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Day of Rest

Well I finally rented out Heroes to watch after I hear everyone talk about it. I have to admit he first episode was a little slow for me, but the second did catch my interest. What sucked was that their was only 2 episodes on the first disc so I had to rent the second disc to see if I liked it. I have to admit that it is growing on me.

On a day I could sleep late I was up nice and early. After laying around in bed I did some stuff that needed to be done like laundry and cleaning. One thing that I did accomplish that I have been meaning to do is fix my photo album. I realized when CPA girl showed me hers that I really needed to upgrade mine. I mean I was with my ex for 16 years of my life. So I unweaved her today so that when women want to see my past this other woman isn't just dominating it. Another thing that came up then was something that also came up when I dated Brenda 2 years ago. I hold off on telling stories of my history since it's not nice. It's weird and unhappy shit. Everyone that knows me looks at me and wonders how I segwayed into a pretty normal life. I don't really have an answer beyond that I try to do the right thing.

It sparked in my mind yesterday when Spa girl and myself were talking and she was like we could compare notes on ex's. Some things I just steer around until some bonding had taken place first and maybe some DNA. My one worry with Spa girl is that she is still not divorced even though they are living in separate states. Sounds familiar to me. However she is just getting back out. She seems very assertive which I always find attractive, but their is an undercurrent of manipulation. Something that makes me wary since I seem to attract these women. So far all she has done is to keep getting me in her chair. So like the Geisha am I only business?
I have to thank CinnKitty for this one. Since it is very true. Spa girl has a smile that lights up my world, she's attractive, and I enjoy talking with her. So whatever concerns I have go out the window.

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