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Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Need to Get Done Today

1. Treat my patients - hey it's a work day
2. Change all decorations from Halloween to Thanksgiving - I keep the office decorated all year round just with different themes. The therapist across the hall laughs at me, but I have to look at this place all week long so it needs to change
3. Move all pictures in office - every month this happens to give a little change to the office plus it puts certain pictures in people's face
4. Print up last month’s patient notes - my handwriting sucks. hey I took the class in school so I type a lot better and faster. Just need to print and file it all.
5. Visit my Mom - get in my twice weekly visits and do her nails today
6. Stop by Walmart for supplies for block party tomorrow - everyone in NY keeps asking "what?" However it is 75 here today.
7. Go to Speed Networking event - I don't know about this event. I get some patients out of it, but the cost doesn't balance out
8. Pick up folders for next week’s Visitor’s day - I'm in charge of our Visitor's day at my networking group so I need to get the pamphlets together
9. Review all patient charts seen last month - just to make sure I'm crossing my t's and dotting my i's. Are patients doing well, have they dropped out, etc.
10. Call my brother with an update - we talked about Mom for a little while, but we ended up talking about parenting and child bullying. Yeah I'm surprised too.
11. Stop by library for another book to read - almost finished with this book and need a new one in the warm up spot.
12. Pick up some more Thanksgiving decorations - I don't have any hanging decorations for Thanksgiving. The pumpkins will work, but I want something else.
13. Go to pizza
- Gotta be there at 5

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