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Sane Friends

Surprise ... Surprise ... Surprise

Well I came out of treatment with a patient to find Spa Girl in my office. It was nice to see her and she was going to leave me a message. She wanted to wish me enjoyment on the my trip to see Eric. She couldn't stay long so on the way out I asked if next week she wanted to go out and she said that would be nice with that great smile of hers. I asked how she wanted to work it and she said it was okay for me to stop by the spa. So I'm just going to have to be very forward over there. I'm happy.

She did tell me she didn't think the owner's husband was coming for his appointment. Mike not happy. I told her just tell him to call if he can't make it. Damn! I already broke the record for busiest week. If he comes it will be the busiest day too.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Have a safe trip!! Hope you have a good time. Remember, don't stress out and don't try to fit months worth of "missing you" fun into a few days.

You know you wanna, but you know it stresses you and the munchkin out! :)


I'm sure you're having a blast with Eric right now. Enjoy your son!

Oh, and you have got to be the biggest romeo around here. I can't keep up with all the chicks you date.


Ohh errr, hope you get some spa action :P

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