Going Sane in a Crazy World

My journey through life and the lessons I learn to help me grow spiritually.

Sane Friends

Feelings ... Woe oh oh feelings

One of the things I get with interacting with more and more people is the ability to work on the little parts of me that I can't do alone. Well I got hit with another one today. I've been enjoying the friendship with Spa girl and getting into my groove with it after setting some boundaries up. Anyway she was happy today since they were going to move the spa to a better location. It's a good move for them, but I was sad. Spa girl picked it up before it had even registered with me. I know it has nothing to do with her just old tapes.

When I was young I moved enough times to be an army brat. So having friends ripped away from me was common place. So nowadays when it happens and I'm not the cause it still brings up old wounds. So I'm just feeling them now. Most likely I didn't do them way back then that's for sure. The biggest thing for me is to just feel them and not try to down play or cover them up which are my old ways.


What I have learned over the years is that you never remove anything without putting some thing healthy in its place. I was going to let pizza choose my days that I worked then I realized I was being nuts. So I choose Wed and Fri so I could still have my weekends free and schedule patients. So I've opened the office later the other 3 nights since more people want to come in later. If I can fill these it will more than pay for not doing pizza. I can barely take doing it anymore. The biggest thing is the time to money ratio of both businesses. The other is being tired, wear and tear on the car, and always the threat of being jumped.

Talking to the MT today during my massage and she has decided not to move. Well this kind of changes my plans to open my extra room for a massage therapist. She still might move out of the park though so their is a chance. So I'm left wondering how to make that room make me money. A second treatment room doesn't really do it for me. I am thinking about just making it an office so all the paperwork is not out in front. I don't have to do anything today so it will take some thought.

Thursday 13

Thirteen Sexual Quotes.

1. "Anyone who says that gratuitous sex is no substitute for gratuitous violence obviously hasn't had enough gratuitous sex." (Geoff Spear)
2. "I love sex. It's free and doesn't require special shoes." (Anonymous)
3. "For me, love is very deep, but sex only has to go a few inches." (Stacy Nelkin)
4. "Housework is like bad sex. Every time I do it I swear I will never do it again. Until the next time company comes." (Marilyn Sokol)
5. "The only difference between friends and lovers is about four minutes." (Scott Roeben)
6. "There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that." (Lewis Grizzard)
7. "I read so many bad things about sex that I had to give up reading." (Anonymous)
8. "Sex and golf are the two things you can enjoy even if you're not good at them." (Kevin Costner, Tin Cup)
9. "Just saying 'no' prevents teenage pregnancy the way 'Have a nice day' cures chronic depression." (Faye Wattleton)
10. "I like my sex the way I play basketball, one on one with as little dribbling as possible." (Leslie Nielsen)
11. "Science is a lot like sex. Sometimes something useful comes of it, but that's not the reason we're doing it." (Richard Feynman)
12. "If sex doesn't scare the cat, you're not doing it right." (Anonymous)
13. "I've tried several varieties of sex. The conventional position makes me claustrophobic and the others give me a stiff neck or lockjaw." (Tallulah Bankhead)

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Yes This Again

This is totally my problem with Spa girl. She is so damn attractive. While a deeper relationship has left my mind, sex is still there. Although I know you don't sleep with the crazy lady if you don't want a relationship. Truth be told it's not my style either so I know I'm not in good waters. So I know if I keep talking (blogging) about it the less chance I have of doing anything.

Well I finally got Christmas cards done and out today. 59 went out today and I know I'll have a few more as more new patients come in. However I'm happy to have than done with.

The biggest hurdle I seem to be dealing with now is having a "normal" life. Worked very hard over the last 7 years to get to this point where most things in my life are calm and the extreme dramas of the past are gone. However I feel sort of empty without it. The constant pressure has been lifted and I feel its absence and I don't know what to make of it. I know gratitude for having these calm days would help, but I am still stuck on where's the shit?


Early morning business meeting, long day at work, gym, and dancing the night away has made me tired. My brain is actually fuzzy. It was a good day and I so do not want to go to pizza tomorrow. With the office doing well I just don't want to work the hours for small pay. However I know December is a slow month for everyone except retail. So I worry. I'll keep it twice a week until the holidays are over and then make a decision.

Perceptions and reality are funny things. Talking to MT today and while I was mentioning I taught Eric some boxing she was like I didn't know you do that. She knew some of the list, but when I reviewed the boxing, Filipino stick fighting, Wing Chun, other kung fu styles, and some fencing. I was pretty impressed with myself. I have done a lot in a while, but it's all still stored up in my brain. I forget life has been full.

The other is women. As many of my friends point out I seem to have no trouble finding women even though it never feels that way. Although I talk about many of the women I go out with or try to. There is always a slew of them that for some reason or another never work out. Take a women at the bar tonight during salsa. We were doing a complicated move so my attention was on that. However I looked up and this women is giving me the eye with a big smile. The litmus test on her was pretty neutral which was strange and rare. So I went back to dancing figuring I could figure it out afterwards, but she left. No biggie. I guess my old like of being young and nervous to ask women out hasn't fully moved up to the present.

TMI Tuesday

1. Are you a member of the mile high club? No. I tried to suggest that to the ex, but that went over like a lead balloon.

2. What is the most public place you have ever had sex? An office, but it was behind closed doors.

3. What is your most embarrassing family moment? Wow. I don't embarrass easy and nothing comes to mind. Wait when I was 3 my brother's GF made a birthday cake for me and put it on the table under a Tupperware cover. I made plenty of roads in that icing. It was a big surprise for everyone when it was uncovered.

4. What kind of birth control do you use? condoms. I rather use them than rely on someone else.

5. Have you ever had sex in the snow? Rain? God no. I like to be relaxed and not freezing.

Bonus (as in optional):Describe your flirting technique: innuendo, telling a dirty joke, talking about sex life, or physical contact? I don't really have one except being real.

That's Odd

Spa girl called me before I left the office to tell me how it went at the doctor's. She said that she had torn a muscle in her shoulder and gave her some medication. I explained a few things to her about it and offered if she wanted to stop by tomorrow I would take a look at it for her.

She then said we would have to celebrate my birthday another night. ??????????? I didn't know we were celebrating tonight? Glad I'm in the loop. This seems to be getting weirder by the day. Friend status might be pushing it here. The witness protection program is looking pretty good about now.


Jeez even with 3 reschedules I was still able to pull off a new record for busiest day. I was feeling really cocky this morning since I was way over in the books and figured even with the usual reschedule I would be okay. Then it started and I actually dipped down below. Oh the horror. Will I never break 5 in a day. Then the phone started ringing and people wanted to come in. So it is a nice B-day present to me to do 6. That's the small celebration the big one is that I am way over my month record with four more days to go. It will be a record week if all goes well. I need to talk to my manager and tell her only 2 days a week. I marked it on the sheet for 3, but she ignored it. I want my free time now.

Well It's Really Official

Well I'm officially in my forties today. Yes I'm 41 not that I really care. I friend asked that the other day and I was like whatever. Since I've been on my own the past few years the birthday hasn't been that big. I guess with no one to really celebrate with it does lose some of its luster.

I was hoping to break a record today which would have been a nice present. Well my first patient rescheduled. However 3 others wanted to come in. So that puts me past it with some to spare. Now I just have to wait.

Well I'm going to go out dancing tonight to celebrate my birthday. I haven't been able to make Monday nights for the last 2 weeks so it will be good to get back. Also I know many people there so it will be nice. I bought myself the first half of my presents for myself yesterday. I got Teen Titans season 4 and the new Futurama book since I'm a huge fan. I'll buy the new movie when it comes out tomorrow to finish up the presents. Hey got to be good to myself.

Run! Run Very Fast

Well Spa girl called me to wish me a Happy Birthday. I was with a patient so I called her back. I come to find out that she had fallen down the stairs due to one of the dogs. When she feel apart on the phone it was like dealing with my ex. That also was the exact feeling I had when she cancelled on Saturday sine it was one of my ex's big excuses. The want to slam the phone down and run was big. However I am very grateful not to be in the relationship cause I would be jumping ship right now.

Sunday in Review

Well I do want to thank everyone for their views on my decision on Spa Girl. While I know the choice is right I usually get somewhat anxious after making it. Also the benefit from hearing from so many is different aspects I hadn't really thought of or clarifying my own thoughts. So I seem to have no trouble finding women or them finding me in the last few cases. So no worries and no rush.

Since the time change I've been getting up at 5:30 then falling back to sleep a couple of hours later which really suck during the work week. I thought I was over it when I slept well Friday night, but I was back on schedule last night. So I finished watching the 40 Year Old Virgin which was great and vacuuming. When I finally did get back up half the day was gone. So I ran a few errands before stopping at Starbucks to read.

I had to groan when I walked in there. Three of the four soft chairs were taken and the one that was open was next to Yellow Tooth (hey he has this one front tooth that is yellow). Yellow tooth is nuts and I try my damnest to stay away from him since he likes to talk. However I hate reading in the wooden chairs. Hey I have a sensitive butt. So I made the decision to sit next to Yellow Tooth with the hopes of him finding some other victim. No such luck although it did take him awhile. He wanted my input on his career choice and moving to Fairfax or Raleigh. Now I would love to give this low grade moron some misinformation, but really believe he would use it and I didn't want that on my conscience. So in a nice way I conveyed that I didn't give a shit what the hell he did and went back to my book. Hey I didn't pay $4.48 for a latte to talk to Yellow Tooth. So after a while he put his sights on the two other guys in the soft chair across the room. Yes their is no escape from Yellow Tooth.

While he was still talking to them which must have been like 20 minutes. I headed out to the office to continue cleaning out my storage room. It's amazing when you haven't used stuff in 2-3 years that it is so easy to get rid off. Slowly but surely I'll have that room nice and trim. I was also able to extract some holiday decorations for my room.

Time To Cut Bait

That didn't take long. Spa girl called me tonight and she was still at work with clients. I was happy that she was busy, but I was surprised since the spa closed like 2 hours prior. Anyway she wanted to cancel tomorrow since she would be too tired to go to the museum. For me that's a deal breaker. I've spent a lot of my life living with other people's limitations and not doing all the stuff I like to do. I do two jobs, salsa, work out, and a bunch of other things. Sometimes all in the same day. I want a person to keep up with me instead of me slowing down for them. So Spa girl gets put on the friends list. That little break for me makes it easier for me to put her there. I'll be happy to do things with her, but only high energy people need apply.

Saturday Hoo Haa

Well I have the place to myself for one more day. Port Girl is up in Conn. and Quiet Guy is house sitting this weekend. My landlord is working down at the hotel and not here so it's nice. What was really nice was getting home from pizza early to relax and enjoy. I only schedule myself for 3 days next week and I hope to keep it that way or less from now on. I had a lot of reschedules over the last 2 days so we'll see. One patient equals a night of work.

Spa girl is calling ever so often to talk and see how I am doing. She called before asking if I could get her a Starbucks on my way in. I didn't mind, but it did crystallize what I was thinking for tomorrow when we went to the museum. Since we were friends now who was paying. My head was still a little fuzzy on the point since I still would like to date her. However I had no problem setting my boundary when she asked how much she owed me and telling how much it was. I know I would get resentful to pay if we weren't dating.

I have to admit with the lack of any truly romantic qualities I can see what is and isn't there. While Spa girl is smart and personable she has these holes in confrontation. I know them well so I can see them. Like everything I will see how it goes. What I am making sure is that I am not altering my life for her. Not doing my things like going to Starbucks to read or hanging around hoping she'll stop by.

I did make a good purchase over at Best Buy today. I got the Superman Returns, Monty Python's Holy Grail, Borat, and 40 Year Old Virgin. The last 2 I haven't seen, but wanted to and at $5 it was the same price as renting.

When Mike Met Spa Girl the movie

Spa girl just stopped by and we chatted and I treated her. I understood Annie's comment:

That is too bad about Spa Girl, Mike. If you truly have feelings for her (want a romantic relationship), then RUN. She will break your heart as a 'friend' and it won't change - trust me on this one. It'll just be a torment to you why you think this gorgeous girl doesn't appreciate you...

I could feel the pain if we stayed friends and it didn't progress. I know she is 3 years behind me in the whole process thing and that still doesn't seem to matter. I'm doing well in not trying to save her which is a big defect of mine. The second is always putting two much energy into things that don't help me. Over the past 2-3 weeks I've gotten better in the area of work with this which is huge for me. However in relationships I've had little practice over the last few years so I see this as my new lesson. So I will see how things go for a little while with Spa girl. My belief is that the friend comment was more of a security thing to see if I was a bump and would run or if I was in it for the long haul. If I see we are truly going for the friends route then I need to limit my energy in to this endeavor. Since I'm happy for the friendship, but it's not helping me with a relationship.


Well I had a rough night last night. I was too warm since it was in the upper 70's today and I still had all my stuff on my bed. So when I woke up to cool off I cooled off too much and I was awake. It took a long while to fall back to sleep and when I did Port girl who I thought would be in Conn. decided to move stuff out of her room between 6-8 am. So a little tired today.

On the good note I was happy to find Starbucks open so I could get something to drink and relax. Then it was off to my Mom's to visit her.

During the morning Spa girl kept calling me to update times when we getting together. It kept getting pushed back so I went to the office a decorated it for the holidays.

One thing that always comes to mind when I see Spa girl is wow she is gorgeous. She wasn't nervous today and I was okay with meeting her family. I got to meet her mom, sister, BIL, SIL, and nephew. It was a fun day and a long time since I had thanksgiving with many people. I got to play with the dog and hold the baby for a long time both of which were fun.

During the events Spa girl and I talked. I sort of got the friends speech. She needed a friend now since she doesn't know about a relationship at this time. I wasn't super happy to hear, but I kind of knew it. I still got a lot of hugs and a smooch at the end of the night. We plan on getting together on Sunday to hit the art museum.

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things You Can Get Away with Saying on Thanksgiving

1. Talk about a huge breast!
2. Tying the legs together keeps the inside moist.
3. If I don't undo my pants, I'll burst!
4. I'm in the mood for a little dark meat.
5. It’s a little dry do you still want to eat it?
6. Don't play with your meat.
7. Just spread the legs open and stuff it in.
8. Do you think you'll be able to handle all these people at once?
9. I didn't expect everyone to come at once!
10.You still have a little bit on your chin.
11.You'll know it's ready when it pops up.
12.Wow, I didn't think I could handle all of that!
13.That's the biggest one I've ever seen!

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Post Date Report

Here it is everyone so you can go to sleep for tomorrow's big day. It worked out well that I got out of pizza early so I could get freshened up before I met with Spa girl. Actually I was ready 30 minutes, but Spa girl needed the whole time so we got together at 8 like we said we would. She said she was very nervous as soon as she walked in my office. I told her I was nervous myself, but that meant it was important to me. She liked her flower that I had for her. So then we headed over to the sushi place.

We had a blast and it was only when I realized that the whole place was empty and the staff was cleaning did I realize they must be closed. It then dawned on me what the waitress had been doing a while earlier. Oh well I tipped her well for the time.

I was surprised that Spa girl asked if some of her things were deal breakers for me. It was nice. I also knew she was new to dating again and this was a rookie move, but it was nice to know that it was important for her to know. We talked and joked about a lot of stuff and really enjoyed each others company.

The best was when we got back to the office and we were talking about desserts. She was saying how she loved ice cream. So I had to ask what flavors.

Her: I love them all. (and started going thought the flavors) Vanilla is okay.
Me: Vanilla is just okay?
Her: I do like vanilla
Me: Just like?

Then it hit her and she started laughing hard. When you have the last name Vanella you got to have fun with people. Anyway I'm meeting her tomorrow to go to her family's Thanksgiving dinner. We made plans to roller blade and go to some comedy events which will be fun.

Oh yeah I finally got to kiss her. It was just a smooch, but it was nice. I was happy to have felt her lips.


Well Spa girl stopped by and asked if we could do dinner instead of lunch since they were busy over at the spa. I was okay with that as long as we could do it after 8 when I got of pizza. Hopefully it will be dead and I can get off early. I'm a lot happier with this since we don't have to rush back and it's more official than our coffee date. So I'm very excited. She also asked me to come to Thanksgiving at her mom's house. I would like to go, but I don't want to leave my landlord alone. I'll talk to him and see if we can do our normal late dinner and I'll see Spa girl at her early dinner.

Besides that it has been a busy morning with everyone wanting to get in so they can get on the road. Now I need to find something to keep me busy till tonight. I finally got my favorite Woody Allen movie "Play it Again Sam." If you've never seen it you need to.

Well that's it for now. I'll post a post date report later.

It' a Official

Okay it's official I must really like Spa girl. I just let her pluck out my ear hair. I never let my ex do that since I hate having hair plucked. Why cause it freakin' hurts. However I let her do both ears after she cleaned my hair up. This could be really nice. She can come over for adjustments and I can get my hair cleaned up. Never knew how nice it could feel. Also Spa girl confirmed for me that my hair is growing really fast. It has been since I've been living down here. She said it must be all the stress free living which is so true. Not being with my ex dropped so much stress out of my life it's like day and night.

Hey and the phone just keeps on ringing. People want to come in. I'm loving life here.

Oh yeah since I was over with Spa girl I nailed her down for a date and we're going for sushi tomorrow for lunch. Very cool.

Tuesday Afternoon

Well I got my B12 shot for the day with Spa Girl stopping by. She wasn't feeling good with a headache so I took care of her. It was the mutual admiration society with compliments flying back and forth between us. Got and gave a lot of hugs. I only kissed her cheek, but really wanted to kiss her lips. However something in my mind says it's not right yet. Can't pin point it, but since we really haven't gone out it feels off. I'm heading over later when the day is finished to get a clean up on my hair and we can set something up for us to get together. Something I'm really chomping on the bit to do.

Being prepared paid off this morning with me hoping in to do the presentation at my networking event. It should give me a nice shot of more business which will hopefully get me through the holidays. However events like that charge me and I'm still trying to put the breaks on to slow down. When I'm doing Warp 5 it's very easy for me to slide back into old bad habits.

Well tonight after dancing class we're having a Thanksgiving celebration at the club. Their giving us a tapas special. For those of you who don't know what a tapas is :

Tapas - (n) exotic term used for smaller portion at normal portion prices.

I have to admit the food at the club is kick ass and I ordered the Cool Tuna and Baby Buffalo burgers with a spinach salad. I doubt if there will be any dancing after eating for me.

TMI Tuesday

1. What's the sexiest gesture a woman can make? Any gesture pretty much works for me if she is confident in herself.

2. What are 3 inevitable things about you? My feet are flat, colors will always be a problem, and I will never have an ear ring in my ear.

3. What do you want . . . . now? Well Spa girl just left and I really want to kiss her on the lips.

4. What asset do you have besides the physical and the material? I guess that only leaves spiritual which I'm very big on.

5. Describe a sexy mind. Some firm frontal lobes, garter on the stem, some makeup to highlight all the gray matter.

Bonus (as in optional):What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? My health, friends, son, car, etc.

The Banana Incident

While staying at my friend Paul’s place it got me remembering. He has a coop and that is what we owned (as much as you can) when I was married. Anyway hanging there over the weekend I was reminded of the bizarre banana incident. I had totally forgotten about this strange shit. Now I have experienced and done many a strange things in my life. However this was just plain weird and started a running joke for a long time.

It was a normal day and my ex went to lay down for a nap as was usual. Anyway she calls me in the bedroom I would have liked it to have been for sex, but I had better odds on winning lotto without buying a ticket. When I walk in she’s holding a half eaten banana. I give her the raise eyebrow for why she is calling me in to show me a banana. She says she found it next to her pillow. She then asks if it’s mine. I reply no and that I didn’t even by any bananas when I went shopping so there aren't even any in the house. She says it's not hers. So I begin looking around the house and nothing else is disturbed as far as I can tell.

So it looks like someone broke into our house, didn’t steal anything, just relaxed in our bed and ate a banana. WTF? We have a banana eating moron of a burglar running lose in the neighborhood? So in reviewing the usual suspects which is a list of one. We suspect it was out super. He had recently sent a letter around asking everyone for a copy of their keys so he would be able to let anyone in if there was an emergency.

Yeah like that was going to happen. Here you go pal. I don't like you already, but hey here's the keys to my place that you can rummage through during the day and leave half eaten fruit laying around. At least clean up after yourself you fuckin' slob. Well that was my belief and I'm stickin' to it.

I'm Back

Whew, I made it back. I left and hour or so earlier than I planned tonight since Eric had bad dreams fro half the night last night. He slept through them, but I was awake. Theirs something wrong there. Anyway it was a really fun trip and it was a relief to be relaxed going up. I awoke early on Friday so I left early and I liked being up there early. Let's me relax instead of just running up and getting him which makes me feel like on a treadmill.

Eric was very excited to give me my birthday present. It was the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four. He must have gave it some thought since I remember him asking me the question the last time we saw each other.

So Friday night we went over self defense and some boxing for him. I was impressed he didn't have many bad habits to break. Just thumb inside his fist and telegraphing. He picked it up fast. I can tell 9 is right around the corner cause he's all physical now. We wrestled and fought most of the weekend.

Biking also went well. Teaching him the basics he was riding on his own Saturday. Then on Sunday I had him start by himself and we ended after he learned to turn himself. He was very happy and I was very proud.

The Children's museum was really fun this time and we spent like 4 hours there before heading over to TGIF's for dinner which seems to be our new dinner hang out. I need to find another Sunday event. The Aviation museum just doesn't cut it. $17 for an hour is way too much. There is just too little interactive stuff for us to do and we've seen the displays enough times to be tour guides.

The Ex was giving me compliments about my business bumper sticker and I support Rock n Roll ribbon. I said some words in response, but I really felt like saying WTF? For me it's an old snare of hey every thing's okay. Then I'd get the shot on the other cheek. I know nothing has changed for her and until I see something tangible I don't trust her.

Surprise ... Surprise ... Surprise

Well I came out of treatment with a patient to find Spa Girl in my office. It was nice to see her and she was going to leave me a message. She wanted to wish me enjoyment on the my trip to see Eric. She couldn't stay long so on the way out I asked if next week she wanted to go out and she said that would be nice with that great smile of hers. I asked how she wanted to work it and she said it was okay for me to stop by the spa. So I'm just going to have to be very forward over there. I'm happy.

She did tell me she didn't think the owner's husband was coming for his appointment. Mike not happy. I told her just tell him to call if he can't make it. Damn! I already broke the record for busiest week. If he comes it will be the busiest day too.

Failure to Launch

Annoyed last night at the inability to access Spa Girl. What it really boils down to is that I hate feeling helpless. It annoys the shit out of me. The conversation in my head last night pretty much boiled down to "fuck you." The old tape is playing and I want control, but atlas that is how it is in with relationships. Not that I know where we are with this. Although this was my worry in talking with her that she wouldn't be able to do a relationship. I went out with a woman Colleen a while ago in the same spot and she was great to be with, but she just wasn't there yet to do a relationship. I'm good today with my perspective back in place. I'll leave it be and see what she does.

Other than that I am tired. I'm use to having the breaks throughout the day and now with being busier they aren't there. It's a new lifestyle which I'm still getting use to. I'm happy to change, but there will be some bumps along the way.

For some reason the new people across the hall decided to spray paint today. It's pouring outside. So lets spray inside and flood the whole building with vapors. Morons.

Getting everything ready to head to NY tomorrow to see Eric. It's nice to not have to worry about many things like money or such. I'll see how everything is when I get back, but for now it's good.

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things a Man Shouldn’t Say After Sex:

1. "I was kidding about being sterile, you know."
2. "How come it's so BIG in there?"
3. "You've done this with a lot of guys before - right?"
4. "Next time I come over, don't bother with the underwear, okay?"
5. (Sniff, sniff) "Is that cat food?"
6. "You're great in bed, but your sister gives better blow jobs!"
7. "My first wife was prettier, but you can screw a lot better."
8. "Maybe if you did some push-ups, your boobs would grow?"
9. "I want you to try some of MY deodorant."
10. "I'm not into relationships. Can't we just screw, like every Tuesday night or something?"
11. "I've been getting these little blisters lately..."
12. "You wanna do those dishes before you leave?"
13. "You should go wash that, the cabby will think something died in there!"

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Perceptions of Panic

Well I have to admit it was a full day at the office and the phone kept ringing for more people to come in this week. I walked across the way to ask my friends if they wanted the Beowulf free tickets. When they didn't want them I walked into the spa where Spa girl works. She looked great and we traded a few words. I gave her boss the information she wanted and then next thing I know I'm talking to her husband and he's coming in Thursday as a new patient. No complaints, but WTF? Like who threw the switch? Anyway by the time I finished talking to him I needed to get back to the office. I had hoped to talk more to Spa girl, but told I would talk to her later. However she was gone by the time I finished.

Official salsa class was good tonight and it was about my biggest problem. Timing and how to pick it out of the music. Got some of it, but learned the basics to practice. So between class and the club I realized I had Spa girl's home number from when I called her back a week ago. So when I called I got her room mate who wanted everything except a DNA sample from me. After a few moments she came back and said the Spa girl couldn't come to the phone. I left a message that I would talk to her tomorrow. Nothing really happened expect I'm Mr. Negativity when it comes this stuff. So I immediately jump to the conclusion that she is blowing me off. I'm starting to truly to hate going over to the spa. It's like walking up to a group of girls. There really is no privacy and i have a hard time connecting with a bunch of women hanging over my shoulder. My hope is that she'll stop over at my place.

Well if everyone comes in like they say they will I will have broken a new record in the office this week and really with one day less since I will be closed Friday to go to NY. Pretty impressive stuff.


Got a good night sleep last night and awoke out of my funk that has been plaguing me the last few days. People are calling to come in and a second day in the row of many patients. Hopefully this trend will continue. I'll keep plugging away on my end and hopefully the rest will play out nicely.

I was hoping to talk to Spa Girl today, but so far she isn't here yet. I would like together Thursday after my lecture. If not it will have to be next week which would suck. I have a break later on today so I'll see if she is there then.

Well tonight starts my paid salsa classes with formalized instruction. Hopefully someone else besides myself paid. The only thing that sucks with having it Tuesday nights is I usually get tickets from Paper boy as gratitude for all the referrals I give him. Tonight I have Beowulf, but will have to give it out to one of my patients. Although I'm not quite sure if any of them can use it.

One thing I have to get use to with being busier in the office is having time to do the extras like the gym and going to see my Mom. An hour out of my day becomes hard especially with my Mom.

TMI Tuesday

1. Have you ever met a fellow blogger in person? Yes Robin over at Random Threads

2. Did you ever play an innocent game of "I'll show you mine if you show me yours"? How old where you? Nope

3. When did you get your first not so innocent kiss? About 12 or 13. We were at a friend of the families house. One of the older girls had loss an ear ring in the pool. I was the one that found it and she gave me a big kiss as a reward. 3a.If your partners are no longer of the opposite sex, when did you get that first kiss? Say what? Haven't kissed any guys.

4. Have you ever awoke with someone who's name you did not remember? LOL. No.

5. Have you ever let someone else wash you while you were perfectly capable of doing it yourself? No and a weird question.

Bonus (as in optional): What makes a great first date for you? great conversation and chemistry

Just Wait

As the joke around here goes, "if you don't like the weather just wait a few days." Anyway it was down in the 30's here last night and up into the 60's today. We're suppose to have 70 degree weather for the next 2 days. So I have 90 minutes to blow. I'm beach bound. It's been a while since I have been down there. The ocean is a little too far for the time constraints and gas usage. However the bay works just as well and at 10 minutes it's cake. The sun was warm and the water calm. It was nice to breathe in some fresh air and catch some rays while I scratched pine sap off my car.

So I'm sitting at my desk today after a few patients have left and I notice something on the far wall. It's new so I get up to check it out. It's a fuckin' booger. The kid that was here earlier wiped it on the wall. WTF! I wanted to go and track down the little beanier and push his face in it. Tissues right there. What are they teaching these kids?

I think I'm passing on dancing tonight. I'm tired and if I wasn't going to NY this weekend I would push. However the long drive always takes something out of me. I work too hard to see Eric that I want to be fully awake to enjoy it. Official salsa class starts tomorrow. Hopefully I'm not the only person there. I like the group, but a lot of the guys are unemployed or in school so paying isn't in there budget. The women are better off for some reason.


I've been feeling in a funk the last few days and I don't know why. Actually I think it is the by product of the time change. I'm getting up an hour early all week and I think it's adding up. While I'm not exhausted I feel tired. Both mornings over the weekend I got up early and after a few hours went back to bed for some more sleep. However during the week it's a different story. Although I almost made it to 8 this morning so I'm getting there.

I spent most of yesterday working on office stuff. Most everything I want to do with the office I typed up in my polices a while ago. Guess I'm not following it. So I made the effort yesterday to bring myself up to speed. I need to get beyond survival mode although I have to admit that my work reflects my life. I've spent most of my life in survival mode. Scraping by on all aspects. I grew up on a penny and to have a nickel now is like great. However in the real scheme of things it's still not living. So my new goal as in other aspects of my life is to go beyond mere survival.

All this brings me back to Spa girl. No matter how much a may like her I need to keep in perspective what she can bring to the relationship. It's too easy for me to accept that nickel instead wanting a dollar bill. Time will tell.

Lay Down Saturday

It's nice to relax. I was reminding myself last night that my office makes me the money while pizza fills in the gaps. I fall into the trap of thinking of everything from the pizza view. Probably since it is cash in hand. However an extra patient everyday I work pizza would equal out the same. So I was able to set goals to start dropping the second job. When I get to 50 a month I can drop a day and when I pass 60 I can drop it all together. A lot of it comes down to giving what I know a patient needs and what they will pay for. This week I've stayed my course with what I think and surprisingly patients have followed my recommendations. This alone will push up my stats the rest will be getting the new patients in the office.

The rest of the day yesterday was good. What can I say knowing someone likes you just makes life better. The hug and the look on Spa girl's face when she left convinced me of that. I'll stop over later to give her a hair clip she dropped here yesterday. I also want to say for her to be careful with her trip to NC. Anything with her ex to me can be physically dangerous to me so I just want her to know I don't want anything to happen to her.

I finally got Heroes season one set from Ebay. I'm really enjoying it. Besides the comic book feel it's just nice an interwoven story really grabs you once you get into it.

I see that everyone likes W Salsa girl. I like her too and she's very attractive. However the 15-20 year age difference is the problem. While I get along with the twenty something crowd a connection just doesn't happen as I've seen with April and CPA girl.

Cloud 9

Spa girl gave me a call today. She had stopped by, but I was at my Mom's. So I invited her over. I love her smile it just lights up the world. I showed her around and offered her treatment which she was dying for. We talked while she was on treatment. She couldn't stay for the full time, but I told her to stop over anytime. So we'll trade haircuts for chiropractic. She gave me a great big body hug that curled my toes. I wanted to kiss her, but it just didn't seem to fit in. I told her to call me when she has free time next week since she is going back to NC to finish up her divorce Sunday and Monday. It was a good 15 minutes and I don't seem to be able to stop smiling.

The Answers

If you didn't read yesterday's Thursday Thirteen then skip this entry and read that first.

The Answers
"Leave the gun. Take the cannolis." Godfather

"Gentlemen. You can't fight in here. This is the War Room!" Dr. Strangelove

"I've often speculated why you don't return to America. Did you abscond with the church funds? Did you run off with a senator's wife? I like to think that you killed a man. It's the romantic in me." Casablanca

"Get your stinkin' paws off me, you damn dirty ape!" Planet of the Apes

"I do wish we could chat longer, but I'm having an old friend for dinner." Silence of the Lambs

"They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God." Blues Brothers

"Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!" Ghostbusters

"Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!" Holy Grail

"I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way." Who Framed Roger Rabbit

"Hey, don't knock masturbation. It's sex with someone I love." Annie Hall

"I love the smell of napalm in the morning...smells like...victory." Apocalypse Now

"Dave, stop. Stop, will you? Stop, Dave. Will you stop, Dave? Stop, Dave. I'm afraid. I'm afraid, Dave. Dave, my mind is going. I can feel it. I can feel it. My mind is going. There is no question about it." 2001

"Oh-oh-oh, sweet mystery of life - at last I found you!" Young Frankenstein

Halloween Salsa Style

I didn't see that they had put up the pics for Halloween.
I don't know who the Hamburgerler was. Carlos as the SAW puppet and me as Zorro.
Marquita as a cop and W Salsa girl as a pirate.
Keirsten as the nun.

Thursday Thoughts

Well I grabbed a little blank card and left a note for Spa girl on her car (hope it's hers) saying that I had enjoyed yesterday and hoped she would be free Sunday. I guess the truly weird thing about this relationship is I feel myself going slow. I'm usually Mr. Head or Feet first so this is different and that always feels weird. Even my daily reading topic today was taking it slow. LOL I'm in tune with the world.

Other than that not much. I got screwed out of my fortune cookie from the Chinese place. I really wanted my cookie, but I don't want it enough to go back and get one. It's just easier to bitch for a little while.

I have to admit it was surprisingly easily do redeem all my Starbucks download cards. I didn't realize I had so much of a stack. Especially when one of the guys this morning gave me some of the extras they had.

Okay I'm officially tired of working 2 jobs. Not that I don't like pizza, but rest would be so nice as would a normal life. It's not changing anytime soon, but I'm feeling it.

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Movie Lines

This time let's see if you know where there from. Answers will be posted tomorrow.

1. "Leave the gun. Take the cannolis."

2. "Gentlemen. You can't fight in here. This is the War Room!"

3. "I've often speculated why you don't return to America. Did you abscond with the church funds? Did you run off with a senator's wife? I like to think that you killed a man. It's the romantic in me."

4. "Get your stinkin' paws off me, you damn dirty ape!"

5. "I do wish we could chat longer, but I'm having an old friend for dinner."

6. "They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God."

7. "Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!"

8. "Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!"

9. "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way."

10. "Hey, don't knock masturbation. It's sex with someone I love."

11. "I love the smell of napalm in the morning...smells like...victory."

12. "Dave, stop. Stop, will you? Stop, Dave. Will you stop, Dave? Stop, Dave. I'm afraid. I'm afraid, Dave. Dave, my mind is going. I can feel it. I can feel it. My mind is going. There is no question about it."

13. "Oh-oh-oh, sweet mystery of life - at last I found you!"

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Second Thoughts

Working on not being so black & white with Spa Girl. While I like her part of me is leery to get involved with a women who is still getting her head put together. I remember what my therapist said to me when I was talking about dating again. She said Michael any healthy women will run the other way from a person just getting out of a marriage. While I believe it is 16 months since her separation or she had a husband thrown in jail and left. So I have to remind myself that we can always be friends. I'm not quite sure where I am going with her. For now I am enjoying the ride.

I called Eric tonight and he asked when we were getting together next. I asked did he get my letter. He said he did, but forgot to read it. So like any kid he went straight for the cards and forgot the letter. LOL. So he wants to bring his new bike with us so he can learn to ride. So we'll be very busy with boxing lessons and bike riding.

I cleaned house with my links. If I'm linked on your end and not here let me know.

Wednesday at Starbucks with Spa Girl

Well I stopped over at the spa to say hi to Spa girl. She asked about coffee and we tried to find a day and today worked. So we walked around the corner to Farm Fresh. They have one inside and it's the best place to pick up download cards since their traffic is low. She's a big coffee drinker and a regular there I found out.

So we got to talk about many things. Mostly marriage. Hers was way more abusive then mine and she is in the place I was 2-3 years ago. I did find out I'm year older than she is which I wasn't quite sure. We talked about many things. Life in general to furniture. It was a nice conversation and nice to be on a date with someone in my age category. I suggested we go see the interior design show Sunday since she really likes that stuff and my friend wanted me to come and see her work. We hugged at the end, but it was a little awkward since it was in the spa with people around.

I like her, but I am not head over heels since I know she isn't in the right place. However I know if she warmed more so would I. Not that she wasn't warm during out talk it's just she is moving slow and totally understand it.

Other than that my lecture at the law firm worked out very well. I believe I scored some patients from it and another lecture at their other office.

Well That's Over

Well 6 weeks of work came to an end today with our visitor's day at my business group. We had a excellent turn out and many new people wanting to join. That will be the next phase of the work reviewing and interviewing the applicants. However it was very satisfying since it had become my baby and it was nice to run smoothly.

It worked to my advantage last night that salsa was cancelled since it allowed me to get to sleep early since I really needed to be at my meeting early this morning. So tonight I'll pay my tuition for 6 weeks to really learn all the basics.

Lastly the blood has finally returned to my brain and I'll hold off on having Spa girl come to the office until we go out. It's such a boundary with me not to date patients. For me to do my job right I have to be doctor and I need information and other stuff to do my job well and not to short change the patient. The reason these lines aren't crossed is that there is a power relationship going on. I have it you don't and that is no way to start a relationship. However I will stop over there tomorrow to say hello.

Now I need to gear myself up to do a presentation at a law firm tomorrow.

TMI Tuesday

1. Do you believe in ghost? If so have you every seen one? I guess I never really thought about it. However I have seen and no I wasn't on drugs. When we first moved down here to VA there use to be a child that use to run up and down our halls. I never mentioned it to my ex and then one night we were talking about it and she described the same thing I use to see.
2. What’s the scariest movie you ever saw? The Two Sisters. I'm not a horror fan, but this was suppose to be more suspense. What a fuckin' load of crap that was. It was HORROR all the way. I didn't even finish watching it.

3. If you were given a house that was free would you accept it if it was haunted? No. There's just some bad mojo there.

4. If you were given a house that was free would you accept it if the last person had been murdered in it? Even though the odds of it happening again are astronomical that's just some really bad karma.

5. What was your most favorite costume you wore for Halloween? I would say 4th grade I was a werewolf. My brother's girlfriend did my face with a eye brow pencil. Everyone wanted to see it.

Bonus (as in optional): What’s your most memorable Halloween memory? My ex wife found out I had cheated on her on Halloween. 5 days later I stated to change my whole life around.

The Common Mistake

Got to talk to MK Lady about dating and the such and she was like, "how old are you?" She was a little shocked when I said I would be 41 in a few weeks. She though I was younger than her 38 years. This the common mistake. Most people don't peg me for over 30. It's probably why I attract younger women even though I don't anything in common with them. I see it whenever I talk to someone my age and a twenty something. Like MK Lady said fun for a few dates, but when it's Happy Days what? It's time to bail.

As those people who follow me on Blogger I have changed my layout since I was bored. Kind of went with the sane and insane stuff in my life.

The Sunday Wrap Up

Even with the time change I still woke up a few minutes before 8 this morning. I could have slept. Anyway since the fall has finally come to the area I had to iron shirts for the week. That was the great thing about summer. Polo shirts really don't need to be ironed.

So I have joined the bandwagon of save the cheerleader, save the world. It took several episodes, but Heroes did grow on me. Now I just need to see the rest of the season.

Today's health fair went well although I think I might have seen more adults than kids. Kids are always fun to deal with and I was very surprised to see how many flat feet were not being treated out there. I'm glad it ended a little early. As soon as the bouncy castle came down I was out of there. The 4 hours were long.

The best part of it was that Spa Girl gave me a call. We talked for a few minutes. She couldn't do tomorrow, but wanted to do next week. I was okay with it, but I have to admit I hate this waiting around. In waiting to see if it will work out with the basics I have no patience and I guess that is my lesson here. She was apologetic about charging me for my hair and said next time it would be free. She keeps saying she needs to come see me. I told her to stop on over. She said she would have to wait till she got insurance. Part of me wants to say don't worry about it and the other says just wait. If we start dating I will have no problem, but I don't want her beholden to me if I'm treating her for free or if that is a secret plan of hers. Time will tell. I told her I would talk to her during the week. So I'll pop on over Wednesday to see her.

Day of Rest

Well I finally rented out Heroes to watch after I hear everyone talk about it. I have to admit he first episode was a little slow for me, but the second did catch my interest. What sucked was that their was only 2 episodes on the first disc so I had to rent the second disc to see if I liked it. I have to admit that it is growing on me.

On a day I could sleep late I was up nice and early. After laying around in bed I did some stuff that needed to be done like laundry and cleaning. One thing that I did accomplish that I have been meaning to do is fix my photo album. I realized when CPA girl showed me hers that I really needed to upgrade mine. I mean I was with my ex for 16 years of my life. So I unweaved her today so that when women want to see my past this other woman isn't just dominating it. Another thing that came up then was something that also came up when I dated Brenda 2 years ago. I hold off on telling stories of my history since it's not nice. It's weird and unhappy shit. Everyone that knows me looks at me and wonders how I segwayed into a pretty normal life. I don't really have an answer beyond that I try to do the right thing.

It sparked in my mind yesterday when Spa girl and myself were talking and she was like we could compare notes on ex's. Some things I just steer around until some bonding had taken place first and maybe some DNA. My one worry with Spa girl is that she is still not divorced even though they are living in separate states. Sounds familiar to me. However she is just getting back out. She seems very assertive which I always find attractive, but their is an undercurrent of manipulation. Something that makes me wary since I seem to attract these women. So far all she has done is to keep getting me in her chair. So like the Geisha am I only business?
I have to thank CinnKitty for this one. Since it is very true. Spa girl has a smile that lights up my world, she's attractive, and I enjoy talking with her. So whatever concerns I have go out the window.

Spa Girl Update

Well we had our monthly block party today. What a difference a day makes. It was 15 degrees cooler and a LOT windier. So it made things a little rougher. Spa girl waved to me when she first got to work with her big smile. Yeah I like her.

I was happy to have my friend stop by. Especially MK Lady and daughter so the could meet Spa Girl and hopefully start a business relationship. She really liked her and wants updates. I had a few patients want to come in so I had to leave early and I told Spa girl I would stop by afterwards.

So I stopped by just to confirm when we would get together. She was like lets clean up your ears. So while talking I cut a trim, wash, and I have no idea what else. She just kept running her hands through my hair so I was like whatever. Anyway we got to talk a lot. She's going through her divorce still. Has a 19 year old daughter. Been a hairdresser for the same amount of time. Has lived in the area for about a year and hasn't really gotten out much. She's a great person to talk to and that smile is awesome. On the way out I asked about Monday she was going to give me her number then she took mine instead. So we'll see.

The Sky is Falling

That's what happens when you live under oak trees when there is a wind storm. I was pleasantly surprised to make it into the house with not being hit as everything around me was being pummelled.

Bizarre night at pizza. I got to deliver 3 free pizzas. THREE. That means not tip plus I got stiffed twice so I was soo happy tonight. It seem to spread as on driver got fired and the new assistant manager was having a mental breakdown. It's funny, people want to be managers. The funnier thing is that they don't know manager is another name for babysitter. So when all the employees are throwing fits and tantrums they look so confused. Like I'm suppose to be making good money and running the store not dealing with every one's problems. ROFLMAO! I find this hilarious cause everyone always ask when am I going to hire staff. Well besides being the number one biggest expense, having staff is just another work for day care. I don't want to pay to take care of some one's kids. I've done it before with someone else's money and it was a big pain in the ass. I'll survive just fine on my own.

In talking with my brother today about out kids he stated it was unfair that our young kids have to worry about getting jumped so young. I had told him the story of Eric getting jumped. He told me about my niece Lucy who is 3 getting screamed at by another boy who threatened to spit on her. I don't think he has been in the loop for a while. I knew problems have been getting younger and younger. During the 90's it was down to kindergarten so I guess now it's in the preschools.

I was happy to hear that Eric had a fun Halloween. Although his friend got shaving creamed and another kid got hit by an egg. He asked me why kids did that and I didn't have an answer other than some kids like to hurt and scare others.

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Need to Get Done Today

1. Treat my patients - hey it's a work day
2. Change all decorations from Halloween to Thanksgiving - I keep the office decorated all year round just with different themes. The therapist across the hall laughs at me, but I have to look at this place all week long so it needs to change
3. Move all pictures in office - every month this happens to give a little change to the office plus it puts certain pictures in people's face
4. Print up last month’s patient notes - my handwriting sucks. hey I took the class in school so I type a lot better and faster. Just need to print and file it all.
5. Visit my Mom - get in my twice weekly visits and do her nails today
6. Stop by Walmart for supplies for block party tomorrow - everyone in NY keeps asking "what?" However it is 75 here today.
7. Go to Speed Networking event - I don't know about this event. I get some patients out of it, but the cost doesn't balance out
8. Pick up folders for next week’s Visitor’s day - I'm in charge of our Visitor's day at my networking group so I need to get the pamphlets together
9. Review all patient charts seen last month - just to make sure I'm crossing my t's and dotting my i's. Are patients doing well, have they dropped out, etc.
10. Call my brother with an update - we talked about Mom for a little while, but we ended up talking about parenting and child bullying. Yeah I'm surprised too.
11. Stop by library for another book to read - almost finished with this book and need a new one in the warm up spot.
12. Pick up some more Thanksgiving decorations - I don't have any hanging decorations for Thanksgiving. The pumpkins will work, but I want something else.
13. Go to pizza
- Gotta be there at 5

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