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Sane Friends

Second Thoughts

Working on not being so black & white with Spa Girl. While I like her part of me is leery to get involved with a women who is still getting her head put together. I remember what my therapist said to me when I was talking about dating again. She said Michael any healthy women will run the other way from a person just getting out of a marriage. While I believe it is 16 months since her separation or she had a husband thrown in jail and left. So I have to remind myself that we can always be friends. I'm not quite sure where I am going with her. For now I am enjoying the ride.

I called Eric tonight and he asked when we were getting together next. I asked did he get my letter. He said he did, but forgot to read it. So like any kid he went straight for the cards and forgot the letter. LOL. So he wants to bring his new bike with us so he can learn to ride. So we'll be very busy with boxing lessons and bike riding.

I cleaned house with my links. If I'm linked on your end and not here let me know.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Yep, you can always be friends.
That Eric sounds like a cutie ; )


I keep getting distracted by your profile pic. I love me some Wizard :P

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