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Sane Friends

Tuesday Afternoon

Well I got my B12 shot for the day with Spa Girl stopping by. She wasn't feeling good with a headache so I took care of her. It was the mutual admiration society with compliments flying back and forth between us. Got and gave a lot of hugs. I only kissed her cheek, but really wanted to kiss her lips. However something in my mind says it's not right yet. Can't pin point it, but since we really haven't gone out it feels off. I'm heading over later when the day is finished to get a clean up on my hair and we can set something up for us to get together. Something I'm really chomping on the bit to do.

Being prepared paid off this morning with me hoping in to do the presentation at my networking event. It should give me a nice shot of more business which will hopefully get me through the holidays. However events like that charge me and I'm still trying to put the breaks on to slow down. When I'm doing Warp 5 it's very easy for me to slide back into old bad habits.

Well tonight after dancing class we're having a Thanksgiving celebration at the club. Their giving us a tapas special. For those of you who don't know what a tapas is :

Tapas - (n) exotic term used for smaller portion at normal portion prices.

I have to admit the food at the club is kick ass and I ordered the Cool Tuna and Baby Buffalo burgers with a spinach salad. I doubt if there will be any dancing after eating for me.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Crossing my fingers for you with Spa Girl, Mike !

It sounds like it is going good. Maybe next time will be a sweet kiss or two on the lips :)

Hope that you and those you love have a wonderful and yummy Thanksgiving !

Loving Annie

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