a month. So I felt validated in the way I treat my patients.

I was expecting it to be cool today, but it was another swelter house of a day. The rain that cooled it off; came too late in the day for me to go to storage to start purging stuff. I have the hankering to get rid of a lot of stuff that 5-6 years ago I wanted, but now it's like just dead weight to me. So it needs to be purged. I'm hoping tomorrow will be cool enough for that to happen.

I have 2 more days of what's left of my medicine to go. So far everything is going well and I hope it continues. I've been waking a little earlier which makes me wonder since early waking is a symptom of depression. I've been able to fall back to sleep after a while, but it is a new thing. So I'll keep an eye on it.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

It's nice to know that the children are well behaved.

I have a feeling that Enigma will give the landlord the big stiffy like Inverse did.

Interesting home life you have.

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