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Sane Friends

Saturday Hoo Haa

Well I have the place to myself for one more day. Port Girl is up in Conn. and Quiet Guy is house sitting this weekend. My landlord is working down at the hotel and not here so it's nice. What was really nice was getting home from pizza early to relax and enjoy. I only schedule myself for 3 days next week and I hope to keep it that way or less from now on. I had a lot of reschedules over the last 2 days so we'll see. One patient equals a night of work.

Spa girl is calling ever so often to talk and see how I am doing. She called before asking if I could get her a Starbucks on my way in. I didn't mind, but it did crystallize what I was thinking for tomorrow when we went to the museum. Since we were friends now who was paying. My head was still a little fuzzy on the point since I still would like to date her. However I had no problem setting my boundary when she asked how much she owed me and telling how much it was. I know I would get resentful to pay if we weren't dating.

I have to admit with the lack of any truly romantic qualities I can see what is and isn't there. While Spa girl is smart and personable she has these holes in confrontation. I know them well so I can see them. Like everything I will see how it goes. What I am making sure is that I am not altering my life for her. Not doing my things like going to Starbucks to read or hanging around hoping she'll stop by.

I did make a good purchase over at Best Buy today. I got the Superman Returns, Monty Python's Holy Grail, Borat, and 40 Year Old Virgin. The last 2 I haven't seen, but wanted to and at $5 it was the same price as renting.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

It is good that you are taking care of yourself, Mike - the Starbucks issue illustrated it. Spa Girl sounds like she expects/likes to have someone run her errands for her - you deserve better than that, and I am glad you aren't altering your life for her, and that you asked her to pay.

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