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The Common Mistake

Got to talk to MK Lady about dating and the such and she was like, "how old are you?" She was a little shocked when I said I would be 41 in a few weeks. She though I was younger than her 38 years. This the common mistake. Most people don't peg me for over 30. It's probably why I attract younger women even though I don't anything in common with them. I see it whenever I talk to someone my age and a twenty something. Like MK Lady said fun for a few dates, but when it's Happy Days what? It's time to bail.

As those people who follow me on Blogger I have changed my layout since I was bored. Kind of went with the sane and insane stuff in my life.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Love the new page layout! :-)


Good Monday evening Mike !

I like the new page layout - it's interesting ! Catches the eye.

And it's a good thing to be healthy and take care of yourself and therefore look younger.

As long as you have something to talk to the younger women about.

Not knowing major things that you grew up with makes it feel odd. Like someone not knowing who Paul McCartney was with before Wings...

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