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Borrowing From Peter to Pay Paul

I had a good realization on the way from the gym this morning. It's something that I knew already, but it fully hadn't sunk in yet. Besides my money problems, life is really good. I love my career, my friends, where I live, etc. So it put it all in perspective which is something I need theses days. Food, gas, bills, they're all a struggle this month. I'm happy it's the last big payment for my Mom so I can go back to using the money for bills.

I saw Star Trek again with the singles last night and I enjoyed it much more the second time around. I think it didn't have to try to get pass all my barriers of what they were going to do with the franchise.

I'm so happy to say it's cooler here today. It's still hot, but at least no heat index of 1-5. I'll hit the pavement again tomorrow to drop off coupons for the office. I was very happy to have brought a change of clothes yesterday because I was drenched with sweat for the small amount of time I was out there. I didn't feel like dealing with it today. It's a busy day in the office, plus I have a maternity event tonight to talk to many pregnant ladies.

The Landlord should be home tonight if not tomorrow night. The week has gone fast, but I'll be happy to have him back. He left a lot of store bought meals this time and they were small on the portion size. So it was a lot of scrounging to fill up.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

How could you love your place so much after one of your roommate's toe nail clippings got caught in your man sac ?

And what's so great about it with all the crazies you write about ?

I guess I can't really say anything, because I put up with a lot of shit in my last place before I decided to move. The defining moment was when he wanted to increase the bills by at least $100 and then told me if I wanted to not pay the extra amount, that I would have to let his girlfriend along with her crying 2 year old with ADD move in. I was like "move them in, I am moving out."


LOL I like your sign...I normally say, "Im so broke, I can't pay attention."

I don't know how you west coast peeps do it, with all that humidity!! I will take 115 dry heat ANYday!

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