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The Landlord took Inverse out for her birthday last night. Now she's pretty poor so this story is really good. Any I was informed that the waiter was good looking so she wrote her name on a $20 bill and wrapped around her business card for the place she bar tends. LMAO she's paying now for dates. I don't see this working. However if this is the new way women are picking up guys, I'm all for it. Give me a $20 and I'll take you to Starbucks to see if we click and I'll be ahead which will be a first.

Day 6 of withdrawl seems to be going well. No more brain fire which is good, but brain fuzziness is happening for an hour or two in the morning. I'm still keeping myself under a microscope. The medication is one of the reasons I was able to separate from my ex. However I think it has done what it needs to do. I do feel like I've gotten a missing piece of me. I do have to admit it's the fun crazy part of me. For my long time readers, every time my landlord left I would air guitar around the house. However for a long time now I haven't done so because I just didn't want to. He was home this weekend and I was strumming. So that quirkiness that is me I think is back.

I called Eric tonight to tell him this month's visit isn't going to happen. I most likely will be able to do it next month. I'm generating the money in the office, but it has not arrived yet. What sucks is that this month would have been a week, but next month will only be a weekend. I do feel like a bad parent for disappointing him this way. He wasn't around for me to tell him though.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Oh for the love of the sweet baby Jesus, will you take a pic of the little air guitar number???? LOL PLEASE tell me that you do this in you under shorts!!!!


You are indeed a quirky guy, lol. But I say that as I toss stones out of the glass house.

You are doing the best you can as a father, I am sure your son knows that.


Well, I'm glad he wasn't around to tell him, as now you CAN have him come visit! So, yeah:)

Medicines are there for a reason, and you even say that it did help you. And, you have come a long way. If you don't need what it was doing for you, then yeah, let YOU back out, quirky or not. Good to be keeping an eye on it, however.
You'll figure it out.

You never did claim that Inverse was rational or good with her money management:)

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